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Classical Music Home > DI STEFANO, Giuseppe: Neapolitan Songs (1953-1957)

DI STEFANO, Giuseppe: Neapolitan Songs (1953-1957)


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About this Recording

DI STEFANO, Giuseppe: Neapolitan Songs (1953-1957)

One of the most charismatic stars of the post-war operatic stage, the Italian tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano made numerous recordings, and was especially renowned as the performing partner of the equally fiery soprano, Maria Callas. Having earned a precarious living as a singer of popular songs in Milan during World War Two, Di Stefano was also a highly accomplished singer of lighter music. This experience, allied with the natural richness of his tenor voice, made him a master of the Neapolitan Song, as may be heard in this collection of his recordings of the cream of the repertoire, made at the peak of his career.

Capua, Eduardo di
Capurro, Giovanni, lyricist(s)

  'O sole mio
1.   'O sole mio 00:03:39

Tosti, Paolo
Di Giacamo, Salvatore, lyricist(s)

2.   Marechiare 00:03:34

Falvo, Rodolfo
Fusco, Enzo, lyricist(s)

  Dicitencello vuie
3.   Dicitencello vuie 00:03:34

De Curtis, Ernesto
Bovio, Libero, lyricist(s)

  Tu, ca nun chiagne!
4.   Tu, ca nun chiagne! 00:03:07

Capua, Eduardo di
Russo, Vincenzo, lyricist(s)

  l' te vurria vasa!
5.   I' te vurria vasa! 00:03:48

Cardillo, Salvatore
Cordiferro, Riccardo, lyricist(s)

  Core 'ngrato
6.   Core 'ngrato 00:03:45

De Curtis, Ernesto
De Curtis, Giambattista, lyricist(s)

  Torna a Surriento
7.   Torna a Surriento 00:03:23

Lama, Gaetano
Bovio, Libero, lyricist(s)

  Silenzio cantatore
8.   Silenzio cantatore 00:03:22

Nardella, Evemero
Bovio, Libero, lyricist(s)

9.   Chiove 00:04:32

D'Annibale, Vincenzo
Bovio, Libero, lyricist(s)

  'O paese d' 'o sole
10.   'O paese d' 'o sole 00:03:48

Mario, E.A.
Mario, E.A., lyricist(s)

  Santa Lucia luntana
11.   Santa Lucia luntana 00:03:50

Capua, Eduardo di
Russo, Vincenzo, lyricist(s)

  Maria, Mari
12.   Maria, Mari 00:03:57

Persico, Mario
Gallo, Oscar, lyricist(s)

  'E palumme
13.   'E palumme 00:02:59

Bellini, Vincenzo

  Fenesta che lucive
14.   Fenesta che lucive 00:03:57

Cioffi, Giuseppe
Pisano, Luigi, lyricist(s)

  'Na sera 'e maggio
15.   'Na sera 'e maggio 00:03:24

De Curtis, Ernesto
Nicolardi, Eduardo, lyricist(s)

  Voce 'e notte
16.   Voce 'e notte 00:03:32

De Curtis, Ernesto
Bovio, Libero, lyricist(s)

17.   Autunno 00:04:34

Cottrau, Teodoro
Palardi, M., lyricist(s)

  Santa Lucia
18.   Santa Lucia 00:04:45

Tagliaferri, Ernesto / Valente, Nicola
Bovio, Libero, lyricist(s)

19.   Passione 00:04:44

De Curtis, Ernesto
Barbieri, A., lyricist(s)

  Senza nisciuno
20.   Senza nisciuno 00:03:00

Tagliaferri, Ernesto
Murolo, Ernesto, lyricist(s)

  Piscatore 'e pusilleco
21.   Piscatore 'e pusilleco 00:03:41

Total Playing Time: 01:18:55

Bellini, Vincenzo; Capua, Eduardo di; Cardillo, Salvatore; Cioffi, Giuseppe; Cottrau, Teodoro; D'Annibale, Vincenzo; De Curtis, Ernesto; Falvo, Rodolfo; Lama, Gaetano; Mario, E.A.; Nardella, Evemero; Persico, Mario; Tagliaferri, Ernesto; Tosti, Paolo; Valente, Nicola

Barbieri, A.; Bovio, Libero; Capurro, Giovanni; Cordiferro, Riccardo; De Curtis, Giambattista; Di Giacamo, Salvatore; Fusco, Enzo; Gallo, Oscar; Mario, E.A.; Murolo, Ernesto; Nicolardi, Eduardo; Palardi, M.; Pisano, Luigi; Russo, Vincenzo

Olivieri, Dino

Studio orchestra

Di Stefano, Giuseppe

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Singers

Genre: Vocal

Period: 20th Century; Classical; Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.111340

Barcode: 747313334025

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States, Australia and Singapore due to possible copyright restrictions.

Physical Release: 05/2009

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