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Classical Music Home > RIOTTE, A.: Météorite et ses métamorphoses (Malengreau)

RIOTTE, A.: Météorite et ses métamorphoses (Malengreau)


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RIOTTE, A.: Météorite et ses métamorphoses (Malengreau)

French composer André Riotte was closely involved with experiments in avant-garde music, following in the paths of Messiaen, Xenakis and Barraqué, as well as in group improvisation. He wrote widely for orchestral and chamber forces, but the piano was his central focus and his compositions for it chart his development from early neo-modal works through studies in pure sound, to the monumental inspiration of his large-scale works. Météorite et ses métamorphoses, one of the composer’s last works, is a milestone in contemporary repertoire. Thoroughly organic, it develops as metamorphoses—a term Riotte preferred to ‘variations’—and acknowledges the influence of Debussy, Bach, and Beethoven in his Diabelli Variations.

Riotte, Andre

  Meteorite et ses metamorphoses
1.   Meteorite: Massif 00:01:56
2.   Metamorphose I: *** 00:01:12
3.   Métamorphose II: En oppositions 00:01:22
4.   Metamorphose III: Rapide et bien articule 00:00:45
5.   Metamorphose IV: Avec simplicite, sans effets 00:01:13
6.   Metamorphose V: Rapide et precis 00:01:10
7.   Metamorphose VI: Hieratique 00:01:56
8.   Metamorphose VII: En volutes 00:00:46
9.   Metamorphose VIII: Colore, en suspens 00:01:12
10.   Metamorphose IX: *** 00:01:25
11.   Metamorphose X: Naif 00:01:44
12.   Metamorphose XI: Tranquille, un peu lourd 00:01:24
13.   Metamorphose XII: Sinueux 00:01:21
14.   Metamorphose XIII: Profondement calme et meditatif 00:04:10
15.   Metamorphose XIV: Staccato vif et vigoureux 00:00:40
16.   Metamorphose XV: Impulsif 00:01:17
17.   Metamorphose XVI: Avec fantaisie 00:01:20
18.   Metamorphose XVII: *** 00:00:36
19.   Metamorphose XVIII: Rapide, les accents marques 00:00:58
20.   Metamorphose XIX: Ceremonieux 00:02:15
21.   Metamorphose XX: Frenetique 00:01:10
22.   Metamorphose XXI: Tres fondu 00:01:40
23.   Metamorphose XXII: Avec simplicite mais volubile 00:01:13
24.   Metamorphose XXIII: Pas vite, en demi - teinte, de plus en plus efface 00:01:50
25.   Metamorphose XXIV: En rafales - Subitement calme 00:01:23
26.   Metamorphose XXV: Recueilli 00:03:34
27.   Metamorphose XXVI: Prestissimo, fluide 00:01:04
28.   Metamorphose XXVII: Allant, martele 00:00:30
29.   Metamorphose XXVIII: Rapide, sans rubato - Staccato plus leger, dynamique 00:01:16
30.   Metamorphose XXIX: Enigmatique et sans espoir, extremement lent 00:01:36
31.   Metamorphose XXX: Precis 00:02:26
32.   Metamorphose XXXI: Souple et assez lent - Plus vif - Tres vite - Calme et enveloppe - Detache, martele - Presto 00:06:26
33.   Coda: Lent et solennel 00:02:07

Total Playing Time: 00:54:57

Riotte, Andre

Malengreau, Thérèse

Label: Grand Piano

Genre: Instrumental

Catalogue No: GP679

Barcode: 747313967926

Physical Release: 10/2014

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