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WALLACE, E.: Just Men of Cordova (The) (Unabridged)


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WALLACE, E.: Just Men of Cordova (The) (Unabridged)

The Four Just Men, dedicated to ridding the world of unpunished criminals and profiteers, take their campaign into the treacherous, aristocratic world of gambling, horse-racing and high finance, where blackmail, poison and murder are commonplace. Working outside the law, the Four take it upon themselves to clean things up in their own way.

Disc 1

  The Just Men of Cordova (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 1: Three Men of Cordova 00:05:23
2.   The way led him through narrow streets, so narrow that… 00:05:28
3.   He dropped suddenly into his whine, for a policeman… 00:05:29
4.   They had reached the Passeo by now. The streets were… 00:05:41
5.   'Such an organization is known to exist,' said Manfred… 00:06:16
6.   He finished his dinner, taking his coffee at the table. 00:06:45
7.   Chapter 2: Colonel Black Financier 00:05:51
8.   Punctual to the minute, he entered the board - room of… 00:03:06
9.   'Look here, Black,' he said, 'I want to say something to you.' 00:04:24
10.   'Constable Fellowe!' Frank Fellowe was leaving… 00:05:29
11.   The walls were distempered, and the few articles… 00:04:38
12.   The square was deserted at this time of night, and the… 00:04:20
13.   'There is a man,' said the colonel, 'a man absolutely…' 00:05:26
14.   Chapter 3: An Adventure in Pimlico 00:04:51
15.   Black sat at one end of the long table and the last… 00:03:49

Disc 2

  The Just Men of Cordova (Unabridged)
1.   'People would say,' said the colonel oracularly, 'that the…' 00:05:21
2.   Frank, from his place of observation, was well aware that he… 00:04:59
3.   Chapter 4: The Men Who Sat in Judgement 00:05:22
4.   Black rose slowly to his feet. 'So that's it, is it' he said. 00:05:36
5.   'Put him on that sofa,' said Black. 'Now,' he said… 00:05:46
6.   Chapter 5: The Earl of Verlond 00:05:54
7.   The colonel got up and folded his napkin carefully. 00:04:24
8.   Sir Isaac went back to his own chambers in a thoughtful… 00:04:40
9.   'I am not concerned about my friend,' said the baronet angrily. 00:04:27
10.   Chapter 6: The Policeman and a Lady 00:05:10
11.   Theodore Sandford looked up from his writing - table… 00:05:37
12.   Chapter 7: Doctor Essley Meets a Man 00:05:20
13.   His waiting taxi dropped him at Charing Cross… 00:03:41
14.   He awoke to find a policeman bending over… 00:04:07
15.   He unlocked his study, entered and switched on the lights. 00:04:42

Disc 3

  The Just Men of Cordova (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 8: Colonel Black Has a Shock 00:03:51
2.   'I have been engaged,' he said, 'by a firm of solicitors…' 00:04:31
3.   Chapter 9: Lord Verlond Gives a Dinner 00:05:23
4.   The Earl of Verlond was a stickler for… 00:03:45
5.   At dinner Horace Gresham found himself seated… 00:04:21
6.   'Suppose she doesn't care for this plan' asked Horace. 00:04:30
7.   Chapter 10: A Policeman's Business 00:05:34
8.   He tried a chocolate on his landlord's dog, and it died. 00:05:35
9.   He held the other's arm lightly, but when Jakobs attempted… 00:04:48
10.   'I am going to be perfectly frank with you, my friend…' 00:03:15
11.   An angry flush came to her cheeks. 'If I chose to go…' 00:04:32
12.   Chapter 11: To Lincoln Races 00:04:37
13.   The train had slipped through the grimy purlieus of London… 00:05:56
14.   It was soon after lunch that the train pulled into Lincoln. 00:03:17
15.   The earl nodded. He was not amused now… 00:05:36

Disc 4

  The Just Men of Cordova (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 12: The Race 00:05:18
2.   The previous day, on the opening of the racing season… 00:04:58
3.   'One moment, Gresham!' Lord Verlond was behind him. 00:05:01
4.   'They're off!' A roar of voices. Every glass was… 00:05:45
5.   Sir Isaac announced his intention to the stewards… 00:04:50
6.   The last event was set for half - past four, and after… 00:06:39
7.   Chapter 13: Who Are the Four 00:05:10
8.   Black was dressing for dinner when Sir Isaac arrived. 00:04:20
9.   Even Sir Isaac did not catch it, so low was the… 00:04:11
10.   'How did you come to know that these men were the Four' 00:04:37
11.   Chapter 14: Willie Jakobs Tells 00:03:48
12.   'I shall send those two Brady children to the seaside…' 00:04:14

Disc 5

  The Just Men of Cordova (Unabridged)
1.   It was nearly eleven o'clock that night when the work… 00:05:25
2.   'Don't be foolish, miss,' he pleaded, 'don't think I've come…' 00:04:46
3.   Black drew from his pocket a small bunch of keys attached… 00:03:35
4.   It was coming from a little public - house off the New Kent Road… 00:04:23
5.   Chapter 15: Sir Isaac's Fears 00:05:39
6.   He was getting short of money again. The settlement… 00:05:14
7.   Black looked at him long and steadily. 'Whatever view you take…' 00:03:29
8.   The night before had been a miserable one till, acting… 00:03:11
9.   Chapter 16: Colonel Black Meets a Just Man 00:05:03
10.   He whipped round with an oath, dropping his hand… 00:04:19
11.   He opened the door and walked out, closing it carefully… 00:03:52
12.   'In a way,' bantered the elder man, 'you're an admirable…' 00:03:17
13.   The waiter filled the glasses — first the girl's, then his. 00:04:15
14.   Chapter 17: Justice 00:04:36
15.   They were conducted by a long, rough path through… 00:05:06
16.   He was too late, for Black had a start, and the fear… 00:05:53

Total Playing Time: 05:52:27

Wallace, Edgar

Homewood, Bill

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Period: 20th Century

Catalogue No: NA0060

Barcode: 9781843795230

Physical Release: 06/2012

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