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Classical Music Home > MEYERBEER, G.: Crociato in Egitto (Il) (Maniaci, Ciofi, Vinco, Zennaro, Pasini, Teatro la Fenice, Villaume)

MEYERBEER, G.: Crociato in Egitto (Il) (Maniaci, Ciofi, Vinco, Zennaro, Pasini, Teatro la Fenice, Villaume)


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About this Recording

MEYERBEER, G.: Crociato in Egitto (Il) (Maniaci, Ciofi, Vinco, Zennaro, Pasini, Teatro la Fenice, Villaume)

Meyerbeer created his operas as vast, elaborate woven tapestries—showered with detail and colour—the result of years of painstaking work. This landmark recording of The Crusader in Egypt was made in January 2007 during a performance starring American male soprano Michael Maniaci and a cast of renowned Italian singers at the Teatro La Fenice, Venice, where this spectacular grand opera was premièred in 1824. One of 19th century opera’s long-forgotten major masterpieces, Il crociato was composed at the close of Meyerbeer’s Italian phase shortly before he embarked upon his triumphant career in Paris.

Disc 1

Meyerbeer, Giacomo
Rossi, Gaetano, lyricist(s)

  Il crociato in Egitto
1.   Act I Scene 1: Patria amata! (Chorus of Slaves, 2 Slaves) 00:10:19
2.   Act I Scene 1: I doni d'Elmireno (Palmide, Chorus of Slaves, Osmino, Aladino) 00:09:04
3.   Act I Scene 1: Ah! si: tutti i miei voti (Aladino, Palmide, Osmino) 00:02:07
4.   Act I Scene 1: Urridi vezzose (Chorus of Favourites) 00:04:28
5.   Act I Scene 2: Cessi, o miei fidi, la sorpresa (Armando) 00:04:16
6.   Act I Scene 2: E Palmide! … ella sola or manca (Armando, Palmide) 00:04:29
7.   Act I Scene 2: Ah! non ti son più cara (Palmide, Armando) 00:07:43
8.   Act I Scene 3: Vedi il legno, che al cielo vivente (Chorus of People, Felicia) 00:03:36
9.   Act I Scene 3: Popoli dell'Egitto (Felicia) 00:00:51
10.   Act I Scene 3: Pace io reco, a noi più grata (Felicia, Chorus of People) 00:04:19
11.   Act I Scene 3: Ah! più sorridere, labbro d'amore (Felicia, Chorus of People) 00:03:33
12.   Act I Scene 3: Tu, degli illustri cavalier di Rodi (Osmino, Felicia) 00:00:20
13.   Act I Scene 4: Tutto d'intorno tace omai (Adriano) 00:02:57
14.   Act I Scene 4: L'angustia mia, questa smania (Armando, Adriano) 00:02:46
15.   Act I Scene 4: Va': gia varcasti, indegno (Adriano, Armando) 00:04:42
16.   Act I Scene 4: Non sai quale incanto (Armando, Adriano) 00:07:42

Disc 2

Meyerbeer, Giacomo
Rossi, Gaetano, lyricist(s)

  Il crociato in Egitto
1.   Act I Scene 5: Quai rimembranze amare (Felicia, Alma, Palmide) 00:00:39
2.   Act I Scene 5: D'Armando Orville! … (Palmide, Felicia) 00:03:56
3.   Act I Scene 5: Giovinetto Cavalier (Felicia, Palmide, Armando) 00:12:18
4.   Act I Scene 5: Armando! … Armando! … (Palmide, Felicia, Alma, Armando) 00:01:53
5.   Act I Scene 6: Gran profeta, ognor dal ciel (Chorus of Imams, Chorus of Knights) 00:05:08
6.   Act I Scene 6: Invitto, illustre gran maestro (Aladino, Adriano, Felicia, Palmide, Armando, Osmino) 00:07:57
7.   Act I Scene 6: Sogni, e ridenti di pace (Armando, Palmide, Felicia, Adriano, Aladino, Osmino) 00:05:02
8.   Act I Scene 6: Ite, superbi (Aladino, Felicia, Adriano, Osminio, Chorus of Imams, Armando) 00:07:08
9.   Act II Scene 1: Ove, incauta, m'inoltro … (Felicia) 00:01:41
10.   Act II Scene 1: Ah! ch'io l'adoro ancor (Felicia, Osmino, Chorus of Emirs) 00:04:51
11.   Act II Scene 1: Come dolce a lusingarmi (Felicia, Osmino, Chorus of Emirs) 00:03:53
12.   Act II Scene 2: Aria: O solinghi recessi! (Palmide) 00:02:25
13.   Act II Scene 2: Tutto qui parla ognor (Palmide) 00:03:53
14.   Act II Scene 2: Ma ciel! … s'ei mai peri! (Palmide, Alma, Osmino, Aladino) 00:02:17
15.   Act II Scene 2: D'una madre disperata (Palmide) 00:04:58
16.   Act II Scene 2: A suoi pie, ai suoi pianti (Chorus of Emirs, Aladino, Palmide) 00:03:58

