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HALLSTROM: Duke Magnus and the Mermaid


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About this Recording

HALLSTROM: Duke Magnus and the Mermaid

Disc 1

Hallstrom, Ivar
Hedberg, Franz, lyricist(s)

  Duke Magnus and the Mermaid
1.   Overture 00:06:01
2.   Act I: Raskt ut i var bat… (Let us hasten away in our boat…) (Fishermen's Chorus) 00:04:53
3.   Act I: Duet: Var gamla, gyllne tid… (Our olden, golden age…) (Ingrid, Peter) 00:04:21
4.   Act I: Aria: Gack! lyd din Herras bud!… (Go! Hear your Lord's message!…) (Munken) 00:02:59
5.   Act I: Song: Den tiden ar, Gudilof, nu redan forbi… (The time is already over, thank God…) (Lisa) 00:02:27
6.   Act I: Duet: Hvem var den ratte som du namnde… (Who was the right man that you mentioned…) (Lisa, Ulf) 00:02:36
7.   Act I: Romance: Hvarthan min fot an lander… (Wherever my foot alights upon the land…) (Brynolf) 00:02:19
8.   Act I: Duet: Tyst! horde jag ej hans rost!… (Quiet! Didn't I hear his voice…) (Anna, Brynolf) 00:02:36
9.   Act I: Romance: Jag lekte som barn vid de boljorna … (I played as a child by the blue waves…) (Anna) 00:02:59
10.   Act I: Framat genom mark och skog … (Onward across the land and through the forest…) (Huntsmen's Chorus) 00:03:08
11.   Act I: Finale: Gif mitt flydda lugn mig ater… (Give me back my former peace…) (Magnus) 00:04:37
12.   Act I: Och kungason gick invid gronskande strand… (And the King's son walked along the verdant shore…) (Anna) 00:02:28
13.   Act I: Hvad skri var det som jag horde… (What was that cry I heard) (Lisa, Ingrid, Brynolf, Ulf, Sten, Munken, Peder, Chorus) 00:02:57

Disc 2

Hallstrom, Ivar
Hedberg, Franz, lyricist(s)

  Duke Magnus and the Mermaid
1.   Act II: Inledning (Introduction) 00:02:17
2.   Act II: Song: Syssla traget med ditt garn… (Busy yourself assiduously with your yarn…) (Peder) 00:03:01
3.   Act II: Duet: Hur kan du sa frojdefull vara… (How can you be so full of joy…) (Anna, Lisa) 00:05:03
4.   Act II: Quintet: O, Gud! – Mitt barn!… (Oh God! – My child!…) (Anna, Lisa, Ingrid, Ulf, Peder) 00:04:12
5.   Act II: Oro och qval… (Unease and torment…) (Chorus) 00:03:56
6.   Act II: Jag helsar eder alla har… (I greet you all here…) (Sten) 00:01:38
7.   Act II: Prayer: Vi hogt nu himmelen bedje… (Now we pray loudly to Heaven…) (Chorus) 00:02:16
8.   Act II: Romance: Bjud hellre solen glomma… (Rather ask the sun to forget…) (Brynolf) 00:02:45
9.   Act II: Trio: Der min barndoms dar jag njutit… (There I enjoyed my childhood days…) (Anna, Sten, Peder) 00:04:06
10.   Act II: Finale: Sag mig ej att en jordisk flicka… (Do not tell me that a mortal maiden…) (Magnus, Anna) 00:04:52
11.   Act II: Tillbaka, djerfve, har!… (Get back, you are too bold!…) (Brynolf, Anna, Magnus) 00:03:10
12.   Act II: Ni tvingar mig glomma… (You are forcing me to forget…) (Brynolf, Anna, Magnus) 00:02:18
13.   Act III: Herrlig fangst vi drogo… (We have drawn a splendid catch…) (Fishermen's Chorus) 00:05:06
14.   Act III: Dance Song: Och ringen ska vi knyta… (We shall form a circle…) (Lisa, Ulf, Chorus) 00:04:54
15.   Act III: Polska 00:03:17
16.   Act III: Duet: Du alskar mig, jag alskar dig!… (You love me, I love you!…) (Anna, Brynolf) 00:04:41
17.   Act III: Sextet and Chorus: Der dromma de!… (There they are dreaming!…) (Anna, Brynolf, Sten, Munken, Peder, Magnus, Chorus) 00:03:31
18.   Act III: Hvad brott kan har sig dolja!… (What crime can be concealed here…) (Anna, Brynolf, Sten, Munken, Peder, Magnus, Chorus) 00:02:26
19.   Act III: Finale: Lefve var furste, kung Gostas son… (Long live our prince, King Gosta's son…) (Chorus) 00:01:48
20.   Act III: Nu vander jag ater till enslig borg… (Now I shall return to my solitary castle) (Magnus, Anna, Chorus) 00:03:44

Total Playing Time: 01:53:22

Hallstrom, Ivar

Hedberg, Franz

Willén, Niklas

Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

Vadstena Academy Choir

Alveteg, Staffan; Bohlin, Ingela; Ermedahl, Mattias; Johansson, Lars; Marklund, Eva; Olofsson, Jonas; Rydh, Johan; Sigelius, Emelie; Stella, Marco; Svanvik, Robin

Label: Marco Polo

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.225214-15

Barcode: 0636943521427

Physical Release: 01/2003

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