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MIRANDA, Carmen: South American Way (1939-1945)



About this Recording

MIRANDA, Carmen: South American Way (1939-1945)


1.   Play with flash player Bambu - Bambu 00:02:28

Paiva, Jararaca / Paiva, Vincente

  Mama Eu Quero
2.   Play with flash player Mama Eu Quero 00:02:36

Caymmi, Dorival

  O Que E Que a Bahiana Tem
3.   Play with flash player O Que E Que a Bahiana Tem 00:02:24

Dubin, Al / McHugh, Jimmy

  South American Way
4.   Play with flash player South American Way 00:02:48

Babo, Lamartine / Barbosa, Paulo

  Co, Co, Co, Co, Co, Co, Ro (Machinha do, Grande Gallo)
5.   Play with flash player Co, Co, Co, Co, Co, Co, Ro (Machinha do, Grande Gallo) 00:02:39

Ribiero, Alberto / Barro, Joao de

  Touradas Em Madrid
6.   Play with flash player Touradas Em Madrid 00:02:34

Warren, Harry
Gordon, Mack, lyricist(s)

  I Yi Yi Yi Yi (I Like You Very Much)
7.   Play with flash player I Yi Yi Yi Yi (I Like You Very Much) 00:02:13

Filho, Andre

  Alo Alo
8.   Play with flash player Alo Alo 00:02:40

Warren, Harry

  Chica Chica Boom Chic
9.   Play with flash player Chica Chica Boom Chic 00:02:26

Horta, Brant

10.   Play with flash player Bambale 00:02:27

Martins, Roberto

  Cae Cae
11.   Play with flash player Cae Cae 00:02:25

Nassara, Antonio / Roris, Sa

  Arca de Noe
12.   Play with flash player Arca de Noe 00:02:16

Cruz, H. / Paiva, Vincente

  Diz Que Tem
13.   Play with flash player Diz Que Tem 00:02:38

Oliveira, Aloysio de / Horta, Brant / Amaral, N.

  Rebola a Bola
14.   Play with flash player Rebola a Bola 00:02:11

Bretas, Plinio / Netto, Scevino

  Nao Te Dou a Chupeta
15.   Play with flash player Nao Te Dou a Chupeta 00:02:16

Warren, Harry

  Chattanooga Choo Choo
16.   Play with flash player Chattanooga Choo Choo 00:02:41

Barroso, Ary / Iglesias, Luiz

  Boneca de Pixe
17.   Play with flash player Boneca de Pixe 00:03:00

Vermelho, Pires / Silva, Walfrido

  Tic Tic Tac do Meu Coracao
18.   Play with flash player Tic Tic Tac do Meu Coracao 00:02:26

Lobo, Haroldo / Oliveira, Milton

  O Passo do Kanguru (Brazilly Willy)
19.   Play with flash player O Passo do Kanguru (Brazilly Willy) 00:02:57

Barroso, Ary / Drake, Ervin M.

  Upa Upa
20.   Play with flash player Upa Upa 00:02:49

Oliveira, Aloysio de / Abreu, Zequinha de

  Tico Tico
21.   Play with flash player Tico Tico 00:02:38

Total Playing Time: 00:53:32

Abreu, Zequinha de; Amaral, N.; Babo, Lamartine; Barbosa, Paulo; Barro, Joao de; Barroso, Ary; Bretas, Plinio; Caymmi, Dorival; Cruz, H.; Drake, Ervin M.; Dubin, Al; Filho, Andre; Horta, Brant; Iglesias, Luiz; Lobo, Haroldo; Martins, Roberto; McHugh, Jimmy; Nassara, Antonio; Netto, Scevino; Oliveira, Aloysio de; Oliveira, Milton; Paiva, Jararaca; Paiva, Vincente; Ribiero, Alberto; Roris, Sa; Silva, Walfrido; Traditional; Vermelho, Pires; Warren, Harry

Gordon, Mack

Miranda, Carmen

Label: Naxos Nostalgia

Genre: Nostalgia

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary

Catalogue No: 8.120719

Barcode: 0636943271926

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Release Date: 07/2003

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