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Classical Music Home > RAVEL, M.: Enfant et les sortilèges (L') / Ma mère l'oye (Hébrard, Galou, Pasturaud, Fouchécourt, Lyon National Orchestra, Slatkin)

RAVEL, M.: Enfant et les sortilèges (L') / Ma mère l'oye (Hébrard, Galou, Pasturaud, Fouchécourt, Lyon National Orchestra, Slatkin)


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RAVEL, M.: Enfant et les sortilèges (L') / Ma mère l'oye (Hébrard, Galou, Pasturaud, Fouchécourt, Lyon National Orchestra, Slatkin)

Ravel’s opera L’Enfant et les sortilèges captures an imaginative child’s world in which the creatures and objects around him come to life. Wittily portrayed in Colette’s inventive libretto and by Ravel’s meticulous orchestration, furniture, crockery and animals alike are at first provoked by the child’s appalling behaviour, finally helping him after he bandages the squirrel’s paw he had previously pricked with his pen. The unforgettably enchanting Mother Goose translates well-known fairytales into music, including the gently melodic Sleeping Beauty’s Pavane, her conversation with the gruffest of beasts, and a final blessing in The Fairy Garden.

Ravel, Maurice
Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle, lyricist(s)

  L'enfant et les sortileges
1.   Part I: J'ai pas envie de faire ma page (L'enfant) 00:02:20
2.   Part I: Bebe a été sage (Mama) 00:01:13
3.   Part I: Ca m'est egal (L'enfant) 00:01:11
4.   Part I: Votre serviteur, humble Bergere (The Armchair, The Bergere) 00:01:47
5.   Part I: Ding, ding, ding, ding (The Clock, L'enfant) 00:01:32
6.   Part I: How's your mug (The Tea Pot, The Chinese Cup) 00:00:51
7.   Part I: Keng - ca - fou, Mah - jong (The Chinese Cup, The Tea Pot) 00:01:40
8.   Part I: Oh! Ma belle tasse chinoise (L'enfant) 00:00:41
9.   Part I: Arriere! Je rechauffe les bons (The Fire, L'enfant) 00:02:43
10.   Part I: Adieu, pastourelles (The Shepherds, The Shepherdesses, A Shepherd, A Shepherdess) 00:03:14
11.   Part I: Ah! C'est Elle! C'est Elle! (L'enfant, The Princess) 00:05:11
12.   Part I: Toi, le coeur de la rose (L'enfant) 00:01:39
13.   Part I: Deux robinets coulent dans un reservoir! (Arithmetic Man, L'enfant, The Numbers) 00:01:49
14.   Part I: Oh! Ma tete! Ma tete! (L'enfant) 00:01:12
15.   Part I: Musical duet of mewings (The Black Cat, The White Cat) 00:01:30
16.   Part II: Music of insects, of frogs, of toads, … (Chorus) 00:01:28
17.   Part II: Ah! Quelle joie de te retrouver, Jardin! (L'enfant, The Tree, Other Trees) 00:01:41
18.   Part II: Ou est tu Je te cherche… (The Dragonfly, The Nightingale, L'enfant) 00:01:43
19.   Part II: Rends - la - moi (The Bat, L'enfant) 00:00:41
20.   Part II: Danse des Rainettes 00:02:11
21.   Part II: Sauve - toi, sotte! Et la cage La cage (The Squirrel, The Frog, L'enfant) 00:00:49
22.   Part II: La cage, c'etait pour mieux voir ta prestesse (L'enfant, The Squirrel) 00:01:54
23.   Part II: Ah! C'est l'enfant au couteau! (The Beasts, The Trees) 00:00:39
24.   Part II: Il a panse la plaie (The Beasts) 00:02:25
25.   Part II: Il est bon, l'enfant, il est sage (The Beasts, L'enfant) 00:02:37

Ravel, Maurice

  Ma mere l'oye (Mother Goose)
26.   Prelude 00:03:30
27.   Tableau I: Danse du Rouet et Scene 00:03:22
28.   Tableau II: Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant 00:02:33
29.   Tableau III: Les entretiens de la Belle et de la Bete 00:04:47
30.   Tableau IV: Petit Poucet 00:04:34
31.   Tableau V: Laideronnette, Imperatrice des Pagodes 00:04:50
32.   Tableau VI: Le jardin feerique 00:03:35

Total Playing Time: 01:11:52

Ravel, Maurice

Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle

Slatkin, Leonard

Lyon National Orchestra

Choeur Britten and Jeune Choeur symphonique; Maitrise de l'Opera National de Lyon

Barrard, Marc; Courjal, Nicolas; Fouchécourt, Jean-Paul; Galou, Delphine; Hebrard, Helene; Massis, Annick; Pasturaud, Julie; Perruche, Ingrid

Label: Naxos

Series: Opera Classics

Genre: Ballet; Opera

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: 8.660336

Barcode: 730099033671

Physical Release: 10/2015

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