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KARCHIN, L.: Romulus [Opera] (Thurman, Ebel, Meglioranza, Wilbur, Washington Square Ensemble, Karchin)



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KARCHIN, L.: Romulus [Opera] (Thurman, Ebel, Meglioranza, Wilbur, Washington Square Ensemble, Karchin)

Alexandre Dumas père’s light-hearted tale of dubious paternity and political intrigue set in the Austrian Tyrol forms the basis for American composer Louis Karchin’s comic opera Romulus. Full of surprises and delights, well-rounded characters and a lively sense of theatricality, Romulus boasts memorable music. ‘While studying opera, I was intrigued by how effortlessly Strauss and Wagner could attain a seamless flow,’ notes Karchin, ‘and I tried to emulate this.’ The Washington Square Ensemble, praised for its ‘polished, lively performance’ (The New York Times) is joined by a cast of first-class singers conducted by the composer.

Karchin, Louis
Dumas (pere), Alexandre / Shaw, Barnett, lyricist(s)

1.   Play with flash player My philosopher and my astronomer are as busy as always (Martha, Celestus, Wolf) 00:03:45
2.   Play with flash player Sister, would you like to bet there is something that Wolf noticed… (Celestus, Martha, Wolf) 00:02:07
3.   Play with flash player What reasons (Martha, Celestus, Wolf) 00:03:00
4.   Play with flash player I don't detest the mayor, poor fellow (Celestus, Martha, Wolf) 00:03:10
5.   Play with flash player Fine advice to be giving my sister (Celestus, Wolf, Martha) 00:06:50
6.   Play with flash player This system of two clocks is a very ingenious one (Wolf, Celestus) 00:03:36
7.   Play with flash player What was that (Celestus, Wolf) 00:05:51
8.   Play with flash player What's going on I hear a baby crying (Martha, Celestus, Wolf) 00:03:08
9.   Play with flash player Martha, I have no home except this one… (Wolf, Martha, Celestus) 00:04:44
10.   Play with flash player Stop where you are! (Mayor, Celestus) 00:03:54
11.   Play with flash player A thousand pardons (Mayor, Celestus) 00:04:10
12.   Play with flash player I named him, yes (Celestus, Mayor, Wolf) 00:06:42
13.   Play with flash player Damn him! (Celestus, Wolf, Martha, Mayor) 00:07:07
14.   Play with flash player What is it now (Martha, Celestus, Wolf) 00:04:07
15.   Play with flash player Pardon me, Martha (Wolf, Martha, Celestus) 00:04:48
16.   Play with flash player Good Gertrude, she told him everything (Martha, Celestus, Wolf) 00:04:28

Total Playing Time: 01:11:27

Karchin, Louis

Dumas (pere), Alexandre; Shaw, Barnett

Karchin, Louis

Washington Square Ensemble

Ebel, Steven; Meglioranza, Thomas; Pauley, Wilbur; Thurman, Katrina

Label: Naxos

Series: Opera Classics

Genre: Opera

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: 8.669030

Barcode: 730099903073

Release Date: 06/2011

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