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YIDDISH - Best of Yiddish Songs and Klezmer Music



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YIDDISH - Best of Yiddish Songs and Klezmer Music

Traditional / Gunther, H. J.
Traditional / Gunther, H. J., lyricist(s)

  Freilach - Ale Brider
1.   Play with flash player Freilach - Ale Brider 00:04:39

Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Freitik oif der Nacht
2.   Play with flash player Freitik oif der Nacht 00:03:12

Frejlechs, arranger(s)

  Doyne - Kiever Freylekhs
3.   Play with flash player Doyne - Kiever Freylekhs 00:03:14

Traditional / Elias, Lutz
Traditional, lyricist(s)
Elias, Lutz, arranger(s)

  Der Rebbe Elimeylech
4.   Play with flash player Der Rebbe Elimeylech 00:03:36
  Die Kale basetzn
5.   Play with flash player Die Kale basetzn 00:04:38


6.   Play with flash player Freilach 00:02:46

Shapiro, Yaacov, lyricist(s)

  Shabes Shabes
7.   Play with flash player Shabes Shabes 00:01:54

Ellstein, Abraham

  Yidl mitn Fidl
8.   Play with flash player Yidl mitn Fidl 00:03:32

Frejlechs, arranger(s)

9.   Play with flash player Sirbe 00:03:01

Elias, Lutz

  Der jiddische Fiddler
10.   Play with flash player Der jiddische Fiddler 00:03:12

Traditional / Gebirtik
Gebirtik / Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Shlof Shoin Main Jankele
11.   Play with flash player Shlof Shoin Main Jankele 00:04:00

Traditional, lyricist(s)
Shepherd, Merlin, arranger(s)

  Sirba mit Harbster Bletlekh
12.   Play with flash player Sirba mit Harbster Bletlekh 00:04:15

Total Playing Time: 00:41:59

Elias, Lutz; Ellstein, Abraham; Gebirtik; Gunther, H. J.; Traditional

Gebirtik; Gunther, H. J.; Shapiro, Yaacov; Traditional

Elias, Lutz; Frejlechs; Shepherd, Merlin

Burning Bush; Frejlechs; Jontef; Klezmer Festival Band; Massel Klezmorim

Shapiro, Yaacov

Label: ARC

Genre: World

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: EUCD1404

Barcode: 5019396140424

Release Date: 1997

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