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Traditional, lyricist(s)
Henderson, Ingrid / MacDonald, Maggie / Kennedy, Mary Ann, arranger(s)

  An gille dubh ciar dubh
1.   Play with flash player An gille dubh ciar dubh 00:02:33

Traditional, lyricist(s)
Cormack, Arthur, arranger(s)

  A nochd gur faoin mo chadal dhomh
2.   Play with flash player A nochd gur faoin mo chadal dhomh 00:04:03

Traditional, lyricist(s)
Mackenzie, Eilidh / Mackenzie, Fiona / Mackenzie, Gillian, arranger(s)

  Horo 's toigh leam fhìn thu
3.   Play with flash player Horo 's toigh leam fhìn thu 00:04:35

Douglas, Blair

  A Summer in Skye
4.   Play with flash player A Summer in Skye 00:06:38

Traditional, lyricist(s)
Kennedy, Mary Ann, arranger(s)

  Dh'fhalbh mo bhean chomainn
5.   Play with flash player Dh'fhalbh mo bhean chomainn 00:05:21

Traditional, lyricist(s)
Thomson, Ken, arranger(s)

  Soraidh le eilean a' cheò
6.   Play with flash player Soraidh le eilean a' cheò 00:03:41

Morrison, John Archie

7.   Play with flash player Aignis 00:02:06

MacKenzie, William

  Màiri nighean alasdair (Gaol na h-Òige)
8.   Play with flash player Màiri nighean alasdair (Gaol na h - Òige) 00:04:20

Campbell, Angus
Napier, Findlay / Napier, Hamish / Kennedy, Mary Ann, arranger(s)

  Tàladh a' Phuilein
9.   Play with flash player Tàladh a' Phuilein 00:05:26

Riddell, Donald
MacGregor, Bruce / Chisholm, Duncan / MacFarlane, Iain / Hardie, Jonny, arranger(s)

  The Moor of Clunes
10.   Play with flash player The Moor of Clunes 00:05:45

MacDougall, M.
Black, Donald / Jones, Malcolm Elwyn, arranger(s)

  Maighdeannan na h-àirigh, leanabh an àigh
11.   Play with flash player Maighdeannan na h - àirigh, leanabh an àigh 00:02:45

Barbour, Freeland

  All Hallows - The Hawthorn and the Oak - First Snows
12.   Play with flash player All Hallows - The Hawthorn and the Oak - First Snows 00:04:25

Traditional, lyricist(s)
McAlpine, Brian / Kennedy, Mary Ann, arranger(s)

  A' bhean eudach
13.   Play with flash player A' bhean eudach 00:03:15

Traditional, lyricist(s)
Douglas, Blair, arranger(s)

  Mo thruaigh lèir thu, ille bhuidhe
14.   Play with flash player Mo thruaigh lèir thu, ille bhuidhe 00:03:03

Total Playing Time: 00:57:56

Barbour, Freeland; Campbell, Angus; Douglas, Blair; MacDougall, M.; MacKenzie, William; Morrison, John Archie; Riddell, Donald; Traditional


Black, Donald; Chisholm, Duncan; Cormack, Arthur; Douglas, Blair; Hardie, Jonny; Henderson, Ingrid; Jones, Malcolm Elwyn; Kennedy, Mary Ann; MacDonald, Maggie; MacFarlane, Iain; MacGregor, Bruce; Mackenzie, Eilidh; Mackenzie, Fiona; Mackenzie, Gillian; McAlpine, Brian; Napier, Findlay; Napier, Hamish; Thomson, Ken

Cliar; Glasgow Gaelic Musical Association; Mackenzie

Barbour, Freeland; Black, Donald; Campbell, Mairi; Chisholm, Duncan; Cormack, Arthur; Cumming, Jenna; Douglas, Blair; Jones, Malcolm Elwyn; MacAskill, Ishbel; MacFarlane, Iain; MacGregor, Bruce; MacKinnon, Maeve; MacLeod, Donnie Murdo; MacMillan, Gillebrìde

Label: ARC

Genre: World

Period: Contemporary

Catalogue No: EUCD2870

Barcode: 5019396287020

Release Date: 09/2019

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