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Classical Music Home > WELLS, H.G.: Time Machine (The) (Unabridged)

WELLS, H.G.: Time Machine (The) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

WELLS, H.G.: Time Machine (The) (Unabridged)

At a dinner party in Richmond, the host tells an astonishing story of his travels into the future. At first it seems that man has moved on to a higher plane of existence—suffering and war seem to have been eliminated. But in fact there are two races living on the Earth—the Eloi, a leisured, decadent, androgynous group; and the Morlocks, an underground tribe of bestial workers. When his time machine is stolen, the traveller is stranded in this strange new world and discovers that the truth is far darker than he could imagine…One of the greatest science fiction stories ever written, The Time Machine is an adventure story, a social commentary and a dark warning of the dangers facing humanity.

Disc 1

  The Time Machine (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 1 00:06:15
2.   'Scientific people,' proceeded the Time Traveller… 00:06:02
3.   The Time Traveller smiled round at us… 00:05:15
4.   Everyone was silent for a minute… 00:05:18
5.   Chapter 2 00:05:00
6.   He said not a word, but came painfully… 00:04:45
7.   The Time Traveller came to the place reserved… 00:04:36
8.   Chapter 3 00:05:27
9.   'The unpleasant sensations of the start…' 00:04:40
10.   'My sensations would be hard to describe…' 00:05:10
11.   Chapter 4 00:05:26
12.   'The building had a huge entry…' 00:06:10
13.   'A queer thing I soon discovered…' 00:06:00
14.   'There I found a seat of some yellow metal…' 00:05:05

Disc 2

  The Time Machine (Unabridged)
1.   'Social triumphs, too, had been effected…' 00:05:32
2.   Chapter 5 00:05:07
3.   'There I found a second great hall…' 00:05:57
4.   'I saw the heads of two orange - clad people…' 00:03:28
5.   'Going through the big palace…' 00:05:17
6.   'In the matter of sepulture, for instance…' 00:04:48
7.   'She was exactly like a child…' 00:04:47
8.   'As the eastern sky grew brighter…' 00:05:27
9.   'I do not know how long I sat peering down…' 00:04:38
10.   'At first, proceeding from the problems… 00:05:57
11.   Chapter 6 00:04:36
12.   'I had to clamber down a shaft…' 00:04:44
13.   'I have thought since how particularly ill - equipped…' 00:05:03
14.   Chapter 7 00:06:23
15.   'As the hush of evening crept over the world…' 00:06:04

Disc 3

  The Time Machine (Unabridged)
1.   'Through that long night I held my mind off…' 00:04:51
2.   Chapter 8 00:04:01
3.   'To judge from the size of the place…' 00:04:19
4.   'I took Weena's hand. Then, struck with a sudden idea…' 00:03:24
5.   'Now, I still think that for this box of matches…' 00:05:10
6.   Chapter 9 00:06:04
7.   'She seemed to have fainted…' 00:06:12
8.   'And now I was to see the most weird and horrible thing…' 00:05:27
9.   Chapter 10 00:04:03
10.   'After the fatigues, excitements, and terror…' 00:03:58
11.   Chapter 11 00:04:10
12.   'The machine was standing on a sloping beach…' 00:04:13
13.   'So I travelled, stopping ever and again…' 00:05:26
14.   Chapter 12 00:04:41
15.   He took up his pipe, and began… 00:04:35
16.   I shared a cab with the Editor… 00:04:45
17.   Epilogue 00:02:31

Total Playing Time: 03:50:47

Wells, Herbert George

May, Roger

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0009

Barcode: 9781843794158

Physical Release: 2010

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