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Classical Music Home > ROSSINI: Mose in Egitto (1819 Naples version)

ROSSINI: Mose in Egitto (1819 Naples version)


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About this Recording

ROSSINI: Mose in Egitto (1819 Naples version)

Rossini’s Mosè in Egitto, described as an azione tragico-sacra, combines the biblical narrative of the release of Moses and the Israelites from Egypt, and a more characteristically operatic element in the love of Pharaoh’s son Osiride for the Hebrew girl Elcìa, making this also a typical conflict between love and duty. The piece was reworked in 1822 for Paris with new arias, but is given here in the slightly revised Italian version of 1819, which includes the famous Act 3 Preghiera of Moses.

Disc 1

Rossini, Gioachino
Tottola, Andrea Leone, lyricist(s)

  Mose in Egitto (1819 Naples version)
1.   Act I: Introduction - Ah! chi ne aita oh Ciel! (Chorus, Osiride, Amaltea, Faraone) 00:05:52
2.   Act I: Recitative: Mano ultrice di un Dio! (Faraone, Osiride, Amaltea, Mose, Aronne, Chorus) 00:03:33
3.   Act I: Eterno! Immenso! Incomprensibil Dio! (Mose, Tutti) 00:02:25
4.   Act I: Quintet: Celeste man placata! (Mose, Aronne, Amaltea, Faraone, Osiride) 00:04:03
5.   Act I: Egizi! - Faraone! (Aronne, Mose, Faraone, Osiride, Amaltea, Chorus) 00:04:34
6.   Act I: Recitative: E avete, avverse stelle (Osiride, Mambre, Elcia) 00:03:33
7.   Act I: Duet: Ah se puoi così lasciarmi (Osiride, Elcia) 00:07:47
8.   Act I: Recitative: Ah! Dov' e Faraon (Amaltea, Mambre, Faraone, Osiride) 00:03:22
9.   Act I: Aria: A rispettarmi apprenda (Faraone) 00:06:17
10.   Act I: All'etra, al Ciel, lieto Israel (Chorus, Aronne, Amenofi) 00:03:10
11.   Act I: Tutto mi ride intorno! (Elcia, Amenofi) 00:04:27
12.   Act I: Che narri - Il ver (Mose, Osiride, Mambre, Aronne, Chorus, Amaltea, Elcia, Amenofi, Faraone) 00:04:50
13.   Act I: Padre… Signor… (Osiride, Mose, Faraone, Amaltea, Elcia, Mambre, Aronne, Chorus) 00:03:28
14.   Act II: Recitative: Ecco in tua mano (Faraone, Aronne, Osiride) 00:02:36
15.   Act II: Duet: Parlar, spiegar non posso (Osiride, Faraone) 00:06:09
16.   Act II: Recitative: Gentil Regina, oh quanto (Mose, Amaltea) 00:01:57
17.   Act II: La pace mia smarrita (Amaltea, Chorus) 00:07:41

Disc 2

Rossini, Gioachino
Tottola, Andrea Leone, lyricist(s)

  Mose in Egitto (1819 Naples version)
1.   Act II: Recitative: Nuove sciagure, o mio german! (Aronne, Mose) 00:01:19
2.   Act II: Dove mi guidi Il mio timor dilegua… (Elcia, Osiride) 00:09:50
3.   Act II: Ah mira!… Oh Ciel! (Elcia, Osiride, Amaltea, Aronne) 00:03:30
4.   Act II: Mi manca la voce! (Elcia, Amaltea, Osiride, Aronne, Chorus) 00:06:24
5.   Act II: Recitative: Che potrai dir (Faraone, Mose) 00:03:01
6.   Act II: Dal Re de' Regi (Mose) 00:05:05
7.   Act II: Recitative: Oh Nume Osiri! (Faraone, Mambre, Amaltea, Osiride) 00:01:30
8.   Act II: Se a mitigar tue cure (Chorus, Faraone, Osiride, Mambre, Mose, Aronne, Elcia) 00:06:45
9.   Act II: Porgi la destra amata (Elcia, Osiride, Mose, Aronne, Faraone, Amenofi) 00:05:33
10.   Act II: E spento il caro bene! (Elcia, tutti) 00:04:03
11.   Act III: Recitative: Eccone in salvo, o figli (Mose, Elcia, Amenofi, Aronne) 00:02:58
12.   Act III: Prayer: Dal tuo stellato soglio (Mose, Amenofi, Chorus, Aronne, Elcia) 00:06:38
13.   Act III: Son fuggiti… oh Ciel! (Faraone, Mambre, Amenofi) 00:04:16

Total Playing Time: 02:16:36

Rossini, Gioachino

Tottola, Andrea Leone

Fogliani, Antonino

Stadtkapelle Bad Wildbad; Wurttemberg Philharmonic Orchestra

Naples San Pietro a Majella Conservatory Chorus

Adami, Filippo; Amou, Akie; Bandelow, Karen; Bevacqua, Rossella; Fedeli, Giuseppe; Gierlach, Wojtek; Regazzo, Lorenzo; Trucco, Giorgio

Label: Naxos

Series: Opera Classics

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.660220-21

Barcode: 730099622028

Physical Release: 12/2007

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