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SPAIN - Korrontzi: Tradition 2.1



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SPAIN - Korrontzi: Tradition 2.1

Barandiaran, Agus

  Diatonic Bilbon
1.   Play with flash player Diatonic Bilbon 00:05:03

Barandiaran, Agus
Vali, Justin, lyricist(s)

  Parfums de Musiques
2.   Play with flash player Parfums de Musiques 00:04:22

Barandiaran, Agus
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Aupa Maurizia!
3.   Play with flash player Aupa Maurizia! 00:06:10
4.   Play with flash player Sardos - K 00:04:45

Barandiaran, Agus
Traditional, lyricist(s)
Peixoto, Luis, arranger(s)

5.   Play with flash player Portusalda 00:04:09

Barandiaran, Agus
Aizpuru, Ritxi, lyricist(s)

  Bizi Duguna
6.   Play with flash player Bizi Duguna 00:04:36

Barandiaran, Agus
Traditional, lyricist(s)
Rodriguez, Alberto, arranger(s)

  Akerrak Adarrak Okerrak
7.   Play with flash player Akerrak Adarrak Okerrak 00:05:09

Man, Liron
Barandiaran, Agus, arranger(s)

  Isukitzeko Aldian
8.   Play with flash player Isukitzeko Aldian 00:02:38

Barandiaran, Agus

  Arkupeko Dantza
9.   Play with flash player Arkupeko Dantza 00:03:56

Cabral, Angel
Limon, Javier, arranger(s)

  La Foule
10.   Play with flash player La Foule 00:04:08

Barandiaran, Agus / Peon, Quique
Tobias, Aleix, arranger(s)

  Maria Muneira
11.   Play with flash player Maria Muneira 00:04:18

Barandiaran, Agus
Limon, Javier, arranger(s)

  Oeiras (Bio-Lis EH 3049 07:00h)
12.   Play with flash player Oeiras (Bio - Lis EH 3049 07:00h) 00:04:29

Barandiaran, Agus
Barandiaran, Agus, lyricist(s)
Limon, Javier, arranger(s)

  Jatabeko Koplak
13.   Play with flash player Jatabeko Koplak 00:04:48

Barandiaran, Agus
Limon, Javier, arranger(s)

14.   Play with flash player Flamendango 00:06:25

Barandiaran, Agus / Vasta, Antonio / Incudine, Mario
Traditional, lyricist(s)

  Sicilia-Jira (4 Aprile 1860)
15.   Play with flash player Sicilia - Jira (4 Aprile 1860) 00:03:53


  Zimbabweko Hauspoa
16.   Play with flash player Zimbabweko Hauspoa 00:02:04

Barandiaran, Agus

  Sardos-K (radio-edit)
17.   Play with flash player Sardos - K (radio - edit) 00:04:08

Total Playing Time: 01:15:01

Barandiaran, Agus; Cabral, Angel; Incudine, Mario; Man, Liron; Peon, Quique; Traditional; Vasta, Antonio

Aizpuru, Ritxi; Barandiaran, Agus; Traditional; Vali, Justin

Barandiaran, Agus; Limon, Javier; Peixoto, Luis; Rodriguez, Alberto; Tobias, Aleix


Label: ARC

Genre: World

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: EUCD2538

Barcode: 5019396253827

Release Date: 10/2014

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