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Classical Music Home > CORNELIUS, P.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 1 (Landshamer, M. Schafer, Hausmann, Veit)

CORNELIUS, P.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 1 (Landshamer, M. Schafer, Hausmann, Veit)


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CORNELIUS, P.: Lieder (Complete), Vol. 1 (Landshamer, M. Schafer, Hausmann, Veit)

Peter Cornelius thought of himself as a ‘Poet-Musician’ and almost all of his mature compositions were vocal. His early attachment to the New German school of Liszt and Wagner was strong but his songs, almost half of which were written in Weimar, retain a very personal quality. A gifted poet, he set a number of his own lyrics. With their colourful piano accompaniments, his songs possess economy, atmosphere and show an interest in cyclical writing. Whether mournful or, in the Rhenish Songs, exuberantly outgoing, they reveal his imaginative command of the medium. This is the first volume of Cornelius’ complete Lieder.

Cornelius, Peter
Cornelius, Peter, lyricist(s)

  6 Lieder, Op. 1
1.   No. 1. Untreu (Unfaithful) 00:01:13
2.   No. 2. Veilchen (Violet) 00:01:17
3.   No. 3. Wiegenlied (Lullaby) 00:02:08
4.   No. 4. Schmetterling (Butterfly) 00:02:00
5.   No. 5. Nachts (At Night) 00:02:01
6.   No. 6. Denkst Du an mich (Are You Thinking Of Me) 00:01:51
  Trauer und Trost (Mourning and Consolation), Op. 3
7.   No. 1. Trauer (Mourning) 00:02:29
8.   No. 2. Angedenken (Remembrance) 00:01:50
9.   No. 3. Ein Ton (A Note) 00:01:33
10.   No. 4. An den Traum (To the Dream) 00:01:54
11.   No. 5. Treue (Fidelity) 00:02:12
12.   No. 6. Trost (Consolation) 00:02:17
  Brautlieder (Bridal Songs)
13.   No. 1. Ein Myrthenreis (A Myrtle Twig) 00:01:51
14.   No. 2. Der Liebe Lohn (Love's Reward) 00:03:02
15.   No. 3. Vorabend (The Evening Before) 00:03:13
16.   No. 4. Erwachen (Am Morgen) (Awakening (in the Morning)) 00:02:34
17.   No. 5. Aus dem hohen Liede (From the Song of Songs) 00:02:40
18.   No. 6. Erfullung (Marchenwunder) (Fulfilment (Fairy - tale miracle)) 00:04:05
  An Bertha (To Bertha), Op. 15
19.   No. 1. Sei Mein! (Be mine!) 00:02:13
20.   No. 2. Wie lieb ich dich hab (How Much I Love You) 00:02:02
21.   No. 3. In der Ferne (Far Away) 00:02:57
22.   No. 4. Dein Bildnis (Your Picture) 00:02:33
  3 Rheinische Lieder (Rhenish Songs)
23.   No. 2. In der Ferne (Far Away) 00:03:23
  6 Lieder, Op. 5: No. 1. Botschaft (Message)
24.   6 Lieder, Op. 5: No. 1. Botschaft (Message) 00:01:55
  3 Rheinische Lieder (Rhenish Songs)
25.   No. 1. Am Rhein (By the Rhine) 00:01:49
26.   No. 3. Gedenken (Memory) 00:02:37
  3 Lieder, Op. 4
27.   No. 1. In Lust und Schmerzen (In Joy And In Pain) 00:02:56
28.   No. 2. Komm', wir wandeln zusammen im Mondschein (Come, Let Us Stroll Out Under The Moon) 00:02:19
29.   No. 3. Mocht' im Walde mit Dir geh'n (In The Forest I'd Walk With You) 00:03:27

Total Playing Time: 01:08:21

Cornelius, Peter

Cornelius, Peter

Hausmann, Mathias; Landshamer, Christina; Schäfer, Markus; Veit, Matthias

Label: Naxos

Genre: Vocal

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.572556

Barcode: 747313255672

Physical Release: 08/2013

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