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BEN-AMOTS: Celestial Dialogues / Hashkivenu / Shtetl Songs



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About this Recording

BEN-AMOTS: Celestial Dialogues / Hashkivenu / Shtetl Songs

Celestial Dialogues combines two great Jewish musical traditions: a klezmer clarinet solo— deriving from the haunting virtuoso sounds typical of traditional eastern European Jewish bands—and cantorial vocal passages that emanate from age-old Ashkenazi liturgical ritual. Both mystical and worldly, the “dialogues” evoke timeless songs and dances of Jewish experience, striving for the spiritual purification of prayer. Composer Ofer Ben- Amots has also created unforgettable vignettes and character portraits of eastern European Jewry in Shtetl Songs, and he further explores the mysteries of the Sabbath in Hashkivenu— Song of the Angels.

Ben-Amots, Ofer

  Hashkivenu - Song of the Angels
1.   Play with flash player Entrance of the Sabbath Bride 00:04:18
2.   Play with flash player Peace upon you, Angels of Peace 00:01:29
3.   Play with flash player Come in peace, Angels of Peace 00:01:23
4.   Play with flash player Bless me for peace, ye Angels of Peace (V'taknenu) 00:01:05
5.   Play with flash player Go in peace, Angels of Peace (echo) 00:01:38

Ben-Amots, Ofer
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Celestial Dialogues
6.   Play with flash player Am kadosh (Holy People) 00:03:44
7.   Play with flash player Uv'yom hashabbat (On the Sabbath Day) 00:04:13
8.   Play with flash player A gasn nign (A Street Tune) 00:04:14
9.   Play with flash player Adonoi melekh (The Lord is King) 00:07:13
10.   Play with flash player Celestial freylekh 00:05:18
11.   Play with flash player Dinen (Serve) 00:04:07

Ben-Amots, Ofer
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Shtetl Songs
12.   Play with flash player Bay dem shtetl (Near the Town) 00:03:10
13.   Play with flash player Bistu mit mir broyges (Are You Upset with Me) 00:02:36
14.   Play with flash player Klip klap (Knock, Knock) 00:02:45
15.   Play with flash player Royz, royz (Rose, Rose) 00:02:37
16.   Play with flash player Di dray neytorins (The Three Seamstresses) 00:03:42
17.   Play with flash player Der rebbe tantst (The Rebbe is Dancing) 00:04:04

Ben-Amots, Ofer
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Psalm 81
18.   Play with flash player Psalm 81 00:13:37

Total Playing Time: 01:11:13

Ben-Amots, Ofer

Bible - Old Testament; Traditional

Kiesler, Kenneth; Rickenbacher, Karl Anton; Seinerova, Eva

Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra

BBC Singers; Permonik Children's Choir

Ben-Ze'ev, Re'ut; Bowers-Broadbent, Christopher; Hladik, Petr; Krakauer, David; Mikeska, Rostislav; Mizrahi, Alberto; Musto, John

Label: Naxos

Series: Milken Archive of American Jewish Music

Genre: Choral - Sacred; Vocal

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.559421

Barcode: 0636943942123

Boxset: NMIL51

Release Date: 04/2004

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