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Classical Music Home > SCHUMAN, W.: Mighty Casey (The) / A Question of Taste [Operas] (Schwarz)

SCHUMAN, W.: Mighty Casey (The) / A Question of Taste [Operas] (Schwarz)


SCHUMAN, W.: Mighty Casey (The) / A Question of Taste [Operas] (Schwarz)

Disc 1

Schuman, William
Gury, Jeremy, lyricist(s)

  The Mighty Casey
1.   Scene 1: Noon of the Big Day 00:05:01
2.   Scene 1: Championship of the State (Watchman, Merry) 00:03:19
3.   Scene 1: Strategy (Thatcher, Snedeker) 00:03:50
4.   Scene 1: Peanuts, popcorn, soda, crackerjacks (Watchman, Concessionaire, Hawkers) 00:01:37
5.   Scene 1: Dance of the Hawkers (Watchman, Charlie) 00:02:33
6.   Scene 1: The Mighty Casey (Watchman, Chorus) 00:05:50
7.   Scene 1: Autograph (Charlie, Chorus) 00:01:48
8.   Scene 1: You look so sweet today (Watchman, Merry) 00:02:37
9.   Scene 1: Kiss me not goodbye (Merry, Watchman) 00:03:14
10.   Scene 2: Last half of the Ninth (Watchman) 00:03:30
11.   Scene 2: Two out (Chorus) 00:04:14
12.   Scene 2: If only Casey (Chorus, Watchman) 00:02:41
13.   Scene 2: A prayer (Merry) 00:02:02
14.   Scene 2: Surprise (Chorus, Watchman) 00:04:45
15.   Scene 2: This gladdened multitude (Watchman, Chorus) 00:02:52
16.   Scene 2: You're doin' fine kid (Catcher, Watchman) 00:03:42
17.   Scene 2: Rhubarb: 'Ya blind (Chorus) 00:00:37
18.   Scene 2: I'm fed to the teeth (Manager) 00:01:37
19.   Scene 2: A strike's a strike (Umpire, Chorus) 00:03:06
20.   Scene 2: The Rhubarb Dance (Watchman, Umpire, Chorus) 00:03:57
21.   Scene 2: Hist'ry hangs on a slender thread (Chorus, Snedeker) 00:03:37
22.   Scene 2: Oh, somewhere (Watchman) 00:05:36
23.   Scene 3: Twilight of the big day 00:03:28

Disc 2

Schuman, William
McClatchy, J.D., lyricist(s)

  A Question of Taste
1.   Prelude 00:01:04
2.   No, no, the knives go on the right (Mrs. Hudson, Louise) 00:07:17
3.   Your Father expects this (Louise, Tom) 00:05:43
4.   I'm not a man to your Father's taste (Tom, Louise, Mrs. Schofield) 00:02:12
5.   Our wealth is our love (Tom, Louise) 00:03:08
6.   There's been a small accident, I fear (Mrs. Schofield, Pratt) 00:03:52
7.   No meal can be called complete (Mrs. Schofield, Pratt, Schofield) 00:03:20
8.   Here now! You'll never name this one (Schofield, Pratt) 00:09:06
9.   An interesting little wine (Pratt, Schofield) 00:07:34
10.   Is that your final answer (Schofield, Pratt) 00:02:32
11.   I believe these glasses are yours, sir (Mrs. Hudson) 00:01:21
12.   Our chance now at last (Tom, Louise, Schofield, Mrs. Schofield, Mrs. Hudson) 00:02:16
13.   This wine glass tonight will bubble and sing (Tom, Louise, Schofield, Mrs. Schofield, Mrs. Hudson) 00:01:47

Total Playing Time: 02:06:45

Schuman, William

Gury, Jeremy; McClatchy, J.D.

Schwarz, Gerard

Juilliard Orchestra

Juilliard Opera Center

Bishop, Elizabeth; Conde, Carlos; Corman, David; Cusick, Russell; Dreyer, Derek; Grohowski, Elizabeth; Groves, Travis Paul; Norton, Angela; Pomponi, Franco; Robinson, Stacey; Russell, James; Scimone, Carolyn; Thorpe, Catherine; Wilde, Scott

Label: Delos

Genre: Opera

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: DE1030

Barcode: 013491103020

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