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Classical Music Home > MONSIGNY, P.-A.: Roi et le fermier (Le) (The King and the Farmer) [Comic Opera] (Opera Lafayette, Brown)

MONSIGNY, P.-A.: Roi et le fermier (Le) (The King and the Farmer) [Comic Opera] (Opera Lafayette, Brown)


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About this Recording
A Pilgrim’s Progress – Jeremy Siepmann talks to the conductor Ryan Brown

MONSIGNY, P.-A.: Roi et le fermier (Le) (The King and the Farmer) [Comic Opera] (Opera Lafayette, Brown)

Le Roi et le fermier made Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny famous in France and beyond. Set in an evocative and at times stormy Sherwood Forest it tells of a King’s encounter with a humble farmer, blending comedy with serious issues. Its numerous innovations foreshadow Romanticism, making it a milestone in operatic history, with librettist Michel-Jean Sedaine admiring Monsigny’s daring in taking “the risk of setting a new genre to music”. “This production should be noted and remembered in the annals of Versailles, for the intelligence of its staging, the beauty of its sets, and its high musical quality.” (Opéra Magazine)

Monsigny, Pierre-Alexandre
Sedaine, Michel-Jean, lyricist(s)

  Le roi et le fermier
1.   Ouverture 00:04:18
2.   Act I Scene 1: Ariette: Je ne sais a quoi me resoudre (Richard) 00:04:10
3.   Act I Scene 4: Ariette: Ami, laisse la la tendresse (Rustaut) 00:02:03
4.   Act I Scene 5: Ariette: D'elle - meme et sans effort (Richard) 00:03:39
5.   Act I Scene 6: Duo: Non, non vous ne m'avez jamais traitee ainsi (Betsy, Richard) 00:02:18
6.   Act I Scene 8: Ariette: Le Milord m'offre des richesses (Jenny) 00:03:11
7.   Act I Scene 8: Ariette: Ce que je dis est la verite meme (Jenny) 00:03:08
8.   Act I Scene 10: Duo: Ah! Richard. Ah! Mon cher ami (Richard, Jenny) - Trio: Ah! Richard. Ah! Mon cher ami (Richard, Jenny, Betsy) 00:04:42
9.   Entr'acte, "Orage" 00:02:09
10.   Act II Scene 1: Duo: Tu resistes, tu te defends (Rustaut, Charlot) 00:01:38
11.   Act II Scene 2: Recitative et Ariette: Dans les combats (Le Roi) 00:06:37
12.   Act II Scene 4: Duo: Ah ciel! Ah si c'etait le roi! (Lurewel, Courtisan) 00:01:46
13.   Act II Scene 4: Ariette: Un fin chasseur qui suit (Lurewel) 00:02:38
14.   Act II Scene 5: Quartet: Avance, suis moi - J'entends du bruit (Rustaut, Charlot, Lurewel, Courtisan) 00:01:42
15.   Entr'acte, "Air de Chasse" 00:00:37
16.   Act III Scene 1: Trio: Lorsque j'ai mon tablier blanc (Betsy, Jenny, La Mere) 00:04:24
17.   Act III Scene 4: Ariette: Monsieur, monsieur (La Mere) 00:02:26
18.   Act III Scene 5: Trio: Ah! ma tante (Jenny, La Mere, Betsy) 00:02:08
19.   Act III Scene 8: Ariette: Il regardait mon bouquet (Betsy) 00:02:13
20.   Act III Scene 9: Duo: Un instant - Il m'attend (Jenny, Richard) 00:01:47
21.   Act III Scene 12: Romance: Que le soleil dans la plaine (Jenny) 00:03:05
22.   Act III Scene 12: Ariette: Ce n'est qu'ici, ce n'est qu'au village (Richard) 00:02:58
23.   Act III Scene 12: Ariette: Le Bonheur est de le repandre (Le Roi) 00:02:33
24.   Act III Scene 14: Septet: Le Roi, le Roi (Richard, Rustaut, Charlot, La Mere, Betsy, Courtisan, Lurewel, Le Roi) 00:01:42
25.   Act III Scene 16: Chorus: Que du ciel la bonte supreme (Rustaut, Charlot, La Mere, Betsy, Jenny, Richard) 00:04:18

Total Playing Time: 01:12:10

Monsigny, Pierre-Alexandre

Sedaine, Michel-Jean

Brown, Ryan

Opera Lafayette Orchestra

Allen, Thomas Michael; Boutte, Tony; Dolié, Thomas; Doren, Yulia van; Labelle, Dominique; Newman, David; Sharp, William; Thompson, Jeffrey; Ziegler, Delores

Label: Naxos

Series: Opera Classics

Genre: Opera

Period: Classical

Catalogue No: 8.660322

Barcode: 730099032278

Physical Release: 08/2013

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