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RUDERS: Handmaid's Tale (The)


A Record 5 Grammy Nominations for Naxos
Poul Ruders adds to his accolades

RUDERS: Handmaid's Tale (The)

Disc 1

Ruders, Poul

  Tjenerindens Fortaelling (The Handmaid's Tale)
1.   Symposium Prologue (2195 AD) (Offred, Handmaids) 00:05:12
2.   The Red Centre Prelude, Scene 1: The Classroom (Lydia, Handmaids, Offred, Janine) 00:04:30
3.   The Red Centre Prelude, Scene 2: The Dormitory (Offred, Moira, Janine, Handmaids) 00:04:08
4.   The Red Centre Prelude, Scene 3: The Classroom (Lydia, Handmaids) 00:03:24
5.   The Red Centre Prelude, Scene 4: The Washroom (Lydia, Offred, Moira, Moira's Aunt) 00:02:12
6.   The Red Centre Prelude, Scene 5: Graduation in the Assembly Hall (Lydia, Aunts, Handmaids) 00:03:18
7.   Act I Scene 1: The Wall (Offred) 00:01:47
8.   Act I Scene 2: The House in the Day (Offred, Serena Joy, Rita) 00:01:47
9.   Act I Scene 3: Offred's Bedroom (Offred, Rita, Serena Joy, Luke, The Double) 00:04:30
10.   Act I Scene 4A: The Kitchen (Rita, The Double, Moira, Offred) 00:01:35
11.   Act I Scene 4B: The Walk to the Shops (Offred, Ofglen, Econowives, Handmaids, Guardian) 00:04:13
12.   Act I Scene 5: The Wall (Offred, Ofglen) 00:04:04
13.   Act I Scene 6: The Doctor (Doctor, Offred) 00:08:22
14.   Act I Scene 7: The House in the Day (Nick, Lydia, Offred's Mother, Luke, The Double, Offred) 00:06:22
15.   Act I Scene 8: Offred's Bedroom (Lydia, The Double, Luke, Offred) 00:03:42
16.   Act I Scene 9: Joy's Sitting Room (Offred's Mother, The Double, Rita, Offred, Nick, Serena Joy, The Commander, Chorus) - 00:05:13
17.   Act I Scene 9 (continued): The Ceremony 00:00:42
18.   Act I Scene 10: Offred's Bedroom (Nick, Offred) 00:01:19
19.   Act I Scene 11: The Red Centre Assembly Hall (Handmaids, Wives, Lydia, Guards, Janine, Moira, Luke, The Double, Warren's Wife) 00:08:28
20.   Act I Scene 12: The Commander's Study (The Commander, Offred) 00:02:10
21.   Act I Scene 13: Offred's Bedroom (Offred) 00:00:46

Disc 2

Ruders, Poul

  Tjenerindens Fortaelling (The Handmaid's Tale)
1.   Act II Scene 1: Offred's Bedroom (Rita, Offred) 00:01:29
2.   Act II Scene 2: The Study at Night (The Commander, Offred, Nick) 00:02:29
3.   Act II Scene 3: Joy's Sitting Room (Serena Joy, Offred, The Commander) 00:01:05
4.   Act II Scene 4A: The Kitchen (Rita, The Double, Moira, Luke) 00:01:40
5.   Act II Scene 4B: The Walk to the Shops (Offred, Ofglen, A Handmaid, Janine / Ofwarren) 00:06:14
6.   Act II Scene 5: The Wall (Guards, Ofglen, Offred) 00:01:56
7.   Act II Scene 6: The House at Night (The Double, Luke, The Commander) 00:05:30
8.   Act II Scene 7: The Wall (Guard, Luke, Ofglen, Offred) 00:04:55
9.   Act II Scene 8: The House (Serena Joy, Offred) 00:01:27
10.   Act II Scene 9: Offred's Bedroom (Offred, The Double, Lydia) 00:06:55
11.   Act II Scene 10: The Study (The Commander, Offred, Nick) 00:02:40
12.   Act II Scene 11: Jezebel's (The Commander, Offred, The Commander X) 00:02:24
13.   Act II Scene 12: Jezebel's Restroom (Moira, Offred, A Girl) 00:01:50
14.   Act II Scene 13: Jezebel's Bedroom (The Commander, Offred) 00:01:52
15.   Act II Scene 14: Joy's Sitting Room (Serena Joy, Nick) 00:00:32
16.   Act II Scene 15: Offred's Bedroom (Serena Joy, Offred) 00:01:22
17.   Act II Scene 15: Offred's Bedroom (continued) (Offred, Nick) 00:04:52
18.   Act II Scene 16: The Salvaging (Wives, Handmaids, Lydia, Guards, A Man, Offred, Ofglen) 00:05:44
19.   Act II Scene 17: The Wall (New Ofglen, Offred) 00:02:35
20.   Act II Scene 18: The House (Serena Joy, Offred) 00:01:26
21.   Act II Scene 19: Quartet. The House (Offred, Serena Joy, The Commander, Rita, Nick, Eyes) 00:04:38
22.   Act II: Postlude [ - Symposium Epilogue (2195 AD)] 00:02:30

Total Playing Time: 02:23:49

Ruders, Poul

Schønwandt, Michael

Royal Danish Orchestra

Royal Danish Opera Chorus

Dahl, Anne Margrethe; Elming, Poul; Fischer, Hanne; Halling, Elisabeth; Hamnoy, Kari; Hansen, Pia; Haugland, Aage; Henning-Jensen, Gert; Henriksen, Uffe; Kramp, Morten; Kudsk-Jensen, Ulla; Laursen, John; Lund, Elsebeth; Mai-Mai, Djina; Morgny, Bengt-Ola; Nielsen, Lise-Lotte; Resmark, Susanne; Rorholm, Marianne; Wadsholt, Annita

Label: Dacapo

Genre: Opera

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: 8.224165-66

Barcode: 0730099986526

Physical Release: 10/2000

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