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PINHO VARGAS, A.: Requiem / Judas (Gulbenkian Choir and Orchestra, J. Carneiro, Eldoro)



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PINHO VARGAS, A.: Requiem / Judas (Gulbenkian Choir and Orchestra, J. Carneiro, Eldoro)

Much decorated by his native country, António Pinho Vargas, originally best known for his jazz performances, is now one of Portugal’s leading classical composers. His instrumental and film music has won numerous awards, and his chamber works have been performed by some of the world’s leading ensembles. In turning to the sacred, Pinho Vargas has crafted music of moving declamatory power. He has organised Judas into five specific scenes with an epilogue, whilst the Requiem is a very personal and powerful reply, in the composer’s words, ‘to a history of numerous works of the past’.

Pinho Vargas, António
Mass Text, lyricist(s)

1.   Play with flash player Introitus 00:05:59
2.   Play with flash player Kyrie 00:01:14
3.   Play with flash player Dies Irae 00:04:43
4.   Play with flash player Confutactis, maledictis 00:01:59
5.   Play with flash player Lacrimosa 00:05:51
6.   Play with flash player Offertorium 00:03:26
7.   Play with flash player Sanctus 00:01:51
8.   Play with flash player Agnus Dei 00:02:58
9.   Play with flash player Libera me 00:04:48

Pinho Vargas, António
Bible - New Testament, lyricist(s)

  Judas (secundum Lucam, Johannem, Matthaeum et Marcum)
10.   Play with flash player Dies festus 00:06:11
11.   Play with flash player Ecce manus 00:04:50
12.   Play with flash player Domine, quis est 00:04:42
13.   Play with flash player Christus apprehenditur 00:04:40
14.   Play with flash player Prodotoris finis 00:04:06
15.   Play with flash player Se suspendit 00:03:12
16.   Play with flash player Scripturae (canone aeternum) 00:03:57

Total Playing Time: 01:04:27

Pinho Vargas, António

Bible - New Testament; Mass Text

Carneiro, Joana; Eldoro, Fernando

Gulbenkian Orchestra

Gulbenkian Choir

Label: Naxos

Genre: Choral - Sacred

Catalogue No: 8.573277

Barcode: 747313327775

Release Date: 10/2014

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