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KLEZMER Klezmer Juice



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KLEZMER Klezmer Juice

Beckerman, Shloimke
Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Ot Azoi
1.   Play with flash player Ot Azoi 00:04:23

Yablokoff, Herman
Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

2.   Play with flash player Papirosn 00:03:28

Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Freilach in D
3.   Play with flash player Freilach in D 00:02:48

Lillian / Yomen, Ben / Rumshinsky, Joseph
Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Shloimele Malkele - Di zun vet arunter geyn - Margaritkes - Tum Balalaika
4.   Play with flash player Shloimele Malkele - Di zun vet arunter geyn - Margaritkes - Tum Balalaika 00:05:21

Ne'eman, Amitai / Kashtan, Michael
Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Zemer Atik (Nigun Atik)
5.   Play with flash player Zemer Atik (Nigun Atik) 00:02:51

Secunda, Sholom
Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Donna, Donna
6.   Play with flash player Donna, Donna 00:03:53

Warshawsky, Mark Markovich
Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Oyfn Pripetshik (On the hearth)
7.   Play with flash player Oyfn Pripetshik (On the hearth) 00:03:50

Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Araber Tanz
8.   Play with flash player Araber Tanz 00:02:33
  Slow Melody No. 8
9.   Play with flash player Slow Melody No. 8 00:04:28
  Freylach No. 15
10.   Play with flash player Freylach No. 15 00:02:36
  Eli Eli
11.   Play with flash player Eli Eli 00:02:31

Hadaz, Yosef
Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Ani Ole L'Yerushalayim
12.   Play with flash player Ani Ole L'Yerushalayim 00:03:04

Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Sammy's Freilach
13.   Play with flash player Sammy's Freilach 00:03:39
  Itamar Freilach
14.   Play with flash player Itamar Freilach 00:03:19
  L'shana Haba'a
15.   Play with flash player L'shana Haba'a 00:03:22

Levy, Shem-Tov
Bulgach, Gustavo, arranger(s)

  Amud Ha'esh
16.   Play with flash player Amud Ha'esh 00:01:39

Bulgach, Gustavo

  Librescu Tango
17.   Play with flash player Librescu Tango 00:03:19

Total Playing Time: 00:57:04

Beckerman, Shloimke; Bulgach, Gustavo; Hadaz, Yosef; Kashtan, Michael; Levy, Shem-Tov; Lillian; Ne'eman, Amitai; Rumshinsky, Joseph; Secunda, Sholom; Traditional; Warshawsky, Mark Markovich; Yablokoff, Herman; Yomen, Ben

Bulgach, Gustavo

Klezmer Juice

Label: ARC

Genre: World

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary; Romantic

Catalogue No: EUCD2477

Barcode: 5019396247727

Release Date: 2013

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