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WALLACE, E.: Four Just Men (The) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording
Middlemarch and The Four Just Men on Booklist Magazine’s 2011 Editors’ Choice list

WALLACE, E.: Four Just Men (The) (Unabridged)

The mysterious Four Just Men are wealthy Europeans who move easily in high society but, capable of convincing disguise and brilliant acting, are as likely to be found on the street corners of London as at the dinner tables of Paris and Rome. They are the ultimate vigilantes. Their job is to exact justice where governments and police are hamstrung. They work outside the law—and set about their business with grim precision.

Disc 1

  The Four Just Men (Unabridged)
1.   The Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace – Prologue 00:05:30
2.   Leon twisted his knuckles down and struck forward… 00:03:24
3.   He mounted the horse I had brought… 00:04:00
4.   Chapter 1: A Newspaper Story 00:04:40
5.   'Here is one of the letters,' and Sir Philip produced a sheet… 00:03:41
6.   The Daily Megaphone is able to publish a full list… 00:03:13
7.   Seattle (Kentucky), October, 1900. – Judge Anderson. 00:03:08
8.   Chapter 2: The Faithful Commons 00:05:03
9.   There were cheers for the Secretary for Foreign Affairs… 00:05:35
10.   'To the Members of the House of Commons,' he read… 00:03:08
11.   The Premier, with a troubled face, paced the floor… 00:03:22
12.   Chapter 3: One Thousand Pounds Reward 00:04:34
13.   All day long little knots of people gathered… 00:04:15
14.   'Is it the Mafia' asked the Comet noisily… 00:04:45
15.   Sir Philip was a constant source of interest… 00:04:48

Disc 2

  The Four Just Men (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 4: Preparations 00:03:44
2.   It was a plain - fronted shop… 00:04:10
3.   The physiognomist might have continued Seneca's picture… 00:03:11
4.   After this the conversation became Greek to the Spaniard… 00:03:41
5.   The object of their discussion finished his tenth cigarette… 00:03:15
6.   A thin smoke was rising from the cup. 00:02:30
7.   Chapter 5: The Outrage at the 'Megaphone' 00:04:51
8.   Half an hour later the editor of the Megaphone sat discussing… 00:04:50
9.   So Welby and the chief kept the matter a secret… 00:04:01
10.   The cab speeding along Oxford Street turned into Edgware Road… 00:05:14
11.   Manfred scanned the pages carefully, then threw them aside. 00:04:26
12.   He spoke all the while in English… 00:04:10
13.   Chapter 6: The Clues 00:03:02
14.   From which may be gathered that, acting on the information… 00:04:20
15.   His official residence he absolutely refused to occupy… 00:05:11
16.   In the top room in the workshop at Carnaby Street… 00:04:02
17.   'I am going to survey the land,' said Manfred suddenly… 00:03:31
18.   He threw up his hands as if to ward them off. 00:04:22

Disc 3

  The Four Just Men (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 7: The Messenger of The Four 00:03:57
2.   The Four Just Men were on the nerves of more people… 00:05:04
3.   He placed the letter in a drawer of his desk… 00:05:09
4.   The detective finished reading. 00:04:13
5.   Ramon paced his room with quick, nervous steps. 00:03:46
6.   He took a quick step to the door… 00:03:01
7.   Chapter 8: The Pocket - Book 00:04:22
8.   'It is a poetical idea,' said the phlegmatic Premier… 00:04:40
9.   They resumed their walk. 00:04:55
10.   So, the night being comparatively young… 00:04:28
11.   The contents of this page was understandable… 00:03:28
12.   'Now, Billy,' said the detective… 00:02:24
13.   Chapter 9: The Cupidity of Marks 00:04:41
14.   The detective rose with a sigh. 00:04:15
15.   Then Poiccart spoke: 'The very stars in their courses are fighting…' 00:04:10
16.   '"Can you oblige me with a match" I asked.' 00:02:19

Disc 4

  The Four Just Men (Unabridged)
1.   Poiccart paused for a moment… 00:04:31
2.   'The explanation is simple,' said Gonsalez quietly… 00:04:45
3.   He pushed open the swing doors… 00:03:37
4.   He turned from the contemplation of the unpleasant possibilities… 00:03:40
5.   Chapter 10: Three Who Died 00:05:06
6.   And within an hour there was witnessed in London… 00:04:45
7.   The Commissioner nodded. 00:04:50
8.   'From my vantage place,' wrote Smith in the Megaphone… 00:04:42
9.   Seven o'clock boomed forth… 00:04:06
10.   That forty minutes was the longest… 00:03:36
11.   Chapter 11: A Newspaper Cutting 00:04:27
12.   What steps did you take when you discovered this 00:05:28
13.   You speak of a blow leaving no contusion. 00:03:31
14.   After the tragedy did you make a systematic search… 00:03:16
15.   Chapter 12: Conclusion 00:04:56
16.   He stood for a moment at the entrance… 00:05:13

Total Playing Time: 04:30:58

Wallace, Edgar

Homewood, Bill

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA0029

Barcode: 9781843794554

Physical Release: 2011

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