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TCHAIKOVSKY: Cherevichki (The Little Shoes)


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TCHAIKOVSKY: Cherevichki (The Little Shoes)

Disc 1

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
Polonsky, Yakov Petrovich, lyricist(s)

  Cherevichki, Op. 4
1.   Overture 00:11:39
2.   Act I Scene 1: Duet: Ah, how silvery the moon shines, how clearly and far we can see! (Solocha, Bes) 00:08:24
3.   Act I Scene 1: She's got really warmed up, she's shaken, she's on fire! (Bes, Solocha, Chorus of Spirits, Cub, Panas) 00:09:28
4.   Act I Scene 2: Aria: Just look at the snowstorm! (Oksana) 00:01:59
5.   Act I Scene 2: A little apple tree was blossoming in the garden, it was in flower but it has withered (Oksana) 00:06:27
6.   Act I Scene 2: Scene: She never takes her eyes off herself, and then she even praises her own beauty out loud! (Vakula, Oksana) 00:06:23
7.   Act I Scene 2: Scene: Just look at you! (Oksana, Cub, Vakula) 00:01:41
8.   Act I Scene 2: Scene and Duet: What's all this noise (Oksana, Vakula) 00:06:23
9.   Act I Scene 2: Last Scene: If only people were a bit more intelligent, a bit more perspicacious, a bit braver … (Oksana, Vakula, Chorus of Youngsters, Chorus, The Girls) 00:06:14

Disc 2

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
Polonsky, Yakov Petrovich, lyricist(s)

  Cherevichki, Op. 4
1.   Act II Scene 1: Intermezzo 00:01:34
2.   Act II Scene 1: Scene: The storm has swept my broomstick away (Solocha, Bes) 00:05:55
3.   Act II Scene 1: Scene: Now that's what I call snow! (Golova, Solocha) 00:03:26
4.   Act II Scene 1: Scene: Is anyone in (Schoolmaster, Solocha) 00:03:00
5.   Act II Scene 1: Song: A woman runs after the devil, she has made friends with the accursed (Schoolmaster, Solocha) 00:04:08
6.   Act II Scene 1: Scene: Greetings! (Cub, Solocha, Vakula) 00:02:32
7.   Act II Scene 1: Quintet: I don't feel well … (Schoolmaster, Solocha, Bes, Golova, Cub, Vakula) 00:01:37
8.   Act II Scene 1: Arioso: A year has gone by and here they are calling me again to go and sing the koljakdki (Vakula) 00:03:31
9.   Act II Scene 2: Good evening! Good evening! (Chorus, Old Men and Women) 00:06:09
10.   Act II Scene 2: Scene and Song: Oksana, why are you so late (Chorus, Oksana, Vakula) 00:07:21
11.   Act II Scene 2: My shoes aren't very big (Oksana, Chorus) 00:03:19
12.   Act II Scene 2: Last Scene: Ah, Vakula, you're here again (Oksana, Vakula, Chorus, Cub) 00:05:56

Disc 3

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
Polonsky, Yakov Petrovich, lyricist(s)

  Cherevichki, Op. 4
1.   Act III Scene 1: Intermezzo 00:02:50
2.   Act III Scene 1: Scene: It is dark, too dark (Chorus of Undines, Wood Spirit) 00:04:33
3.   Act III Scene 1: Scene and Song: Where have I come to To the river (Vakula, Echo) 00:01:09
4.   Act III Scene 1: Scene and Song: Who knows, my girl, if your heart can feel my pain, my terrible pain (Vakula, Bes) 00:06:26
5.   Act III Scene 2: We are there (Bes, Vakula, An Old Cossack, Chorus, Guard) - Scene 3: Polonaise: Have I reached heaven (Vakula, Master of Ceremonies, Chorus of Cossacks, His Serene Highness … ) 00:09:52
6.   Act III Scene 3: Song: Before we start the dances, allow me, my friends, to declaim an ode (His Serene Highness, Chorus of Courtiers, Chorus) 00:06:30
7.   Act III Scene 3: Minuet: Did you have a good journey (His Serene Highness, Chorus of Cossacks, Vakula) 00:03:40
8.   Act III Scene 3: Russian Dance 00:04:43
9.   Act III Scene 3: Cossack Dance 00:03:21
10.   Act III Scene 3: In the Czarina's family theatre they are about to start a play with a song … (Master of Ceremonies, Bes, Vakula) 00:02:43
11.   Act IV Scene 1: Duet: Some say he threw himself into the river! (Solocha, Oksana) 00:04:52
12.   Act IV Scene 1: Finale: We invite you to our house (Chorus of Women, Oksana, Chorus, Chorus of Men) 00:03:09
13.   Act IV Scene 1: If you want to drink honey, come with us to the Jewess's house! (Chorus, Cub, Golova, Panas, Solocha, Vakula) 00:07:07
14.   Act IV Scene 1: Strong winds, do not blow in the thick woods (Chorus, Oksana, Solocha, Vakula, Cub) 00:06:27

Total Playing Time: 02:54:28

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich

Polonsky, Yakov Petrovich

Rozhdestvensky, Gennady

Teatro Lirico Orchestra

Teatro Lirico Chorus

Bonavita, Fabio; Cernoch, Pavel; Morosova, Ekaterina; Ognovenko, Vladimir; Okenko, Vladimir; Osipov, Grigory; Popov, Valeri; Prolat, Valentin; Schagidullin, Albert; Semciuk, Ludmila; Tumanyan, Barseg; Zahradnicek, Frantisek

Label: Dynamic

Genre: Opera

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: CDS287

Barcode: 8007144602871

Physical Release: 2000

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