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Classical Music Home > HUDSON, W.H.: Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)

HUDSON, W.H.: Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

HUDSON, W.H.: Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)

William Henry Hudson was a founding member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). Though born in Argentina, Hudson came to England in 1874, where he remained until his death in 1922. Absorbed by nature, and in particular by the lives and activities of birds, his acute observations on wildlife led to some charming books which helped establish the pastime of bird watching. Birds in Town and Village is one of his classics. It is a truly engaging rumination on birds, as he watched them go about their daily lives. It is unfailingly charming, and read with an easy, relaxed tone by Neville Jason.

Disc 1

  Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)
1.   Introduction 00:03:05
2.   Chapter 1: Birds in Town and Village 00:05:51
3.   Chapter 2 00:07:03
4.   On my second day at the village it happened to be raining… 00:07:55
5.   Chapter 3 00:09:50
6.   All these corvine birds, which the gamekeeper pursues… 00:07:00
7.   One of the first birds I went out to seek… 00:07:25
8.   Chapter 4 00:07:46
9.   The unsullied beauty and solitariness of this spot… 00:07:00
10.   The tree - pipit has a comparatively short song… 00:04:22
11.   Chapter 5 00:05:03
12.   But where, during the days when the vociferous cuckoo… 00:07:08

Disc 2

  Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)
1.   At length during this period there occurred an event… 00:08:48
2.   Later on I saw it again on half - a - dozen occasions… 00:11:12
3.   Chapter 6 00:06:42
4.   All those birds that had finished rearing their young… 00:09:02
5.   Chapter 7 00:08:54
6.   To return to my experience on the common. 00:08:30
7.   As all or most singing birds learn their songs… 00:03:37
8.   The most curious example of mimicry I have yet met with… 00:07:30
9.   Chapter 8 00:07:07
10.   What I have just said, that the peculiar instinct… 00:07:23

Disc 3

  Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)
1.   I will conclude this digression and dissertation… 00:04:18
2.   Chapter 9 00:07:22
3.   My colloquy with my enemy on the common… 00:08:50
4.   It is true that the local authorities in some country towns… 00:08:02
5.   How falsely does that man see Nature… 00:06:13
6.   It is the same in death from cold. 00:06:50
7.   Chapter 10 00:05:36
8.   Chapter 11 00:06:19
9.   One morning in July I was in my sitting - room… 00:05:00
10.   Exotic Birds for Britain 00:09:48
11.   That these large kinds thrive so well with us… 00:09:18

Disc 4

  Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)
1.   There is another point which should not be overlooked. 00:07:27
2.   When considering the character of our bird population… 00:09:13
3.   There is one objection some may make to the scheme… 00:08:23
4.   Moorhens in Hyde Park 00:07:24
5.   Such a fact as this – and numberless facts just as significant… 00:06:39
6.   Kew is exceptionally favoured for the reason mentioned… 00:05:30
7.   The Eagle and the Canary 00:09:24
8.   As I sit writing these thoughts… 00:06:26
9.   After all, then, what a little I have been able to do! 00:06:31
10.   Chanticleer 00:06:19
11.   It was very dark and quiet when I woke… 00:05:36

Disc 5

  Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)
1.   By and by I found myself paying special attention… 00:08:30
2.   To return to the ten cockerels… 00:09:59
3.   In An Old Garden 00:05:16
4.   That sad day of very small things for the sportsman… 00:06:34
5.   Greater than all these inhabitants of the garden… 00:06:02
6.   To return to the birds. 00:06:31
7.   That small song has served to remind me… 00:08:27
8.   Birds in a Cornish Village I. Taking Stock of the Birds 00:06:15
9.   At the beginning of December… 00:06:48

Disc 6

  Birds in Town and Village (Unabridged)
1.   II: Do Starlings Pair for Life 00:08:18
2.   Until one observes starlings in this close way… 00:07:35
3.   III: Village Birds in Winter 00:05:05
4.   But for the poor starling there is little joy… 00:04:38
5.   IV: Increasing Birds in Britain 00:08:34
6.   The wood - pigeon is another species… 00:04:07
7.   V: The Daw Sentiment 00:08:15
8.   It has thus come about that of all the Corvidae… 00:06:18
9.   VI: The Story of a Jackdaw 00:10:41

Total Playing Time: 07:22:34

Hudson, William Henry

Jason, Neville

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0091

Barcode: 9781843795964

Physical Release: 12/2012

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