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SZYMANOWSKI, K.: King Roger [Opera] (Kaspszyk)


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SZYMANOWSKI, K.: King Roger [Opera] (Kaspszyk)

Szymanowski, Karol
Iwaszkiewicz, Jaroslaw, lyricist(s)

  Krol Roger (King Roger), Op. 46
1.   Act I: In the Church: Hagios! Hagios! (Holy! Holy!) (Chorus, Archbishop) 00:02:45
2.   Act I: Entry of the King and Court: Boze, poblogoslaw! (Lord, Be Gracious to Him!) (Chorus, Tenor, Archbishop, Deaconess) 00:02:20
3.   Act I: Czys styszal (What Do You Say) (Roger, Edirisi, Archbishop, Deaconess, Chorus, Roxana) 00:04:12
4.   Act I: The Shepherd Appears: Oto bluznierca! (Wretched Blasphemer!) (Chorus, Roger, Shepherd, Archbishop, Deaconess, Roxana) 00:01:24
5.   Act I: Moj Bog jest piekny (My God is Young and Handsome) (Shepherd, Chorus) 00:03:49
6.   Act I: W jego usmiechu! (His Smiling Face!) (Roxana, Roger, Shepherd, Chorus, Deaconess, Archbishop, Edirisi) 00:03:42
7.   Act I: Niech odejdzie Pasterz (He Must Go, the Shepherd) (Roger, Roxana, Chorus, Shepherd) 00:05:16
8.   Act II: Prelude 00:01:53
9.   Act II: The Inner Courtyard of the Palace - Introduction: Niepokoj bladych gwiazd (How Pale the Stars Shine) (Roger, Chorus, Edirisi) 00:05:12
10.   Act II: A…! Roksana! Jej spiew! (Roxana, Roger, Edirisi, Chorus) 00:04:11
11.   Act II: Ktos mglisty przeszedl (A Shadow Passed There) (Roger, Edirisi, Guards, Shepherd) 00:01:10
12.   Act II: O przychodze sam (See, I Have Come to You) (Shepherd, Roger) 00:04:43
13.   Act II: A, uspij swoj lek i gniew (Ah, Set Aside Anger and Wrath) (Roxana, Shepherd, Roger, Idirisi) 00:02:56
14.   Act II: Tajemnych glebin (With this Hand I Wake the Deep Secret) (Shepherd) 00:02:29
15.   Act II: Dance of the Shepherd's Followers 00:01:33
16.   Act II: Entrance of Roxane: A…! W radosnym tancu (Chorus, Roxana, Shepherd, Roger) 00:01:56
17.   Act II: Soldiers Seize the Shepherd: Kto smie moj czar (Who Would Bind Me) (Shepherd, Roxana, Chorus) 00:02:14
18.   Act II: Sluchajcie … W ciszy nocy (Hear … in the Silence of the Night) (Shepherd, Roxana, Chorus, Roger, Idirisi) 00:05:20
19.   Act III: Prelude 00:01:39
20.   Act III: The Ruins of a Greek Theatre - Introduction: Wokol martwota glazow (Only Dead Stone Around) (Roger, Edirisi) 00:04:37
21.   Act III: Rogerze! Rogerze! (Roger! Roger!) (Roxana, Edirisi, Roger, Shepherd, Chorus, Soprano, Tenor) 00:01:43
22.   Act III: Na sad, na sad (Yield to Justice, King) (Chorus, Roger, Shepherd, Edirisi, Roxana) 00:05:12
23.   Act III: Syc ofiarny, wartki plomien! (Roxana, Roger, Shepherd, Chorus, Edirisi) 00:04:18
24.   Act III: Edrisi, juz swit! (Edrisi, day dawns!) (Roger) 00:01:37
25.   Act III: Slonce! Slonce! (The Sun! The Sun!) (Roger) 00:02:38

Total Playing Time: 01:18:49

Szymanowski, Karol

Iwaszkiewicz, Jaroslaw

Kaspszyk, Jacek

Polish National Opera Orchestra

Alla Polacca Choir; Polish National Opera Chorus

Beczała, Piotr; Drabowicz, Wojtek; Dunin-Borkowski, Maciej; Kabala, Justyna; Pasichnyk, Olga; Szmyt, Krzysztof; Tesarowicz, Romuald; Toczyska, Stefania; Wroblewski, Ryszard

Label: CD Accord

Genre: Opera

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: CDAccordACD131

Barcode: 5902176501310

Physical Release: 2003

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