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Hanukka, the Festival of Dedication, is celebrated by Jews everywhere to commemorate the heroic Maccabean victory in 165 B.C.E. over the Greco-Syrians in the fight for religious freedom. It marks the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem and the legend of the miraculous eight-day endurance of the light in the candelabrum. Traditional Hanukka songs from many parts of the world, along with music composed in America, enrich the experience of this beloved holiday. This recording brings old favorites and new discoveries together for a unique American Hanukka celebration.

Goldstein, Raymond

  B'rakhot L'hanukka (Candlelighting benedictions)
1.   Play with flash player B'rakhot L'hanukka (Candlelighting benedictions) 00:04:56

Adler, Hugo

  Hannerot Hallalu
2.   Play with flash player Hannerot Hallalu 00:02:20

Miller, Aaron
Levin, Neil, arranger(s)

  Ma'oz Tzur
3.   Play with flash player Ma'oz Tzur 00:01:33

Adler, Samuel

  To Celebrate a Miracle
4.   Play with flash player To Celebrate a Miracle 00:13:54

Low, Leo
Rosenfeld, Morris, lyricist(s)

  Likhtelekh (arr. L. Moore)
5.   Play with flash player Likhtelekh 00:03:19

Zilberts, Zavel
Rosenfeld, Morris, lyricist(s)

  Di Khanike Likht
6.   Play with flash player Di Khanike Likht 00:03:15

Fromm, Herbert

  Hanukka Madrigal (Mi y'mallel)
7.   Play with flash player Hanukka Madrigal (Mi y'mallel) 00:02:22

Adler, Samuel
Rosenbaum, Samuel, lyricist(s)

  The Flames of Freedom
8.   Play with flash player O Rock of My Salvation 00:02:55
9.   Play with flash player The Lights We Have Kindled 00:01:47
10.   Play with flash player For the Miracles 00:03:39
11.   Play with flash player Who Kindled These Lights 00:01:36
12.   Play with flash player Into the Temple Judah Came 00:02:35
13.   Play with flash player Who Can Retell 00:01:12
14.   Play with flash player Candles in the Night 00:02:57
15.   Play with flash player Rock of Ages 00:03:28

Ancis, Solomon

  Mizmor Shir Hanukkat Habbayit
16.   Play with flash player Mizmor Shir Hanukkat Habbayit 00:03:46

Shatin, Judith

  Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin
17.   Play with flash player Nun, Gimel, Hei, Shin 00:02:15

Olshanetsky, Alexander
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)
Levin, Neil, arranger(s)

  Adonai Z'kharanu
18.   Play with flash player Adonai Z'kharanu 00:04:23

Isaacson, Michael
Bible - Old Testament / Rake, Jeff / Isaacson, Michael / Nurenberg, Susan, lyricist(s)

  Aspects of a Great Miracle
19.   Play with flash player Light the Legend 00:01:39
20.   Play with flash player A Hanukka Dreidl 00:03:03
21.   Play with flash player Light 00:02:51
22.   Play with flash player Psalm 150 00:02:25

Total Playing Time: 01:12:10

Adler, Hugo; Adler, Samuel; Ancis, Solomon; Fromm, Herbert; Goldstein, Raymond; Isaacson, Michael; Low, Leo; Miller, Aaron; Olshanetsky, Alexander; Shatin, Judith; Zilberts, Zavel

Bible - Old Testament; Isaacson, Michael; Nurenberg, Susan; Rake, Jeff; Rosenbaum, Samuel; Rosenfeld, Morris

Levin, Neil

Adler, Samuel; Corp, Ronald; Koch, Timothy; Levin, Neil; Winther, Rodney

Cincinnati University CCM Wind Symphony

Carolina Chamber Chorale; Coro Hebraeico; New London Children's Choir; Rochester Singers; Schola Hebraeica; University of Southern Mississippi Chorale

Bogin, Abba; Haschel, Moshe; Miller, Benzion; Spiro, Simon; Zhou, Jin

Label: Naxos

Series: Milken Archive of American Jewish Music

Genre: Choral - Sacred; Orchestral; Vocal

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary; Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.559410

Barcode: 0636943941027

Boxset: NMIL51

Release Date: 10/2004

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