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HAGGARD, H.R.: She - A History of Adventure (Abridged)


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HAGGARD, H.R.: She - A History of Adventure (Abridged)

Somewhere in Africa, a tiny, primitive tribe, the Amahaggers, live secretly amongst the debris of a lost Egyptian civilization, ruled by the beautiful semi-goddess Ayesha, or She-who-must-be-obeyed. Ludwig Horace Holly, a Cambridge academic, is reluctantly drawn into plans for a voyage in search of this legendary queen. With his adopted son, Leo, he sets out on a brave journey, following a trail of clues. Shipwrecked and captured by cannibals, their voyage soon turns into a nightmare. This masterpiece of suspense and adventure, by the author of King Solomon’s Mines, contains some of the most sensual, gently erotic passages in 19th-century literature.

Disc 1

  She - A History of Adventure (Abridged)
1.   In giving to the world the record of what… 00:06:25
2.   It was in this very month, something over twenty years ago… 00:05:24
3.   I sprang almost out of my chair. 00:04:32
4.   He paused a while, his head sunk upon his hand… 00:04:20
5.   As it seemed to me, I had only been asleep… 00:04:09
6.   At length the child arrived… 00:04:23
7.   On the day preceding Leo's twenty - fifth birthday… 00:05:41
8.   The next thing that I found was a parchment… 00:07:42
9.   Thus the letter, which was unsigned and undated… 00:06:26
10.   Then came what was perhaps as curious an entry… 00:05:28
11.   How different is the scene that I have now to tell… 00:03:35
12.   I felt the dhow sinking under me… 00:04:28
13.   At length the heralds and forerunners of the royal sun… 00:05:50
14.   Accordingly, having carefully fitted the mast… 00:04:22
15.   I do not quite know what it was that made me… 00:06:17

Disc 2

  She - A History of Adventure (Abridged)
1.   Turning back, we walked some way along the banks… 00:05:04
2.   I suppose I must have slept for seven or eight hours… 00:06:57
3.   When the 'kissing' operation was finished… 00:04:39
4.   The night passed very comfortably on the whole… 00:07:08
5.   On the day following this remarkable scene… 00:05:43
6.   For a moment there was a silence of astonishment… 00:05:52
7.   When I opened my eyes again… 00:06:13
8.   It took us an hour and more to cross… 00:03:45
9.   By dawn on the following morning… 00:06:52
10.   We found ourselves in a huge rock - surrounded cup… 00:06:10
11.   When we had eaten we returned… 00:05:22
12.   At length the curtain began to move. 00:06:11
13.   'There,'said She, 'he has gone…' 00:06:11
14.   I rose and gazed, and instantly the water darkened. 00:03:16

Disc 3

  She - A History of Adventure (Abridged)
1.   'Hast thou aught to ask me before thou goest…' 00:05:13
2.   It was nearly ten o'clock at night… 00:04:15
3.   I was at the curtains, and they did not hang close… 00:05:11
4.   The next thing that I remember… 00:06:46
5.   After the prisoners had been removed… 00:07:21
6.   We left the place and entered others. 00:04:30
7.   'So, my Holly, sit there where thou canst see me.' 00:04:15
8.   Accordingly, I went, only to find Job and Ustane… 00:06:38
9.   Then followed a silence of a minute or so… 00:06:11
10.   That night I passed in Leo's room… 00:05:29
11.   Presently, however, this pleasing piece was interrupted. 00:05:38
12.   In due course we gained Ayesha's boudoir… 00:06:40
13.   Suddenly, with a snake - like motion… 00:05:02
14.   With a sudden motion she drew the shroud from the cold form… 00:06:11

Disc 4

  She - A History of Adventure (Abridged)
1.   It was nine o'clock on the following morning… 00:04:53
2.   In a few minutes' time we were stepping out… 00:04:11
3.   Of course we got up at once and started… 00:04:37
4.   Next day the mutes woke us before the dawn. 00:05:30
5.   At last, however, we halted at its farther end… 00:05:39
6.   And now, by this ray of light… 00:07:18
7.   But Ayesha merely called to me to take her hand… 00:06:08
8.   She paused, and the strange tenderness in her voice… 00:06:50
9.   We stood in a third cavern… 00:05:31
10.   At last, from far far away, came the first murmur… 00:03:29
11.   As soon as it was gone, she stepped forward… 00:04:36
12.   I know not how long we remained thus. 00:05:58
13.   We passed through the caves without trouble. 00:06:15
14.   It was early morning… 00:08:18

Total Playing Time: 05:16:58

Haggard, Henry Rider

Homewood, Bill

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA0058

Barcode: 9781843795193

Physical Release: 2011

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