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CHEVALIER, Maurice: Ma Pomme (1935-1946)



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CHEVALIER, Maurice: Ma Pomme (1935-1946)

Borel-Clerc, Charles
Lantenzberg, Raoul / Toche, Raoul, lyricist(s)

  Ma Pomme
1.   Play with flash player Ma Pomme 00:02:58

Bayle, Pierre

  Donnez-moi la main
2.   Play with flash player Donnez - moi la main 00:03:24

Pothier / Willemetz, Albert / Moretti, Raoul

  Un Tout P'tit Peu
3.   Play with flash player Un Tout P'tit Peu 00:03:14

Pothier / Willemetz, Albert

  La P'tite Dame De L'Expo
4.   Play with flash player La P'tite Dame De L'Expo 00:03:01

Borel-Clerc, Charles
Willemetz, Albert / Toche, Raoul, lyricist(s)

  Ah! Si Vous Connaisseiz Ma Poule
5.   Play with flash player Ah! Si Vous Connaisseiz Ma Poule 00:03:19

Mireille / Willemetz, Albert

  On Est Comme On Est
6.   Play with flash player On Est Comme On Est 00:03:15

Mireille / Nohain, Jean

  Vous Valez Mieux Qu'un Sourire
7.   Play with flash player Vous Valez Mieux Qu'un Sourire 00:02:50

Revil / Vandair, Maurice

  Il Pleurait
8.   Play with flash player Il Pleurait 00:02:47

Chevalier, Albert / Betti, Henri

  Norte Espoir
9.   Play with flash player Norte Espoir 00:03:11

Henri, Battaille / Paiva, Jararaca

  La Choupetta (Mama Eu Quiero)
10.   Play with flash player La Choupetta (Mama Eu Quiero) 00:02:51

Vandair, Maurice / Chevalier, Albert / Betti, Henri

  Les Rondondons
11.   Play with flash player Les Rondondons 00:03:03

Vandair, Maurice / Chevalier, Albert / Borel-Clerc, Charles

  Jim, Jim, Jim
12.   Play with flash player Jim, Jim, Jim 00:03:05

Chevalier, Albert

13.   Play with flash player 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 00:03:12

Alstone, Alex

  Place Pigalle
14.   Play with flash player Place Pigalle 00:03:13

Chevalier, Albert / Betti, Henri

15.   Play with flash player Mandarinade 00:03:25
  La Chanson Populaire
16.   Play with flash player La Chanson Populaire 00:03:18

Vandair, Maurice / Bourtayre, Henri

  Fleur De Paris
17.   Play with flash player Fleur De Paris 00:02:35

Vandair, Maurice / Chevalier, Albert / Betti, Henri

  Bonsoir, Messieurs Et Dames
18.   Play with flash player Bonsoir, Messieurs Et Dames 00:02:47

Total Playing Time: 00:55:28

Alstone, Alex; Bayle, Pierre; Betti, Henri; Borel-Clerc, Charles; Bourtayre, Henri; Chevalier, Albert; Henri, Battaille; Mireille; Moretti, Raoul; Nohain, Jean; Paiva, Jararaca; Pothier; Revil; Vandair, Maurice; Willemetz, Albert

Lantenzberg, Raoul; Toche, Raoul; Willemetz, Albert

Chevalier, Maurice

Label: Naxos Nostalgia

Genre: Nostalgia

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.120508

Barcode: 0636943250822

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Release Date: 11/2000

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