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Classical Music Home > MARTINŮ, B.: Songs, Vol. 4 - The White Dove (Hrochová, Koukl)

MARTINŮ, B.: Songs, Vol. 4 - The White Dove (Hrochová, Koukl)


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MARTINŮ, B.: Songs, Vol. 4 - The White Dove (Hrochová, Koukl)

The penultimate volume in this revelatory song series charts a twenty-year period during Bohuslav Martinů’s life. The early The Three Virgins, H 73 exudes an impressionist atmosphere enhanced by Martinů’s advanced harmonic language whilst the New Slovak Songs, H 126 was the result of a highly successful rapprochement between Czech and Slovak art, reflected in music of beauty and inventiveness. Nursery Rhymes, H283bis, though composed in perilous times, is full of wit and joy. American Record Guide wrote of Volume 3 (8.573387): ‘[Jana Hrochová] has a golden tone and crisp diction, and Koukl plays with warmth and clarity.’

Martinů, Bohuslav
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Nové slovenské písne (New Slovak songs), H. 126
1.   No. 1. Mat moja, mat moja (Mother mine) 00:02:30
2.   No. 2. Povedz že mi, povedz (Tell me, tell) 00:02:33
3.   No. 3. Co robíš, Hanka (What are you making, Hanka) 00:01:20
4.   No. 4. Ej, hora, hora… (Hey, mountain…) 00:03:08
5.   No. 5. Od Oravy dažd ide (Rain coming from Orava) 00:01:47
6.   No. 6. Povedz mi, moj najmilejší (Tell me, my beloved) 00:01:54
7.   No. 7. Ešte jednu sestru mám (I have another sister) 00:02:09
8.   No. 8. Mala som ja rukávce (I had a blouse…) 00:01:18
9.   No. 9. Vysoko zornicka (The morning star) 00:01:44
10.   No. 10. Ej, poznat je to, poznat (Hey, it shows…) 00:01:01
11.   No. 11. Oženil som sa ja (I've got married) 00:01:04
12.   No. 12. Zjedzte ma, vlcky (Eat me, wolves) 00:01:10
13.   No. 13. Stojí dievca u šentýša (The girl standing by the tap…) 00:01:11
14.   No. 14. Hore Váhom (Up the river Váh) 00:01:04
15.   No. 15. Hore Hronom (Up and down the river Hron) 00:02:51
16.   No. 16. V Trencianskej kasárni (At the barracks in Trencín) 00:00:58
17.   No. 17. Bože, Bože, co mám robit (God, what am I to do) 00:03:40
18.   No. 18. Hanulienka, Hanulienka (Little Hanna…) 00:03:02
19.   No. 19. Cie sa to ovecky (Whose sheep are these…) 00:01:10
20.   No. 20. Chlapovi je dobre (A man is fine…) 00:01:06
21.   No. 21. Never že mu, never… (Don't trust him, don't…) 00:00:48
22.   No. 22. Kopala studienku (She was digging a well) 00:01:16
23.   No. 23. Sedemdesiat sukien mala (She had seventy skirts) 00:01:03
24.   No. 24. Ej, lúka, lúka (Hey, meadow…) 00:04:31
25.   No. 25. Ej, mal som frajerku (Hey, I had a lover) 00:00:45
26.   No. 26. Holubienka biela (The white dove) 00:01:17
27.   No. 27. Spoza ciernej hory (From behind the black mountain…) 00:01:49
28.   No. 28. Povídajú ludé… (People are saying…) 00:02:33
29.   No. 29. Budzil som sa (I kept waking up) 00:00:48
30.   No. 30. Dievca z bielej hory (The girl from the white mountain) 00:01:14

Martinů, Bohuslav
Sova, Antonín, lyricist(s)

  Tri panny za svetlé noci (The Three Virgins), H. 73
31.   Tri panny za svetlé noci (The Three Virgins), H. 73 00:02:36

Martinů, Bohuslav
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Detská ríkadla (Nursery Rhymes), H. 283bis
32.   Detská ríkadla (Nursery Rhymes), H. 283bis 00:11:51

Total Playing Time: 01:07:11

Martinů, Bohuslav

Sova, Antonín; Traditional

Hrochová, Jana; Koukl, Giorgio

Label: Naxos

Genre: Vocal

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.573447

Barcode: 747313344772

Physical Release: 05/2016

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