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BENNETT, Tony: While We're Young (1950-1955)



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BENNETT, Tony: While We're Young (1950-1955)

Harling, Frank / Coslow, Sam

  Sing You Sinners
1.   Play with flash player Sing You Sinners 00:02:11

Hammerstein, Arthur / Wilkinson, Dudley

  Because of You
2.   Play with flash player Because of You 00:02:56

Warren, Harry
Dubin, Al, lyricist(s)

  Boulevard of Broken Dreams
3.   Play with flash player Boulevard of Broken Dreams 00:02:52

Wilder, Alec / Palitz, Morty
Engvick, William, lyricist(s)

  While We're Young
4.   Play with flash player While We're Young 00:02:19

Wrubel, Allie

  Please, My Love
5.   Play with flash player Please, My Love 00:02:49

Wasserman, Herbert / Aaron, Jack

  Since My Love Has Gone
6.   Play with flash player Since My Love Has Gone 00:02:55

Williams, Hank

  Cold, Cold Heart
7.   Play with flash player Cold, Cold Heart 00:02:36

Wayne, Bernie / Morris, Lee
Wayne, Bernie / Morris, Lee, lyricist(s)

  Blue Velvet
8.   Play with flash player Blue Velvet 00:02:59

Bryant, Boudleaux / Bryant, Felice

  Have A Good Time
9.   Play with flash player Have A Good Time 00:03:05

Borrelli, Bill / Levinson, Lou / Genara, Pat

  Here In My Heart
10.   Play with flash player Here In My Heart 00:02:48

Tobias, Frederick / Tobias, Jerry

  I'm The King of Broken Hearts
11.   Play with flash player I'm The King of Broken Hearts 00:02:55

Ross, Jerry / Adler, Richard

  Rags to Riches
12.   Play with flash player Rags to Riches 00:02:46

Wright, Robert / Forrest, George
Forrest, George / Wright, Robert, lyricist(s)

  Stranger in Paradise
13.   Play with flash player Stranger in Paradise 00:03:02

Williams, Hank

  There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
14.   Play with flash player There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight 00:02:10

Berman, Art / Kahn, Marvin / Evans, Redd

  Take Me Back Again
15.   Play with flash player Take Me Back Again 00:03:05

Chase, Lincoln

  Cinnamon Sinner
16.   Play with flash player Cinnamon Sinner 00:02:59

Silver, Abner / Schroeder, John
Silver, Abner / Schroeder, John, lyricist(s)

  Not As A Stranger
17.   Play with flash player Not As A Stranger 00:02:49

Price, Chilton

  Please Driver (Once Around The Park Again)
18.   Play with flash player Please Driver (Once Around The Park Again) 00:03:00

Sigman, Carl / Williams, Arthur

  Funny Thing
19.   Play with flash player Funny Thing 00:03:03

Steiner, Max / Adelson, Leonard

  Come Next Spring
20.   Play with flash player Come Next Spring 00:02:41

Total Playing Time: 00:56:00

Aaron, Jack; Adelson, Leonard; Adler, Richard; Berman, Art; Borrelli, Bill; Bryant, Boudleaux; Bryant, Felice; Chase, Lincoln; Coslow, Sam; Evans, Redd; Forrest, George; Genara, Pat; Hammerstein, Arthur; Harling, Frank; Kahn, Marvin; Levinson, Lou; Morris, Lee; Palitz, Morty; Price, Chilton; Ross, Jerry; Schroeder, John; Sigman, Carl; Silver, Abner; Steiner, Max; Tobias, Frederick; Tobias, Jerry; Warren, Harry; Wasserman, Herbert; Wayne, Bernie; Wilder, Alec; Wilkinson, Dudley; Williams, Arthur; Williams, Hank; Wright, Robert; Wrubel, Allie

Dubin, Al; Engvick, William; Forrest, George; Morris, Lee; Schroeder, John; Silver, Abner; Wayne, Bernie; Wright, Robert

Marty Manning Orchestra; Percy Faith Orchestra

Bennett, Tony

Label: Naxos Nostalgia

Genre: Nostalgia

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary

Catalogue No: 8.120803

Barcode: 636943280324

Distribution Note(s):

Not available in the United States due to possible copyright restrictions

Release Date: 10/2006

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