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FILSELL, J. / BRIGGS, D.: Choral Music (Vasari Singers, Backhouse)



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About this Recording

FILSELL, J. / BRIGGS, D.: Choral Music (Vasari Singers, Backhouse)

This recording brings together two of today’s finest British organist/composers and includes specially commissioned works. Jeremy Filsell’s music is rooted in a long liturgical tradition and ranges from a poignant Epitaph to a Te Deum which recreates the spirit of William Walton’s glorious piece for the 1953 Coronation. David Briggs’s Pange lingua portrays the wonders of the Holy Communion in music, and his dramatic and grandiose Messe pour Saint-Sulpice also has moments of quiet, emotional profundity. The Vasari Singers’ Great British Anthems (8.572504) has been described as “essential listening” (Gramophone).

Filsell, Jeremy
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Tomorrow shall be my dancing day
1.   Play with flash player Tomorrow shall be my dancing day 00:03:37

Filsell, Jeremy

  Epitaph, "Here shadow lie"
2.   Play with flash player Epitaph, "Here shadow lie" 00:04:13

Filsell, Jeremy
Bible - Old Testament / Fletcher, Phineas, lyricist(s)

  If God build not the house
3.   Play with flash player If God build not the house 00:08:14

Filsell, Jeremy
Bible - New Testament, lyricist(s)

  Magnificat, "Windsor Service"
4.   Play with flash player Magnificat, "Windsor Service" 00:04:38
  Nunc Dimittis, "Windsor Service"
5.   Play with flash player Nunc Dimittis, "Windsor Service" 00:03:52
  The Transfiguration
6.   Play with flash player The Transfiguration 00:05:28

Filsell, Jeremy

  Te Deum, "Windsor Service"
7.   Play with flash player Te Deum, "Windsor Service" 00:09:25

Filsell, Jeremy
Bible - Old Testament, lyricist(s)

  Jubilate, "Windsor Service"
8.   Play with flash player Jubilate, "Windsor Service" 00:02:21

Briggs, David
Aquinas, Thomas, lyricist(s)

  Pange lingua
9.   Play with flash player Pange lingua 00:06:19

Briggs, David

  Organ Improvisation on Tantum Ergo
10.   Play with flash player Organ Improvisation on Tantum Ergo 00:04:54

Briggs, David
Mass Text, lyricist(s)

  Messe pour Saint-Sulpice
11.   Play with flash player Kyrie 00:05:33
12.   Play with flash player Gloria 00:09:27
13.   Play with flash player Sanctus 00:03:37
14.   Play with flash player Benedictus 00:03:06
15.   Play with flash player Agnus Dei 00:05:12

Total Playing Time: 01:19:56

Briggs, David; Filsell, Jeremy

Aquinas, Thomas; Bible - New Testament; Bible - Old Testament; Fletcher, Phineas; Mass Text; Traditional

Backhouse, Jeremy

Vasari Singers

Briggs, David; Filsell, Jeremy

Label: Naxos

Genre: Choral - Sacred; Choral - Secular; Instrumental

Catalogue No: 8.573111

Barcode: 747313311170

Release Date: 10/2013

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