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WENBORN, N.: Confucius - In a Nutshell (Unabridged)



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WENBORN, N.: Confucius - In a Nutshell (Unabridged)

Confucius stands alone among the world’s great thinkers. Perhaps no other teacher has exerted so powerful a hold over so many people for so long. For two and a half millennia his sayings, preserved and developed by generations of his followers, have shaped the cultural and political life of the world’s most populous nation, and they continue to offer fresh insights for today’s globalised society. This audiobook sets Confucius’s life and teachings in the context of the long history of China, and examines the origins, meanings and influence of one of history’s most enduring philosophical traditions.

  Confucius – In a Nutshell (Unabridged)
1.   Play with flash player Confucius – In a Nutshell 00:05:06
2.   Play with flash player Whatever else he was, the Duke of Zhou… 00:05:37
3.   Play with flash player About Confucius's private life we know next to nothing…. 00:04:20
4.   Play with flash player Confucius's stint as police commissioner came to a sudden end… 00:04:32
5.   Play with flash player He was clearly an inspirational teacher… 00:04:22
6.   Play with flash player The Analects as we now have it consists of 20 so - called 'books'… 00:04:56
7.   Play with flash player Round the corner from the by - street… 00:05:15
8.   Play with flash player We look to the Analects in vain, however… 00:04:52
9.   Play with flash player The Analects shows us a very human Confucius… 00:05:22
10.   Play with flash player The Way, or dao, is mentioned several times in the Analects. 00:04:15
11.   Play with flash player Confucius expands on this in another conversation… 00:05:13
12.   Play with flash player At his most pragmatic, he takes an almost utilitarian view… 00:04:11
13.   Play with flash player What Confucius has to say about Fate or Destiny… 00:04:56
14.   Play with flash player Central to this remarkable cultural triumph… 00:04:27
15.   Play with flash player Throughout the period when the Classics were being formalised… 00:03:15
16.   Play with flash player Central to this Neo - Confucian metaphysics… 00:04:14
17.   Play with flash player Mao Zedong, who swept to power in the Communist Revolution… 00:03:34

Total Playing Time: 01:18:27

Wenborn, Neil

Carrington, Nigel

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0019

Barcode: 9781843794356

Release Date: 2010

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