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JAMES, M.R.: Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

JAMES, M.R.: Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (Unabridged)

The powerful sense of evil—darkness, creepy hairy presences, cloaks, hoods, talons and tentacles—pervades these classic ghost stories by M.R. James. A Cambridge scholar himself, James explored what happens when academics dabble in things they don’t understand and unleash forces of which they know nothing. The titles in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary range from witchcraft to the occult, and tap into our primal fear of things that go bump in the night. They are recognised as the best of their genre.

Disc 1

  Ghost Stories of An Antiquary (Unabridged)
1.   Canon Alberic's Scrapbook 00:04:21
2.   Before the expiration of the two hours… 00:03:56
3.   At once all Dennistoun's cherished dreams… 00:04:24
4.   Such a collection Dennistoun had hardly dreamed of… 00:04:55
5.   I entirely despair of conveying by any words… 00:05:01
6.   All this time a growing feeling of discomfort… 00:04:49
7.   He died that summer; his daughter married… 00:03:54
8.   Lost Hearts 00:04:12
9.   It seemed a little odd that he should have asked… 00:04:30
10.   The remainder of the evening was spent by Stephen… 00:04:48
11.   On the following evening the usual duet… 00:03:45
12.   The wind had fallen, and there was a still night… 00:03:05
13.   On the table in Mr. Abney's study certain papers were found… 00:04:25
14.   The Mezzotint 00:04:25
15.   The only item with which I am concerned… 00:04:19
16.   Hall in Mr. Williams's college was at seven. 00:04:50
17.   'Well,' said Nisbet, 'I have here a view of a country - house…' 00:03:34
18.   'Now what do you mean to do' he said. 00:03:27

Disc 2

  Ghost Stories of An Antiquary (Unabridged)
1.   There was the house, as before under the waning moon… 00:02:45
2.   This looked like business… 00:03:42
3.   The Ash - Tree 00:05:02
4.   Mainly on this evidence… 00:04:33
5.   One of the men went to fetch the parson… 00:04:58
6.   This is all that need be quoted from Mr. Crome's papers. 00:04:06
7.   One morning (it was in 1754) Sir Richard woke… 00:04:37
8.   The parlour contained the family books… 00:04:48
9.   Thou shalt seek me in the morning… 00:04:50
10.   Number 13 00:04:19
11.   Supper - time was approaching… 00:05:09
12.   Anderson had not time to do more than glance… 00:05:09
13.   Now came a distant step in the street… 00:04:51
14.   At supper he found himself next to the landlord. 00:04:54
15.   Anderson finished his letters, ordered in whisky and soda… 00:05:01
16.   Suddenly the crying or singing voice… 00:03:54
17.   The men nodded, and the younger stepped forward… 00:05:02

Disc 3

  Ghost Stories of An Antiquary (Unabridged)
1.   Count Magnus 00:04:48
2.   They received Mr. Wraxall with great kindness… 00:04:28
3.   I find that early on the following day Mr. Wraxall… 00:04:32
4.   It could not be denied that this threw a rather lurid light… 00:05:24
5.   'You understand that they were sure these men were dead…' 00:04:43
6.   Mr. Wraxall noted the finely - worked and massive steel padlocks… 00:04:53
7.   Poor Mr. Wraxall! He set out on his journey… 00:04:43
8.   'Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad' 00:05:27
9.   '—I hold that any semblance…' 00:04:41
10.   Few people can resist the temptation… 00:04:46
11.   Parkins had, in fact, very little time for dressing. 00:05:04
12.   Quickly as it had risen, the wind did not fall at once. 00:04:46
13.   The scraping of match on box and the glare of light… 00:03:59
14.   Parkins was on the point of answering… 00:04:08
15.   At this point Parkins was in favour of sending the boy home… 00:04:27
16.   The latter was unwontedly silent and pensive at dinner… 00:05:25

Disc 4

  Ghost Stories of An Antiquary (Unabridged)
1.   Parkins, who very much dislikes being questioned… 00:04:03
2.   The Treasure of Abbot Thomas 00:04:39
3.   A sad perplexity it had been to our investigator… 00:04:56
4.   I labour under a grave disadvantage as narrator of this story… 00:04:16
5.   'Well, Somerton,' said Mr. Gregory, as he crossed the room… 00:03:02
6.   3: This was Mr. Somerton's story: 'You know roughly…' 00:04:51
7.   'Blank as I felt and must have looked for the first few minutes…' 00:04:44
8.   Then I thought to myself, "Wasn't there some allusion…"' 00:05:09
9.   'Next, what about the well There was not much doubt…' 00:03:58
10.   'Half aloud I counted the steps as we went down…' 00:03:55
11.   'Well, I felt to the right, and my fingers touched something…' 00:02:53
12.   'Well, sir,' said Brown, speaking low and nervously… 00:03:26
13.   'Well, there is my story; and, if you don't believe it…' 00:01:55

Total Playing Time: 04:42:21

James, Montague Rhodes

Critchlow, Stephen; Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0015

Barcode: 9781843794271

Physical Release: 2010

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