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Classical Music Home > AMERICAN CHORAL MUSIC - PERSICHETTI, V. / SCHUMAN, W. / BOLCOM, W. / FINE, I. / FOSS, L. (University of Texas Chamber Singers)

AMERICAN CHORAL MUSIC - PERSICHETTI, V. / SCHUMAN, W. / BOLCOM, W. / FINE, I. / FOSS, L. (University of Texas Chamber Singers)


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About this Recording

AMERICAN CHORAL MUSIC - PERSICHETTI, V. / SCHUMAN, W. / BOLCOM, W. / FINE, I. / FOSS, L. (University of Texas Chamber Singers)

American choral music has many faces and, while aware of tradition, often looks resolutely towards the future. Vincent Persichetti’s Mass envelops an original cantus firmus in a shimmering silken garment of ever-shifting harmonies, while Lukas Foss provides a lyre-like accompaniment for his lean, sometimes athletic, settings of three Psalms. Irving Fine sets poems by Shakespeare’s contemporary Ben Jonson (The Hour-Glass), William Schuman draws on texts by Walt Whitman for his Carols of Death, while William Bolcom uses African- American poems as the basis for a wide-ranging song cycle, The Mask.

Persichetti, Vincent
Mass Text, lyricist(s)

  Mass, Op. 84
1.   Kyrie 00:02:07
2.   Gloria 00:04:10
3.   Credo 00:06:10
4.   Sanctus 00:02:17
5.   Agnus Dei 00:02:25

Schuman, William
Whitman, Walt, lyricist(s)

  Carols of Death
6.   No. 1. The Last Invocation 00:03:43
7.   No. 2. The Unknown Region 00:03:52
8.   No. 3. To All, To Each 00:02:46

Bolcom, William
Thomas, Charles Cyrus / Bennett, Gwendolyn / Dunbar, Paul Laurence / Bruce, Richard / Anderson III, T.J., lyricist(s)

  The Mask
9.   No. 1. We Wear the Mask 00:05:21
10.   No. 2. Heritage 00:01:51
11.   No. 3. Shadow 00:04:18
12.   No. 4. Worn Faces 00:03:14
13.   No. 5. Interlude for Natalie 00:02:47
14.   No. 6. Portrait 00:01:28

Fine, Irving
Jonson, Ben, lyricist(s)

  The Hour-Glass
15.   No. 1. O know to end as to begin 00:03:15
16.   No. 2. Have you seen the white lily grow 00:01:41
17.   No. 3. O do not wanton with those eyes 00:01:17
18.   No. 4. Against Jealousy 00:03:05
19.   No. 5. Lament 00:01:52
20.   No. 6. The Hour - Glass 00:02:03

Foss, Lukas
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

21.   Part I: Psalm 122:1 - 2, 95:4 00:03:40
22.   Part II: Psalm 98:1, 4, 6 00:07:51
23.   Part III: Psalm 23:1 - 3 00:02:01

Total Playing Time: 01:13:14

Bolcom, William; Fine, Irving; Foss, Lukas; Persichetti, Vincent; Schuman, William

Anderson III, T.J.; Bennett, Gwendolyn; Bible - Old Testament; Bruce, Richard; Dunbar, Paul Laurence; Jonson, Ben; Mass Text; Thomas, Charles Cyrus; Whitman, Walt

Morrow, James

University of Texas Chamber Singers

Bannon, Sarah; Bigler, Dwight; Flores, Carla; Gorina, Alena; Holt, Lisa Sunset; Neuville, Eric; Ruduski, Meredith; Wiles, John Len

Label: Naxos

Series: American Classics

Genre: Choral - Sacred; Choral - Secular

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary

Catalogue No: 8.559358

Barcode: 636943935828

Physical Release: 07/2010

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