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Classical Music Home > ROSSI, L.: Cleopatra (Sferisterio Opera Festival, 2008)

ROSSI, L.: Cleopatra (Sferisterio Opera Festival, 2008)


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About this Recording

ROSSI, L.: Cleopatra (Sferisterio Opera Festival, 2008)

First performed at the Teatro Regio, Turin, on 5 March 1876, Lauro Rossi’s penultimate opera Cleopatra caught the public’s attention in the wake of Verdi’s Aïda (1871). Like that better-known work, it contains some wonderful arias and set pieces, including a marvellous Act 1 banquet scene, Cleopatra’s Act 2 aria, the thrilling ensemble that closes Act 3, and the confrontation between Cleopatra and Octavian in Act 4, all making for compelling listening. From the brooding opening scene in which Diomedes foretells the fall of Egypt to Cleopatra’s death scene, this gripping grand opera by one of Italy’s forgotten masters springs vividly to life in this revival recorded at the 2008 Macerata Sferisterio Festival.


Disc 1

Rossi, Lauro
D'Arienza, Marco, lyricist(s)

1.   Act I: Qui suoneran tra poco (Diomede, Chorus of Priests) 00:05:11
2.   Act I: Il zeffiro mite (Chorus of Female Slaves, Chorus of Priests, Diomede, Cleopatra, Antonio) 00:04:49
3.   Act I: Dunque, fra le tenebre … (Diomede) 00:01:11
4.   Act I: Alla minaccia fiera crudele (Diomede) 00:02:27
5.   Act I: L'ore che fuggono (Chorus of Female Slaves, Nobles and Princes) 00:03:19
6.   Act I: A te d'appresso (Antonio, Cleopatra, Chorus of Nobles and Princes) 00:02:06
7.   Act I: Libo alle notti (Antonio, Chorus of Nobles and Princes, Cleopatra, A Slave, Proculejo, Chorus of Female Slaves) 00:07:09
8.   Act II: Lieto un raggio (Carmiana, Chorus of Slaves, Cleopatra) 00:03:53
9.   Act II: Oracoli mendaci! (Cleopatra) 00:03:02
10.   Act II: Io de' venti vorrei l'audace (Cleopatra) 00:04:54
11.   Act II: Tu! … Si! … Da me che vuoi (Cleopatra, Diomede) 00:05:18
12.   Act II: E credi tu d'Antonio (Diomede, Cleopatra) 00:04:35

Disc 2

Rossi, Lauro
D'Arienza, Marco, lyricist(s)

1.   Act III: Di gemme fulgide (Chorus of Maidens, Ottavia) 00:03:43
2.   Act III: Mentre le dolci immagini (Ottavia, Chorus of Maidens) 00:03:01
3.   Act III: Suora diletta! … Ottavia all'ara (Cesare, Antonio, Ottavia) 00:01:22
4.   Act III: Muovi o suora (Cesare, Chorus of Maidens, Antonio, Ottavia) 00:03:01
5.   Act III: T'affrena o cor (Cesare) 00:01:17
6.   Act III: Non basta a me (Cesare) 00:03:21
7.   Act III: Cinto di nubi (Ottavia, Antonio, Cesare, Proculejo, Diomede, Cleopatra) 00:03:13
8.   Act III: Dunque, indegno all'amor mio (Cleopatra, Antonio, Diomede, Ottavia, Cesare, Proculejo, Chorus of Romans) 00:05:33
9.   Act III: Ah no!... Che tenti (Cleopatra, Antonio, Cesare, Diomede, Ottavia, Proculejo, Chorus of Romans) 00:04:02
10.   Act IV: Azio! … Tremendo nome (Antonio) 00:02:06
11.   Act IV: In ripensar le vittime cadute (Antonio, Chorus of Egyptian Soldiers) 00:03:17
12.   Act IV: Amici … Il popolo al tuo rivale inneggia! (Antonio, Chorus of Egyptian Soldiers) 00:03:24
13.   Act IV: Al tetro spettacolo di sangue (Cleopatra, Carmiana) 00:03:19
14.   Act IV: Regina! … Grazia ti rendo (Cesare, Cleopatra) 00:02:46
15.   Act IV: Che rechi mai (Cesare, Proculejo, Cleopatra) 00:04:06
16.   Act IV: A Roma! No, non mai (Cleopatra, Diomede, Cesare, Proculejo, Chorus of Roman Soldiers and People) 00:03:25
17.   Act IV: Mirate! Di gioia esultante (Cleopatra, Diomede, Cesare, Proculejo, Chorus of Roman Soldiers and People) 00:06:16

Total Playing Time: 01:45:06

Rossi, Lauro

D'Arienza, Marco

Crescenzi, David

Marchigiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Coro Lirico Marchigiano V. Bellini

Carraro, Tiziana; Catana, Sebastian; Corro, William; Gardina, Paola; Liberatore, Alessandro; Medici, Giacomo; Pecchioli, Paolo; Theodossiou, Dimitra

Label: Naxos

Series: Opera Classics

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: 8.660291-92

Barcode: 730099029179

Physical Release: 03/2011

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