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GRESHAM, W.L.: Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

GRESHAM, W.L.: Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)

Stanton Carlisle is smart, good-looking and ambitious. Among the outcasts, freaks and geeks of the Ten-in-One sideshow, he learns that the public is there to be gulled, and he learns how to do it. Amoral and brilliant, he aims for the brighter lights of vaudeville before a much bigger coup faking spiritualism for the rich. But his own dark fears haunt him, and he is not the only one taking advantage of terror and desire.

Published in 1946, Nightmare Alley is a noir classic—at once a vivid insight into the sub-culture of the carny, and a bleak and gripping fable.

Disc 1

  Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)
1.   Madame Sosostris, famous clairvoyante… 00:05:15
2.   The geek had picked up a black snake… 00:03:38
3.   Against the summer night the ferris wheel lights winked… 00:04:11
4.   Card 2 The Magician 00:05:09
5.   'Now then, for my next number…' 00:04:55
6.   Dad taught Molly all kinds of wonderful things… 00:06:34
7.   Dad was wonderful. He looked over his shoulder… 00:05:56
8.   Molly's grandfather, 'Judge' Kincaid… 00:05:42
9.   Stanton Carlisle: The great Stanton stood up… 00:05:27
10.   The woman was tall, dressed in flowing white… 00:06:13
11.   Zeena looked up, folding her arms with decision. 00:06:00
12.   Card 3 The High Priestess 00:05:26
13.   'Nope,' Zeena went on, 'Pete was a real brunette…' 00:05:30
14.   Zeena returned. In the watery gold light of morning… 00:06:15

Disc 2

  Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)
1.   'It's getting late'. 'Sure is.' 00:06:26
2.   Across the tent the talker, Clem Hoately… 00:05:45
3.   Her face softened and she laid her palm… 00:05:43
4.   'You know, kid – ' Pete drew himself up… 00:05:07
5.   They had left the tent and the darkened midway stretched out… 00:04:37
6.   Card 4 The World 00:06:06
7.   The sight of the sailor rushed Stan back to normal. 00:06:17
8.   It was uncanny how Zeena could fish out things… 00:06:15
9.   'Before you take that step,' she went on… 00:05:33
10.   'You're the card worker,' Martin said aggressively. 00:05:55
11.   Balancing against the rock of the train, he pushed… 00:06:03
12.   It was Zeena's turn to keep quiet. 00:05:21
13.   The figures, then, were a record… 00:04:16
14.   The speech fascinated him. 00:04:44

Disc 3

  Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)
1.   Now the very country shimmered with violence… 00:06:06
2.   Joe Plasky said evenly, 'Sailor, you been leaving a trail…' 00:05:59
3.   Stan came up behind the steps behind Joe Plasky's platform… 00:06:32
4.   Stan noticed that the stubble on the deputy marshal's chin was white. 00:05:19
5.   'As I said, it's absolutely none of my business.' 00:04:33
6.   I'm very glad to have met you, Marshall… 00:04:58
7.   Card 5 The Empress 00:07:05
8.   They took their seats and a gangling youth with spiky hair brought in two… 00:06:43
9.   Card 6 Resurrection Of The Dead 00:05:27
10.   Outside the snow was falling lightly… 00:04:59
11.   It was like other days of early summer… 00:06:04
12.   The boy lay face down. The sounds of the house filtered up… 00:04:15
13.   Sudden anger rose up in him… 00:04:56
14.   Mother's tone was brittle. 00:05:07

Disc 4

  Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)
1.   Someone switched on the living room lamp. 00:03:44
2.   Card 7 The Emperor 00:05:37
3.   Molly closed her eyes. 00:05:44
4.   He turned back to the reclining girl. 'Miss Cahill…' 00:05:12
5.   She sat up, passing the back of her hand… 00:04:25
6.   Stan took both her hands in his and shook them. 00:05:09
7.   Card 8 The Sun 00:05:52
8.   In the old grey stone house near Riverside Drive… 00:05:43
9.   She played the 'Amen' chords softly… 00:05:38
10.   Miss Cahill stirred in her chair and her head drew back. 00:05:19
11.   She hurried over, feeling the warmth in her face… 00:04:36
12.   Upstairs he entered Mrs. Peabody's room and shut the door. 00:04:36
13.   Card 9 The Hierophant 00:05:53
14.   Now the house wasn't like home any longer… 00:05:26
15.   Addie Peabody got up late and called the Rev. Carlisle… 00:05:51

