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Classical Music Home > MARTINŮ, B.: Songs, Vol. 5 - Saltimbanques (Hrochová, Koukl)

MARTINŮ, B.: Songs, Vol. 5 - Saltimbanques (Hrochová, Koukl)


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MARTINŮ, B.: Songs, Vol. 5 - Saltimbanques (Hrochová, Koukl)

Bohuslav Martinů honed his songwriting craft in between composing larger orchestral works, his yearning for home reflected in the Four Songs to Czech Folk Texts written during desperate times in the Second World War. Sourced from previously unpublished manuscripts, this unique programme presents world premiere recordings of earlier songs written during summer holidays in Polička, as well as the Three Songs after Poems by Guillaume Apollinaire, long thought to be lost but miraculously unearthed just weeks before this recording. Pianist Giorgio Koukl regards these songs as similar to pearls, ‘born out of hardship, pain and discomfort and, after a while, becoming precious and admired’.

Martinů, Bohuslav
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Nový špalícek (New Anthology), H. 288 (Sung in Czech)
1.   No. 1. Bohatá milá (Rich Lover) 00:01:18
2.   No. 2. Opuštěný milý (Jilted Lover) 00:01:24
3.   No. 3. Touha (Longing) 00:01:01
4.   No. 4. Zviedavá dievča (A Wondering Girl) 00:01:11
5.   No. 5. Veselá dievča (A Merry Girl) 00:00:27
6.   No. 6. Smutný milý (Sad Lover) 00:02:40
7.   No. 7. Prosba (Entreaty) 00:01:30
8.   No. 8. Vysoká veža (A Tall Tower) 00:00:47
  Říkadla a písně na texty české lidové poezie (4 Songs to Czech Folk Texts), H. 282bis
9.   No. 1. Koníčky na ouhoře (Ponies on the Fallow Field) 00:01:06
10.   No. 2. Ztracený pantoflíček (My Little Lost Shoe) 00:00:43
11.   No. 3. Píseň nábožná (A Religious Song) 00:02:19
12.   No. 4. Pozvání (An Invitation) 00:01:05

Martinů, Bohuslav
Apollinaire, Guillaume / Nezval, Vítězslav, lyricist(s)

  3 Songs after Poems by G. Apollinaire, H. 197 (Sung in Czech)
13.   No. 1. La blanche neige (The White Snow) 00:01:16
14.   No. 2. L'Adieu (Farewell) 00:01:03
15.   No. 3. Saltimbanques (The Acrobats) 00:01:02

Martinů, Bohuslav
Liliencron, Detlev von, lyricist(s)

  Z dětství (From Childhood), H. 51
16.   Z dětství (From Childhood), H. 51 00:03:02

Martinů, Bohuslav
Erben, Karel Jaromir, lyricist(s)

  Čtyři dětské písně a říkadla (4 Children's Songs and Nursery Rhymes), H. 225
17.   No. 1. Ajne, zvajne, traje (One, two, three) 00:00:16
18.   No. 2. Vrkú, vrkú (Coo, coo) 00:00:19
19.   No. 3. Vstala, vstala (She got up, got up) 00:00:20
20.   No. 4. Má to hlavu jako kočka (It’s got a head like a cat) 00:00:15

Martinů, Bohuslav
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Koleda milostná (Carol of Love), H. 259
21.   Koleda milostná (Carol of Love), H. 259 00:01:06

Martinů, Bohuslav
Grossmannová-Brodská, Ludmila, lyricist(s)

  Opuštěná milá (The Jilted Maiden), H. 67
22.   Opuštěná milá (The Jilted Maiden), H. 67 00:01:53

Martinů, Bohuslav
Przerwa-Tetmajer, Kazimierz, lyricist(s)

  Jaškova zpěvánka (Jašek's Song), H. 37
23.   Jaškova zpěvánka (Jašek's Song), H. 37 00:02:11
  Mluv ke mně dál (Talk To Me Further), H. 66
24.   Mluv ke mně dál (Talk To Me Further), H. 66 00:02:02

Martinů, Bohuslav
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  2 Ballads to Folk Texts, H. 228
25.   No. 1. Putovali hudci (Traveling Fiddlers) 00:02:58
26.   No. 2. Sirota (The Orphan) 00:03:21

Martinů, Bohuslav
Heyduk, Adolf, lyricist(s)

  Ty píšeš mi (You Write to Me), H. 48
27.   Ty píšeš mi (You Write to Me), H. 48 00:04:15

Martinů, Bohuslav
Mucha, Jiří, lyricist(s)

  Přání mamince (Best Wishes to Mamma), H. 279bis
28.   Přání mamince (Best Wishes to Mamma), H. 279bis 00:01:18

Martinů, Bohuslav
Apollinaire, Guillaume / Chan, Yo Sun, lyricist(s)

  2 Songs, H. 213bis (Sung in Czech)
29.   No. 1. Chorý podzim (Sickly Autumn) 00:02:48
30.   No. 2. Květ broskví (Peach Blossom) 00:04:16

Martinů, Bohuslav
Gramont, Ferdinand de / Aicard, Jean / Xanrof, Léon, lyricist(s)

  Tři písničky k Vánocům (3 Songs for Christmas), H. 184bis
31.   No. 1. Kvočna (The Hen) 00:00:52
32.   No. 2. Kuře (The Chick) 00:00:55
33.   No. 3. Koťátko (The Kitten) 00:02:14

Martinů, Bohuslav

  Vocalise-Etude, H. 188
34.   Vocalise - Etude, H. 188 00:01:29

Total Playing Time: 00:54:42

Martinů, Bohuslav

Aicard, Jean; Apollinaire, Guillaume; Chan, Yo Sun; Erben, Karel Jaromir; Gramont, Ferdinand de; Grossmannová-Brodská, Ludmila; Heyduk, Adolf; Liliencron, Detlev von; Mucha, Jiří; Nezval, Vítězslav; Przerwa-Tetmajer, Kazimierz; Traditional; Xanrof, Léon

Hrochová, Jana; Koukl, Giorgio

Label: Naxos

Genre: Vocal

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.573823

Barcode: 747313382378

Physical Release: 03/2018

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