Disc 3

Meyerbeer, Giacomo
Rossi, Gaetano, lyricist(s)

  Il crociato in Egitto
1.   Act II Scene 2: A che mi chiami (Adriano, Aladino, Armando, Palmide) 00:03:03
2.   Act II Scene 3: In sen del nostro possente nume (Armando, Palmide, Adriano, Felicia) 00:04:11
3.   Act II Scene 3: O Cielo clemente (Armando, Palmide, Adriano, Felicia) 00:07:15
4.   Act II Scene 3: Che miro Oh cielo! (Aladino, Palmide, Armando, Adriano, Felicia, Osmino, Chorus of Emirs, Chorus of Guards) 00:03:08
5.   Act II Scene 3: Ah! questo e l'ultimo, crudele addio (Palmide, Armando, Adriano, Chorus of Emirs, Felicia, Aladino, Osmino) 00:03:50
6.   Act II Scene 3: Aladin, troppo ardente (Osmino) 00:00:52
7.   Act II Scene 4: Tutto e finito. E ancor pochi istanti (Adriano, Chorus of Knights) 00:07:45
8.   Act II Scene 4: Suona funerea l'ora di morte (Adriano, Chorus of Knights) 00:04:12
9.   Act II Scene 4: Guidati sian que' perfidi (Aladino, Adriano, Chorus of Knights) 00:00:53
10.   Act II Scene 4: L'acciar della fede ai prodi si chiede (Adriano, Chorus of Emirs, Chorus of Guards, Chorus of Knights, Aladino, Osmino) 00:03:50
11.   Act II Scene 4: O tu, divina fe de' padri miei (Armando) 00:03:25
12.   Act II Scene 4: Il di rinascera (Armando) 00:02:52
13.   Act II Scene 4: Sollecita, pietosa or tronchi morte (Armando, Felicia) 00:03:12
14.   Act II Scene 4: Con noi qual alto arcano!… (Chorus of Knights, Chorus of Saracens) 00:00:35
15.   Act II Scene 4: Primiero sul tiranno io piombero (Osmino, Adriano, Aladino, Chorus of Knights) 00:01:47
16.   Act II Scene 4: Ah! che fate! v'arrestate (Armando, Osmino, Chorus of Emirs, Adriano, Aladino, Chorus of Knights) 00:01:04
17.   Act II Scene 4: Rapito io sento il cor a tanto mio piacer… (Armando, Chorus of Knights) 00:04:25
18.   Act II Scene 4: Verrai meco di Provenza (Armando, Chorus of Knights) 00:02:42

Total Playing Time: 03:24:10

Meyerbeer, Giacomo

Rossi, Gaetano

Villaume, Emmanuel

Teatro la Fenice Orchestra

Teatro la Fenice Chorus

Ciofi, Patrizia; Favaron, Luca; Maniaci, Michael; Pasini, Silvia; Pedrini, Emanuele; Polverelli, Laura; Portari, Fernando; Vinco, Marco; Zennaro, Iorio

Label: Naxos

Series: Opera Classics

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.660245-47

Barcode: 730099024570

Physical Release: 03/2010

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