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Classical Music Home > MENOTTI, G.: Consul (The) / Amelia al ballo (Engel, Sanzogno) (1950, 1954)

MENOTTI, G.: Consul (The) / Amelia al ballo (Engel, Sanzogno) (1950, 1954)


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About this Recording

MENOTTI, G.: Consul (The) / Amelia al ballo (Engel, Sanzogno) (1950, 1954)

This 2-CD set is the first in a series devoted to Gian Carlo Menotti’s compositions on the occasion of his centenary in 2011. The recordings will include several which have never before appeared on CD, and some that have not been available in any form for nearly fifty years. Described by The New York Times critic Harold Taubman as possessing ‘the style and glitter of the operatic composers of his native land... but the essential vitality, ingenuity and laughter are the composer’s own’, Amelia al ballo (Amelia goes to the Ball) was an instant hit. This recording of Menotti’s first full-length opera, The Consul, was made with the original Broadway cast a month after the work’s Philadelphia première in 1950, and here make its CD début.

Disc 1

Menotti, Gian Carlo
Menotti, Gian Carlo, lyricist(s)

  The Consul
1.   Act I Scene 1: Tu reviendras et voudras m'enfermer dans tes bras (Voice on the Record, John, Magda, Mother) 00:03:15
2.   Act I Scene 1: Quick, John! The Police! (Magda, Mother, Secret Police Agent) 00:05:48
3.   Act I Scene 1: Don't move yet (Magda, Mother, John) 00:03:09
4.   Act I Scene 1: Now, O lips, say goodbye (Magda, John, Mother) 00:04:18
5.   Act I Scene 2: Interlude 00:01:02
6.   Act I Scene 2: Next. Yes … What can I do for you (Secretary, Kofner) 00:02:14
7.   Act I Scene 2: Next … Buon giorno (Secretary, Foreign Woman, Kofner) 00:03:40
8.   Act I Scene 2: Next … May I speak to the Consul (Secretary, Magda) 00:04:14
9.   Act I Scene 2: In endless waiting rooms (Vera Boronel, Anna Gomez, Magda, Magician, Kofner) 00:03:36
10.   Act II Scene 1: What is the matter, little lamb (Mother) 00:02:01
11.   Act II Scene 1: I shall find for you shells and stars (Mother) 00:03:19
12.   Act II Scene 1: John, John, why did you bring me … (Magda, Mother) 00:04:04
13.   Act II Scene 1: It is the signal! (Magda, Mother, Secret Police Agent, Assan) 00:04:07
14.   Act II Scene 1: Mother! Why are you so still, Mother! (Magda, Mother) 00:03:51
15.   Act II Scene 1: Interlude 00:01:30
16.   Act II Scene 2: What did you say your name was (Secretary, Anna Gomez, Vera Boronel, Kofner) 00:01:37
17.   Act II Scene 2: My charming ma'moiselle (Magician, Secretary, Anna Gomez, Vera Boronel, Kofner, Foreign Woman) 00:07:13
18.   Act II Scene 2: Any news for me (Magda, Secretary) 00:02:19
19.   Act II Scene 2: To this we've come (Magda, Vera Boronel, Kofner, Secretary) 00:07:43

Disc 2

Menotti, Gian Carlo
Menotti, Gian Carlo, lyricist(s)

  The Consul
1.   Act III Scene 1: How often must I tell you, Mrs. Sorel (Secretary, Vera Boronel, Assan, Magda) 00:04:21
2.   Act III Scene 1: Don't forget to sign (Secretary, Vera Boronel, Magda, Assan) 00:02:22
3.   Act III Scene 1: Oh, those faces! All those faces! (Secretary) 00:01:47
4.   Act III Scene 1: Who are you How did you get in (Secretary, John, Secret Police Agent) 00:02:12
5.   Act III Scene 1: Don't be afraid, Mr. Sorel! (Secretary) 00:02:44
6.   Act III Scene 2: I never meant to do this (Magda, Foreign Woman, Kofner, Anna Gomez, Vera Boronel, Mother, John, Secretary) 00:02:33
7.   Act III Scene 2: Lo, Death's frontiers are open (Foreign Woman, Kofner, Anna Gomez, Vera Boronel, Mother, John, Secretary, Magician, Magda) 00:04:42
8.   Act III Scene 2: Mother, John, wait (Magda, Mother, John, Magician, Chorus) 00:02:34
  Amelia al ballo
9.   Orchestral prelude 00:04:24
10.   Stringi! Allaccia, allacia! (Amelia, First Maid, Second Maid, Friend) 00:01:41
11.   Duettino: La notte, la notte e troppo breve (Amelia, Friend) 00:01:35
12.   Sono pronto! Dammi i fiori (Amelia, Friend, Maids) 00:02:01
13.   Non si va! Non si va! (Husband, Amelia) 00:01:18
14.   Amelia, Amelia! (Husband, Amelia) 00:02:10
15.   Romanza: Amelia cara (Husband) 00:02:23
16.   Osi ancora negar (Husband, Amelia) 00:00:51
17.   Duettino: No, no, no! Al ballo non andremo (Husband, Amelia) 00:02:03
18.   Ebbene, si (Amelia, Husband) 00:01:04
19.   Il mio amante e quel signore (Amelia, Husband) 00:01:52
20.   Che disdetta! (Amelia, Lover) 00:02:18
21.   Romanza: Vola intanto l'ora insonne (Amelia) 00:02:37
22.   Amelia! Amelia! (Lover, Amelia) 00:01:06
23.   Contro me non porta offesa (Amelia, Lover) 00:01:27
24.   Non l'ho pescato in tempo (Husband, Amelia) 00:01:21
25.   Ah! Cane, impara … (Husband, Amelia, Lover) 00:03:15
26.   Romanza: Fu di notte, come in sogno (Lover, Husband, Amelia) 00:03:49
27.   Terzetto: Chi puo saper (Amelia, Lover, Husband) 00:04:20
28.   Orchestral interlude - Che c'e Che c'e (Chorus) 00:01:49
29.   Gia capito (Chief of Police, Chorus, Amelia) 00:02:09
30.   Seduta alla specchiera (Amelia, Chorus, Chief of Police, Lover) 00:02:40
31.   Perche affligersi tanto (Chief of Police, Amelia) 00:02:07
32.   Gioite, gioite, Amelia al ballo andra (Chorus) 00:01:40

Total Playing Time: 02:24:15

Menotti, Gian Carlo

Menotti, Gian Carlo

Engel, Lehman; Sanzogno, Nino

Milan La Scala Orchestra; Studio orchestra

Milan La Scala Chorus; Studio chorus

Amadini, Maria; Andreassi, Maria; Campi, Enrico; Carosio, Margherita; Jongyans, George; Lane, Gloria; Lishner, Leon; MacNeil, Cornell; Marlo, Maria; Mazzoni, Elena; McKinley, Andrew; Mercer, Mabel; Monachino, Francis; Neway, Patricia; Panerai, Rolando; Powers, Marie; Prandelli, Giacinto; Summers, Lydia; Zanolli, Silvana

Label: Naxos Historical

Series: Great Opera Recordings

Genre: Opera

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.112023-24

Barcode: 636943202371

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Physical Release: 06/2010

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