Disc 5

  Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)
1.   Addie had risen from her chair. 00:05:05
2.   Sun beat on the striped awnings… 00:05:20
3.   Card 10 The Moon 00:05:38
4.   It was a cool June evening and Stan wore a blue coat… 00:05:11
5.   The words had a hard time coming out… 00:06:13
6.   If only they could all have stayed together… 00:06:05
7.   The old man said 'Amen' and then grinned weakly at his wife. 00:06:10
8.   Card 11 The Lovers 00:05:19
9.   Loneliness came over him, like an avalanche of snow. 00:06:05
10.   Monday afternoon, lecture on the Esoteric Significance of the Tarot… 00:04:12
11.   With the wheels clicking past under him, Stan felt a little better. 00:03:29
12.   Stan was looking at her spindly legs. 00:04:37
13.   The nameplate said, 'Dr. Lilith Ritter…' 00:04:40
14.   Card 12 The Star 00:04:36
15.   'Let's get back to Humphries. Before he ran away…' 00:04:49

Disc 6

  Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)
1.   In the spring darkness the Obelisk stood… 00:05:54
2.   The rush, the rocketing plunge of the years to death… 00:06:12
3.   Three doors down was a little cocktail bar with a glass sign… 00:05:26
4.   He finished the brandy and signalled the waiter… 00:05:38
5.   Bracing his hand against the curved instep… 00:05:31
6.   Card 13 The Chariot 00:05:54
7.   The morgue office of Morningside Hospital… 00:05:48
8.   Good Christ, was this guy never going to shut up… 00:05:53
9.   Conversation flattened out to an eager rustle… 00:06:04
10.   The tears had mounted to the clergyman's eyes… 00:05:03
11.   'But God damn it – pardon me Reverend – but I know all this.' 00:05:05
12.   Inside the concrete shack a man in a gray military shirt… 00:06:16
13.   The Rev. Carlisle smiled spiritually. 00:05:25
14.   Then Stan felt something touch his lips. 00:05:20

Disc 7

  Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)
1.   The others had left the directors' room… 00:06:19
2.   The ghostly billiard game went on… 00:06:40
3.   Card 14 The Tower 00:05:32
4.   The Rev. Carlisle's hand tightened on the older man's arm. 00:05:29
5.   Suddenly she stood up, throwing her hair back. 00:06:50
6.   When Grindle got to the church he found the Rev. Carlisle… 00:05:03
7.   It was late when Stan pressed the buzzer… 00:05:35
8.   In a tiny bedroom, lit only by a skylight… 00:06:52
9.   Inside the cabinet the Rev. Carlisle was busy packing… 00:05:22
10.   He limped back into the hall. 00:06:13
11.   Card 15 Justice 00:03:30
12.   Mustn't use the car. Cab drivers remember people. 00:03:49
13.   He stood, swaying… 00:03:10
14.   She was standing up now and leaning over the desk… 00:03:02
15.   Card 16 The Devil 00:05:14

Disc 8

  Nightmare Alley (Unabridged)
1.   Card 17 The Hermit 00:04:52
2.   The fat hobo stood up, swishing the coffee in his can. 00:04:42
3.   The world began to spin and he opened his eyes… 00:04:20
4.   Card 18 Time 00:02:58
5.   Card 19 The Wheel Of Fortune 00:05:19
6.   'My dear friend, how often in your life, when things looked bad…' 00:05:40
7.   Stan was trying to listen. 00:04:46
8.   Justice. Something in it could mean folding money. 00:03:48
9.   Card 20 Death 00:05:14
10.   They had left the crowd and cut down a side street. 00:05:17
11.   Card 21 Strength 00:05:32
12.   The half – man acrobat pushed aside the piles of letters… 00:05:22
13.   'What's calluses on the ends of the fingers…' 00:05:47
14.   Card 22 The Hanged Man 00:04:33
15.   You could hardly see the platform for the smoke and the waiter. 00:07:24

Total Playing Time: 10:22:19

Gresham, William Lindsay

Sims, Adam

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA0043

Barcode: 9781843794820

Physical Release: 2011

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