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Classical Music Home > MENOTTI, G.C.: Saint of Bleecker Street (The) / The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore (Schippers) (1955, 1957)

MENOTTI, G.C.: Saint of Bleecker Street (The) / The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore (Schippers) (1955, 1957)


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MENOTTI, G.C.: Saint of Bleecker Street (The) / The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore (Schippers) (1955, 1957)

Hailed as ‘the best new opera since Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess’, Gian Carlo Menotti’s The Saint of Bleecker Street won the Pulitzer Prize for Music and the New York Drama Critics Circle award for Best Musical. Its underlying themes of immigrant life and religious fervour remain topical today. The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore is part masque, part ballet and part chamber music. It presents three stages in the life of an eccentric poet, symbolised by the allegorical animals of the title.

Disc 1

Menotti, Gian Carlo
Menotti, Gian Carlo, lyricist(s)

  The Saint of Bleecker Street
1.   Act I Scene 1: Introduction - Rosa Mystica (Assunta, Chorus, A Young Man) 00:03:34
2.   Act I Scene 1: Well … I'm tired of waiting! (Maria Corona, Assunta, Carmela, Chorus, A Young Woman) 00:03:11
3.   Act I Scene 1: The vision has begun (Don Marco, Chorus) 00:03:37
4.   Act I Scene 1: Oh, sweet Jesus, spare me this agony (Annina, Chorus) 00:08:04
5.   Act I Scene 1: Look! The stigmata (Chorus) 00:00:55
6.   Act I Scene 1: Stop it! Out of here, all of you! (Michele, Carmela, Chorus, Don Marco) 00:04:27
7.   Act I Scene 1: Ah, poor Michele, it is not I your rival (Don Marco) 00:02:43
8.   Act I Scene 1: Interlude 00:02:00
9.   Act I Scene 2: Canta ninna, canta nanna al mio bambino (Assunta, Carmela, A Woman, A Girl, Concettina) 00:02:42
10.   Act I Scene 2: Annina, I've something to confess to you (Carmela, Annina) 00:05:23
11.   Act I Scene 2: Annina, Annina! (Maria Corona, Assunta, Annina, Maria's Son) 00:02:16
12.   Act I Scene 2: Michele, Michele! (Annina, Michele) 00:04:28
13.   Act I Scene 2: Sister, I shall hide you and take you away (Michele, Annina) 00:01:48
14.   Act I Scene 2: Veglia su di noi (Chorus, Annina, Michele) 00:05:07
15.   Act II: Introduction - Hai l'occhio nero, nero della quaglia (First Guest, Chorus, Second Guest, Michele, Annina, Carmela, Salvatore, A Guest) 00:06:14
16.   Act II: Where is Michele (Desideria, Barman, Michele) 00:03:48
17.   Act II: Eh gia che I giovinotti (Chorus, Desideria, Michele) 00:03:20
18.   Act II: Ah, Michele, don't you know that love can turn to hate (Desideria) 00:03:02
19.   Act II: You will regret it (Michele, Don Marco, Chorus, Annina, Salvatore) 00:01:31
20.   Act II: I know that you all hate me (Michele) 00:03:53
21.   Act II: You are wrong, Michele (Don Marco, Annina, Michele) 00:01:27
22.   Act II: Yes, Michele, go home (Desideria, Michele, Annina, Chorus) 00:06:00

Disc 2

Menotti, Gian Carlo
Menotti, Gian Carlo, lyricist(s)

  The Saint of Bleecker Street
1.   Act III Scene 1: There she is. Be careful, Michele, try not to upset her (Don Marco, Maria Corona, Annina, Michele) 00:06:33
2.   Act III Scene 1: Weeping, these, for him, are days of weeping (Maria Corona, Annina, Michele) 00:04:56
3.   Act III: Interlude 00:02:32
4.   Act III Scene 2: Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi (Assunta, Chorus, Annina, Carmela) 00:03:42
5.   Act III Scene 2: Annina, Annina, prepare yourself for a great joy (Don Marco, Annina, Carmela) 00:01:48
6.   Act III Scene 2: Oh, my Love, at last the hour has come (Annina, Carmela) 00:03:38
7.   Act III Scene 2: Maria, Salvatore! (Assunta, Maria Corona, Salvatore, Don Marco) 00:01:40
8.   Act III Scene 2: Gloria tibi Domine in saeculum et in saeculum saeculi (Chorus, Don Marco, Annina) 00:05:57
9.   Act III Scene 2: Annina, Annina! (Michele, Salvatore, Don Marco, Carmela, Maria Corona, Assunta, Chorus) 00:05:16
  The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore, or The 3 Sundays of a Poet
10.   Introduction (Chorus) 00:01:06
11.   Interlude 1 00:01:32
12.   Madrigal 1 (Chorus) 00:01:51
13.   Interlude 2 00:01:15
14.   First Sunday: Madrigal 2 (Chorus) 00:02:11
15.   First Sunday: Madrigal 3 (Chorus) 00:02:50
16.   First Sunday: Madrigal 4 (Chorus) 00:03:14
17.   First Sunday: Interlude 3 00:01:14
18.   Second Sunday: Madrigal 5 (Chorus) 00:01:24
19.   Second Sunday: Madrigal 6 (Chorus) 00:03:13
20.   Second Sunday: Madrigal 7 (Chorus) 00:02:55
21.   Second Sunday: Interlude 4 00:02:49
22.   Third Sunday: Madrigal 8 (Chorus) 00:01:29
23.   Third Sunday: Madrigal 9 (Chorus) 00:00:58
24.   Third Sunday: Interlude 5 00:01:00
25.   Third Sunday: Madrigal 10 (Chorus) 00:02:22
26.   Third Sunday: Interlude 6 00:01:13
27.   Third Sunday: Madrigal 11 (Chorus) 00:00:49
28.   Third Sunday: The March to the Castle (Chorus) 00:02:10
29.   Third Sunday: Madrigal 12 (Chorus) 00:04:40

Total Playing Time: 02:35:47

Menotti, Gian Carlo

Menotti, Gian Carlo

Schippers, Thomas

Studio orchestra

Studio chorus

Agostini, Gloria; Aiken, David; Akos, Catherine; Anderson, Charles; Baker, Julius; Becque, Lucy; Bergen, Lindsey; Carron, Elizabeth; Cassilly, Richard; Di Gerlando, Maria; Glickman, Loren; Gonzales, Ernesto; Goodwin, Russell; Hall, Nancy; Heisey, Jean; Hensley, Mary; Hodges, Betty; Hoyt, Anna Julia; Jones, Carol; Kahl, Howard; Kaldenberg, Keith; Karian, Frank; Koor, Stanley; Lane, Gloria; Lewis, Walter; Lishner, Leon; Marlo, Maria; McCracken, Charles; Michalski, Raymond; Miller, Laurel; Nowland, Hallie; Parella, John; Poleri, David; Radman, Rosemarie; Reardon, John; Reynolds, Martha; Ruetz, Jan; Ruggiero, Gabrielle; Sankey, Stuart; Sherman, Carlos; Shulman, Harry; Sliker, Peter; Solley, Marvin; Steere, Clifton; Wade, Lee; Weis, Theodore; Wolff, Eva; Yeager, Robert

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Choral - Secular; Opera

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.111360-61

Barcode: 747313336029

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States, Australia and Singapore due to possible copyright restrictions.

Physical Release: 01/2011

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