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MENOTTI: The Medium



MENOTTI: The Medium

Menotti, Gian Carlo
Menotti, Gian Carlo, lyricist(s)

  The Medium
1.   Act I: Introduction 00:01:38
2.   Act I: "Where, oh, where" (Monica) 00:01:56
3.   Act I: "Be careful, Baba's coming!" (Monica) 00:01:13
4.   Act I: "Where have you been all night" (Monica) 00:00:48
5.   Act I: "Get ready! Hurry!" (Baba) 00:00:38
6.   Act I: "Good evening, Madame Flora" (Mrs. Gobineau) 00:00:33
7.   Act I: "Is this the first time" (Mrs. Gobineau) 00:01:38
8.   Act I: "It Happened long ago" (Mrs. Gobineau) 00:02:07
9.   Act I: "It's time to begin" (Baba) 00:00:55
10.   Act I: "You must be very silent" (Mr. Gobineau) 00:01:12
11.   Act I: "Mother, mother, are you there" (Monica) 00:01:13
12.   Act I: "Doodly, doodly, are you happy" (Mrs. Nolan) 00:00:48
13.   Act I: "Mummy, Mummy dear" (Monica) 00:02:32
14.   Act I: "Mother, mother, are you there" (Monica) 00:00:48
15.   Act I: "Send my son to me... " (Mr. Gobineau) 00:01:14
16.   Act I: "What is it Who is it" (Baba) 00:01:16
17.   Act I: "But why be afraid" (Mr. Gobineau) 00:00:36
18.   Act I: "Baba, what has happened" (Monica) 00:01:22
19.   Act I: "Where is Toby" (Baba) 00:01:32
20.   Act I: "The Sun has fallen" (Monica) 00:02:08
21.   Act I: "The spools unravel" (Monica) 00:01:56
22.   Act I: "Oh God! What is happening to me" (Baba) 00:01:46
23.   Act II: Introduction 00:02:12
24.   Act II: "Bravo!" (Monica) 00:01:25
25.   Act II: "What is the matter Toby" (Monica) 00:03:57
26.   Act II: Baba's entrance 00:01:47
27.   Act II: "Toby, you know that I love you" (Baba) 00:01:40
28.   Act II: "But first you must tell me" (Baba) 00:01:47
29.   Act II: "Perhaps it was not you after all" (Baba) 00:01:54
30.   Act II: "Good evening, Madame Flora" (Mrs. Gobineau; Mrs. Nolan) 00:02:05
31.   Act II: "Not to know my daughter's own voice" (Mrs. Nolan) 00:01:00
32.   Act II: "Please let us have our seance, Madame Flora" (The Gobineaus; Mrs. Nolan) 00:00:57
33.   Act II: "And you, you too get out" (Baba) 00:01:22
34.   Act II: Toby's exit 00:00:56
35.   Act II: "Mother, mother, are you there" (Girl's Voice) 00:01:03
36.   Act II: "Afraid, am I afraid" (Baba) 00:02:35
37.   Act II: "The dead never come back" (Baba) 00:01:54
38.   Act II: "O God, forgive my sins" (Baba) 00:02:40
39.   Act II: "Who's there" (Babay) 00:00:54
40.   Act II: "I've killed the ghost!" (Baba) 00:01:40

Total Playing Time: 01:01:37

Menotti, Gian Carlo

Menotti, Gian Carlo

Rapchak, Lawrence

Chicago Opera Theater Ensemble

Castle, Joyce; Graaff, Peter Van de; Landis, Barbara; Lind, Joanna; Michaels Bedi, Patrice; Ragains, Diane

Label: Cedille

Genre: Opera

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: CDR90000-034

Barcode: 735131903424

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