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UNITED KINGDOM London Jewish Male Choir: Best of the London Jewish Male Choir



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UNITED KINGDOM London Jewish Male Choir: Best of the London Jewish Male Choir

Hirsh, Nurit
Fisher, Emmanuel, arranger(s)

  Osseh Shalom (He who makes peace)
1.   Play with flash player Osseh Shalom (He who makes peace) 00:02:48

Machtenberg, Meyer
Glass, Stephen, arranger(s)

2.   Play with flash player Shehechianu 00:02:58

Gonski, Y.
White, Martin, arranger(s)

  Al Sfat Yam Kineret
3.   Play with flash player Al Sfat Yam Kineret 00:02:19

Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

  La Vida Do Por El Raqui
4.   Play with flash player La Vida Do Por El Raqui 00:01:49

Taub, Shaul Yedidya Elazar
Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

  V'al Kulom
5.   Play with flash player V'al Kulom 00:04:06

Goldstein, Maurice, arranger(s)

  Hava Nagila
6.   Play with flash player Hava Nagila 00:01:59

Berman, Isadore R., arranger(s)

  As Moshiach Vet Kuman (When the Messiah comes)
7.   Play with flash player As Moshiach Vet Kuman (When the Messiah comes) 00:03:52

Verrinder, Charles Garland
Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

  Esso Enai
8.   Play with flash player Esso Enai 00:03:08

Rumshinsky, Joseph
White, Martin, arranger(s)

  Ba'avour David
9.   Play with flash player Ba'avour David 00:05:23

Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

10.   Play with flash player Bendigamus 00:02:29

Heifetz, Vladimir

  Der Yid der Schmid (The Jewish Blacksmith)
11.   Play with flash player Der Yid der Schmid (The Jewish Blacksmith) 00:02:04

Glass, Stephen, arranger(s)

12.   Play with flash player Yismechu 00:02:50

Naumbourg, Samuel
Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

  S'u Sh'orim
13.   Play with flash player S'u Sh'orim 00:03:12

Lewandowsky, Charles
Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

  Shuvi Nafshi
14.   Play with flash player Shuvi Nafshi 00:02:21

Bebar, Yvonne, arranger(s)

15.   Play with flash player Durme 00:02:08

David, Mordechai Ben
Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

  Mashiach (Ani Ma'amin)
16.   Play with flash player Mashiach (Ani Ma'amin) 00:03:20

Shemer, Naomi
Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

  Al Kol Eile
17.   Play with flash player Al Kol Eile 00:04:49

Nachman, Reb
Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

  Boch Rabeinu
18.   Play with flash player Boch Rabeinu 00:02:05

Alman, Samuel
Glass, Stephen, arranger(s)

  Sefirat Ha'omer
19.   Play with flash player Sefirat Ha'omer 00:05:46

Fisher, Emmanuel, arranger(s)

20.   Play with flash player Artseinu 00:04:20

Miron, Issachar
Hyman, Clive, arranger(s)

21.   Play with flash player Tzena 00:01:46

Total Playing Time: 01:05:32

Alman, Samuel; David, Mordechai Ben; Gonski, Y.; Heifetz, Vladimir; Hirsh, Nurit; Lewandowsky, Charles; Machtenberg, Meyer; Miron, Issachar; Nachman, Reb; Naumbourg, Samuel; Rumshinsky, Joseph; Shemer, Naomi; Taub, Shaul Yedidya Elazar; Traditional; Verrinder, Charles Garland

Bebar, Yvonne; Berman, Isadore R.; Fisher, Emmanuel; Glass, Stephen; Goldstein, Maurice; Hyman, Clive; White, Martin

Etherton, Michael; Hyman, Clive

London Jewish Male Choir

Blair, Jason; Brody, Robert; Fisher, M.; Hilton, David; Korn, Moshe; Leas, Steven; Levy, B.; Martin, Maurice; Rosenberg, J.; Yvonne, Behar

Label: ARC

Genre: World

Period: 20th Century; Contemporary; Romantic

Catalogue No: EUCD2775

Barcode: 5019396277526

Release Date: 2017

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