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Classical Music Home > PUCCINI, G.: Rondine (La) [Opera] (Puccini Festival, 2007)

PUCCINI, G.: Rondine (La) [Opera] (Puccini Festival, 2007)


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About this Recording

PUCCINI, G.: Rondine (La) [Opera] (Puccini Festival, 2007)

Although one of his most consistently lyrical operas, La rondine (The Swallow) remains one of Puccini’s least known. Dissatisfied with the result of his work, Puccini wrote three versions, with two different endings, and continued to make further revisions up to his death in 1924. The innovative 2007 production at the Torre del Lago Giacomo Puccini Festival, presented here, is in effect a fourth version, which combines Acts I and II of the first version (1917), with Lorenzo Ferrero’s 1994 orchestration of parts of the Finale of Act III of the incomplete third version (1921), some of which had survived only in piano score, as well as Ruggero’s Act I romanza, Parigi è la città dei desideri, from the second version (1920).


Disc 1

Puccini, Giacomo
Adami, Giuseppe, lyricist(s)

  La rondine
1.   Act I: Prelude 00:00:54
2.   Act I: Ah! no! no!… Non dite questo (Yvette, Bianca, Prunier, Magda, Lisette, Suzy, Rambaldo) 00:03:53
3.   Act I: Chi il bel sogno di Doretta (Prunier, Magda) 00:05:01
4.   Act I: No… adesso non burlatemi (Magda, Perichaud, Crebillon, Gobin, Rambaldo, Prunier, Yvette) 00:02:11
5.   Act I: Un momento scusi, ecco (Lisette, Rambaldo, Magda) 00:01:14
6.   Act I: Come fate a sopportarla (Prunier, Magda, Bianca, Yvette, Suzy) 00:01:08
7.   Act I: Denaro… denaro… nient'altro che denaro! (Magda, Bianca, Yvette, Suzy) 00:05:59
8.   Act I: E poi… Basta… E finito… (Yvette, Magda, Bianca, Suzy, Prunier) 00:03:16
9.   Act I: Ah! Ruggero Lastouc… (Rambaldo, Ruggero, Prunier, Yvette, Bianca, Suzy, Magda) 00:01:06
10.   Act I: Forse come la rondine (Prunier, Magda, Rambaldo, Ruggero) 00:00:58
11.   Act I: Parigi! (Ruggero) 00:02:30
12.   Act I: Poeta raffinato (Rambaldo, Prunier, Lisette, Yvette, Bianca, Suzy, Gobin, Crebillon, Magda) 00:03:20
13.   Act I: Buonasera (Rambaldo, Magda, All) 00:01:12
14.   Act I: …Forse come la rondine (Magda) 00:01:08
15.   Act I: T'amo… menti! (Prunier, Lisette) 00:03:25
16.   Act I: Ma si, chi mi riconoscerebbe (Magda) 00:01:57
17.   Act II: Via, su, presto! (Florists, Students, Waiters, Dressmakers, Young Men, Painters, Two Lovers, Grisettes, Drinkers, Adolfo, Georgette, A Young Man, Gabriella, Lolette) 00:02:13
18.   Act II: Chi e - Mai vista! - Esita! (Students, Magda) 00:02:19
19.   Act II: Scusatemi… scusate (Magda, Ruggero) 00:02:29
20.   Act II: Nella dolce carezza della danza (Magda, Ruggero, Chorus) 00:03:47
21.   Act II: Ti prego: dignita, grazia, contegno!… (Prunier, Lisette) 00:00:40
22.   Act II: Che caldo! Che sete! (Magda, Ruggero) 00:02:30
23.   Act II: Perche' mai cercate di saper (Magda, Ruggero, Adolfo, Rabonier, Chorus) 00:02:15
24.   Act II: Dio!… Lei!… Chi (Lisette, Prunier, Ruggero, Magda) 00:02:32
25.   Act II: Gia che il caso ci unisce (Ruggero, Magda, Lisette, Prunier) 00:00:23
26.   Act II: Bevo al tuo fresco sorriso (Ruggero, Magda, Lisette, Prunier, Chorus) 00:03:11
27.   Act II: Rambaldo! (Prunier, Magda, Lisette, Ruggero, Rambaldo, Chorus) 00:02:46
28.   Act II: Nella trepida luce d'un mattin (Soprano Voices) 00:00:57
29.   Act II: Paulette!… Un momento! (Ruggero, Magda) 00:03:05

Disc 2

Puccini, Giacomo
Adami, Giuseppe, lyricist(s)

  La rondine
1.   Act III: Prelude 00:03:25
2.   Act III: Ah!… Il nostro nido e nido di baci (Magda, Ruggero) 00:02:55
3.   Act III: Che c'e… chi e la (Magda, Ruggero, Fleury, Mariette, Roro) 00:01:29
4.   Act III: O mia povera cara… (Ruggero, Magda) 00:01:37
5.   Act III: Dimmi che vuoi seguirmi (Ruggero) 00:02:23
6.   Act III: Che più dirgli… (Magda) 00:00:51
7.   Act III: E qui Non so! (Lisette, Prunier) 00:04:07
8.   Act III: No! Non m'inganno (Lisette, Prunier, Servant) 00:01:39
9.   Act III: Ma come, voi vi ricordate ancora (Magda, Lisette, Prunier) 00:03:37
10.   Act III: Mi dia da fare subito! (Lisette, Magda) 00:00:50
11.   Act III: Che volete da me (Magda, Rambaldo) 00:01:42
12.   Act III: Son di moda a Parigi (Rambaldo) 00:01:04
13.   Act III: Lui!… Lui!… Vi supplico! (Magda, Ruggero) 00:02:09
14.   Act III: Non maledire, ascolta (Magda, Ruggero) 00:02:31
15.   Act III: O mia Lisette! (Magda, Lisette) 00:03:47

Total Playing Time: 01:42:25

Puccini, Giacomo

Adami, Giuseppe

Veronesi, Alberto

Puccini Festival Orchestra

Puccini Festival Chorus

Berrugi, Giorgio; Ciuffo, Fernando Luis; Dashuk, Maya; Giannino, Emanuele; Giossi, Marzio; Meozzi, Alessandra; Patucelli, Andrea; Sartori, Fabio; Vassileva, Svetla; Vestri, Annunziata; Volfson, Polina

Label: Naxos

Series: Opera Classics

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.660253-54

Barcode: 730099025379

Physical Release: 08/2009

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