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WARLOCK: Curlew (The) / Lillygay / Peterisms / Saudades (English Song, Vol. 4)



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About this Recording

WARLOCK: Curlew (The) / Lillygay / Peterisms / Saudades (English Song, Vol. 4)

The programme of this release, previously available on the Collins Classics label, reflects the wide variety of vocal styles and moods of Warlock’s music. The centrepiece is Warlock’s heartfelt and atmospheric setting of W. B. Yeats’s The Curlew. Set beside this are Warlock’s boisterous drinking songs, as well as a number of more sober individual songs. This programme is an excellent introduction to one of the most interesting English composers of the first half of the last century.

Warlock, Peter
Yeats, William Butler, lyricist(s)

  The Curlew
1.   Play with flash player O Curlew, cry no more in the air 00:07:13
2.   Play with flash player Pale brows, still hands and dim hair 00:01:25
3.   Play with flash player I cried when the moon was murmuring to the birds 00:09:27
4.   Play with flash player Interlude 00:02:24
5.   Play with flash player I wander by the edge of this desolate lake 00:01:43

Warlock, Peter
Neuburg, Victor, lyricist(s)

6.   Play with flash player The Distracted Maid 00:03:16
7.   Play with flash player Burd Ellen and Young Tamlane 00:02:30
8.   Play with flash player Rantum Tantum 00:01:06

Warlock, Peter

  Peter Warlock's Fancy
9.   Play with flash player Peter Warlock's Fancy 00:02:10
  Peterisms, First Set
10.   Play with flash player Chopcherry 00:01:00
11.   Play with flash player A Sad Song 00:02:09
12.   Play with flash player Rutterkin 00:01:11

Warlock, Peter
Orléans, Charles d', lyricist(s)

  My Ghostly Fader
13.   Play with flash player My gostly fader 00:02:02

Warlock, Peter

  Bright is the ring of words
14.   Play with flash player Bright is the ring of words 00:01:42

Warlock, Peter
Callimachus / Po, Li / Shakespeare, William, lyricist(s)

15.   Play with flash player Along the stream 00:02:43
16.   Play with flash player Take, O take those lips away 00:01:49
17.   Play with flash player Heraclitus 00:02:51

Warlock, Peter

  The cloths of Heaven
18.   Play with flash player The cloths of Heaven 00:02:10

Warlock, Peter
Blunt, Bruce, lyricist(s)

  The frostbound wood
19.   Play with flash player The frostbound wood 00:03:03
  Bethlehem Down
20.   Play with flash player Bethlehem Down 00:04:33

Warlock, Peter
Shakespeare, William, lyricist(s)

  Sweet and twenty
21.   Play with flash player Sweet and twenty 00:02:00

Warlock, Peter
Wyatt, Thomas, lyricist(s)

  And wilt thou leave me thus
22.   Play with flash player And wilt thou leave me thus 00:02:03

Warlock, Peter
Squire, John Collings Squire, lyricist(s)

  Mr. Belloc's Fancy
23.   Play with flash player Mr Belloc's Fancy 00:01:33

Warlock, Peter
Udall, Nicholas, lyricist(s)

  Peterisms, Second Set
24.   Play with flash player Roister Doister 00:01:22
25.   Play with flash player Spring 00:01:14
26.   Play with flash player Lusty Juventus 00:01:19

Warlock, Peter

  The Bachelor
27.   Play with flash player The Bachelor 00:00:50
  Away to Twiver
28.   Play with flash player Away to Twiver 00:01:54

Warlock, Peter
Masefield, John, lyricist(s)

  Captain Stratton's Fancy
29.   Play with flash player Captain Stratton's Fancy 00:01:47

Total Playing Time: 01:10:29

Warlock, Peter

Blunt, Bruce; Callimachus; Masefield, John; Neuburg, Victor; Orléans, Charles d'; Po, Li; Shakespeare, William; Squire, John Collings Squire; Udall, Nicholas; Wyatt, Thomas; Yeats, William Butler

Duke Quartet

Constable, John; Davies, Philippa; Maltman, Christopher; Pendrill, Christine; Thompson, Adrian

Label: Naxos

Series: English Song Series

Genre: Vocal

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.557115

Barcode: 0747313211524

Release Date: 04/2003

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