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Art and Music: Bruegel - Music of His Time



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Art and Music: Bruegel - Music of His Time

Art and Music
Bruegel - Music of His Time

Music by Willaert, Clemens, Sandrin, Janequin, Sermisy, Tallis, Lassus and others
Author: Hugh Griffith
1 CD with full colour, illustrated, explanatory booklet

The paintings of Pieter Bruegel (c.1525/30-1569) resound with echoes of Hieronymus Bosch and the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages; but the teeming life of his earthy Flemish scenes exerts a hold that transcends time and place. On this CD, the world of Bruegel is given a musical perspective with a carefully chosen selection of pieces by the finest composers of his time. Inside, Hugh Griffith provides explanatory notes on his life and musical environment.

Willaert, Adrian

  Magnificat sexti toni
1.   Play with flash player Magnificat sexti toni 00:05:32

  Den IIII., ende VI. Ronde
2.   Play with flash player Den IIII., ende VI. Ronde 00:02:26

Susato, Tylman

  Int midden van den meye
3.   Play with flash player Int midden van den meye 00:01:39

  Ghy edel jonghe gheesten
4.   Play with flash player Ghy edel jonghe gheesten 00:02:29
  Den IIII. ende III. Allemaingne
5.   Play with flash player Den IIII. ende III. Allemaingne 00:02:15

Souliaert, Carolus

  Ick ginck noch gister avent
6.   Play with flash player Ick ginck noch gister avent 00:02:44

Clemens non Papa, Jacobus

  Prière devant le repas
7.   Play with flash player Prière devant le repas 00:02:03
  Action des graces
8.   Play with flash player Action des graces 00:02:23

Bruck, Arnold von

  So trinken wir alle
9.   Play with flash player So trinken wir alle 00:01:12

Senfl, Ludwig
Berger, Sven, arranger(s)

  Will niemand singen
10.   Play with flash player Will niemand singen 00:02:46

  Hoe drucklic is dat herte myn
11.   Play with flash player Hoe drucklic is dat herte myn 00:01:34

Hellinck, Lupus

  Nieuwe almanack
12.   Play with flash player Nieuwe almanack 00:01:34

Lheritier, Jean

  Surrexit pastor bonus
13.   Play with flash player Surrexit pastor bonus 00:06:13

  Aenmerckt nu hier
14.   Play with flash player Aenmerckt nu hier 00:01:40
  Een meysken eens voerby
15.   Play with flash player Een meysken eens voerby 00:02:29

Sandrin, Pierre

  Je ne le croy
16.   Play with flash player Je ne le croy 00:01:58

Janequin, Clément

  Or vien ca
17.   Play with flash player Or vien ca 00:02:18

Sermisy, Claudin de

  Tant que vivrai
18.   Play with flash player Tant que vivrai 00:02:17
  La la, maistre Pierre
19.   Play with flash player La la, maistre Pierre 00:01:00

Arcadelt, Jacques

  La pastorella mia
20.   Play with flash player La pastorella mia 00:02:57

Milano, Francesco da

  Fantasia 16
21.   Play with flash player Fantasia 16 00:01:09

Willaert, Adrian

  Vecchie letrose non valete niente
22.   Play with flash player Vecchie letrose non valete niente 00:00:58

Milano, Francesco da

  Fantasia 31
23.   Play with flash player Fantasia 31 00:01:20

Clemens non Papa, Jacobus
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Ego flos campi
24.   Play with flash player Ego flos campi 00:06:00

Parsons, Robert

  The Song Called Trumpets
25.   Play with flash player The Song Called Trumpets 00:02:15

Tallis, Thomas

  A Solfing Song
26.   Play with flash player A Solfing Song 00:02:55

Lasso, Orlando di
Ronsard, Pierre de, lyricist(s)

  Bonjour mon coeur
27.   Play with flash player Bonjour mon coeur 00:01:28

Lasso, Orlando di

  Beau le cristal
28.   Play with flash player Beau le cristal 00:01:38
  Un jeune moine
29.   Play with flash player Un jeune moine 00:02:17

Johnson, John

30.   Play with flash player Rogero 00:01:39

Lasso, Orlando di

  Lauda mater ecclesia
31.   Play with flash player Lauda mater ecclesia 00:04:48

Total Playing Time: 01:15:56

Arcadelt, Jacques; Bruck, Arnold von; Clemens non Papa, Jacobus; Hellinck, Lupus; Janequin, Clément; Johnson, John; Lasso, Orlando di; Lheritier, Jean; Milano, Francesco da; Parsons, Robert; Sandrin, Pierre; Senfl, Ludwig; Sermisy, Claudin de; Souliaert, Carolus; Susato, Tylman; Tallis, Thomas; Willaert, Adrian

Bible - Old Testament; Ronsard, Pierre de

Berger, Sven

Summerly, Jeremy

Convivium Musicum Gothenburgense; Ensemble Villanella; Oxford Camerata; Rose Consort of Viols, The

Scholars of London

Rumsey, Shirley

Label: Naxos

Genre: Chamber Music; Choral - Sacred; Choral - Secular; Instrumental; Vocal

Period: Renaissance

Catalogue No: 8.558147

Barcode: 0636943814727

Release Date: 06/2004

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