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PUSHKIN, A.: Evgenii Onegin (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

PUSHKIN, A.: Evgenii Onegin (Unabridged)

Though Evgenii Onegin is best known in the West through Tchaikovsky’s opera Eugene Onegin, the original narrative poem is one of the landmarks of Russian literature. In the poem, the eponymous hero repudiates love, only to later experience the pain of rejection himself. Pushkin’s unique style proves timeless in its exploration of love, life, passion, jealousy and the consequences of social convention. This new recording of Mary Hobson’s vivid verse translation effectively reintroduces Evgenii Onegin for the twenty-first century.

Disc 1

  Evgenii Onegin (narrated in English) (Unabridged)
1.   Evgenii Onegin 00:01:07
2.   Chapter 1: He hurries to live, he hastens to feel 00:06:14
3.   How he assumed the latest air… 00:05:40
4.   General applause. Onegin passes/A row of legs… 00:06:05
5.   Alas, how much of my life I/Have ruined… 00:05:42
6.   A sickness, one for which we should/Have found the reason… 00:06:15
7.   Will freedom always be denied The hour has come… 00:04:07
8.   Flowers, love, the lazy country pace… 00:03:32
9.   Chapter 2: O rus!… Horace O Russia! 00:06:13
10.   He sang in praise of love, he paid/His dues to her… 00:06:09
11.   But then, your ardent youth can never/Conceal… 00:04:47
12.   This pensive mood, her friend, her pleasure/Right from her… 00:04:37
13.   She used to write, in her own hand,/In blood… 00:05:37

Disc 2

  Evgenii Onegin (narrated in English) (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 3: Elle etait fille, elle etait amoureuse. Malfilatre 00:06:02
2.   And as if she herself had been a/Young heroine in a favourite… 00:05:50
3.   'Now that's enough, dear. In those days/We hadn't heard of love.' 00:05:06
4.   Coquettes make their cold calculations;/Tatiana loves with all… 00:04:41
5.   Tatiana's Letter to Onegin 00:03:55
6.   Tatiana sighs, and then she cries,/The letter trembles… 00:05:44
7.   The Song Of the Young Girls 00:02:25
8.   Chapter 4: La morale est dans la nature des choses. 00:05:39
9.   What in the world can be worse than/A family where a… 00:05:32
10.   What was the outcome of the meeting/Alas, it isn't hard… 00:05:27
11.   But Lenskii writes no madrigal/In Olga's album; into it… 00:05:18
12.   Bare, silent fields - the harvest's home;/A cold dark dawn… 00:04:11
13.   The fire burns low; a fine grey layer/Of ash lies on… 00:03:42

Disc 3

  Evgenii Onegin (narrated in English) (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 5: Oh, don't dream these fearful dreams… 00:05:29
2.   The night was frosty, the whole sky/Was clear; divine choirs… 00:05:24
3.   More terrible, more wondrous yet,/A crab rides… 00:05:34
4.   But lo, the dawn with crimson hand,/From morning… 00:04:40
5.   Of course, Tania's distressed confusion/Was visible to every eye… 00:04:02
6.   A ball meant Petersburg when first/I planned my novel… 00:04:17
7.   Chapter 6: La, sotto i giorni nubilosi e brevi… 00:05:42
8.   A brief note, cold as charity,/But pleasant, noble to the end… 00:05:25
9.   All evening Lenskii was distracted,/Now mute, now merry… 00:05:30
10.   'Where is my second My friend here,/Monsieur Guillot.' 00:04:30
11.   It's pleasant to use an epigram/To enrage a blundering… 00:04:12
12.   Alas, dear reader, one thing's clear;/A lover and a poet… 00:05:13

Disc 4

  Evgenii Onegin (narrated in English) (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 7: Oh Moscow, Russia's favourite daughter… 00:05:51
2.   Ah, my poor Lenskii! though she mourned/Awhile, she did not… 00:05:02
3.   'Would it be possible to see/The house' she asked. 00:05:23
4.   Has she solved the charade at last/Has the elusive word… 00:05:50
5.   When we have moved the boundaries/And let the blest… 00:05:42
6.   And that… but later, later. We/Must talk. Tomorrow we… 00:05:00
7.   A crowd of Archive youths all stand/And gaze, in their… 00:05:01
8.   Chapter 8: Fare thee well, and if for ever/Still for ever fare… 00:05:28
9.   But why give him, may I enquire,/Such an unfavourable… 00:06:13
10.   'You're married! I was not aware…/But when' 00:05:00
11.   Here was the epigrammist; he/Was angry about… 00:05:26
12.   Onegin's Letter to Tatiana. 00:03:11
13.   There's no reply. Another missive,/A second, a third. 00:04:15
14.   The days flew past, they warmed the air/And winter… 00:05:08
15.   Onegin, this magnificence,/The tinsel of this hateful… 00:04:49

Total Playing Time: 04:26:54

Pushkin, Alexander

Jason, Neville

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Poetry

Period: Romantic

Catalogue No: NA0077

Barcode: 9781843795674

Physical Release: 05/2012

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