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Classical Music Home > PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 7: Time Regained (Unabridged)

PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 7: Time Regained (Unabridged)


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PROUST, M.: Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 7: Time Regained (Unabridged)

Time Regained is the final volume. Lost in the blacked-out streets of Paris during the First World War, Marcel stumbles into a brothel and accidentally witnesses a shocking scene involving the Baron de Charlus. Later, at a reception given by the Prince de Guermates, his meditations on the passage of time lead to his determination to embark on his life’s work at last.

Disc 1

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   Time Regained: Chapter One 00:04:47
2.   Robert came several times to Tansonville while I was there. 00:05:55
3.   Francoise, who had already seen… 00:05:46
4.   One day when Robert was due to come to Tansonville… 00:05:22
5.   As for that love he kept talking to me about… 00:04:13
6.   Once Robert had gone off again… 00:05:26
7.   It occurred to me that it was because Robert had… 00:06:11
8.   'The day before yesterday…' 00:05:46
9.   'You Westerners find that impossible to understand…' 00:04:58
10.   When I spoke to Verdurin of the subtle pleasure… 00:05:46
11.   'Yes, I give you my word…' 00:04:39
12.   Hearing this, Doctor Cottard… 00:03:39
13.   I stopped there… 00:05:40
14.   The result of this was… 00:04:29
15.   Thus it was that the Goncourts' journal had revealed to me… 00:04:47

Disc 2

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   I had realised earlier that it is not the most witty… 00:05:25
2.   Chapter Two 00:04:26
3.   'The sadness of the present moment, it is true…' 00:05:00
4.   Saint - Euverte's salon had a faded image… 00:06:16
5.   M. Bontemps would not hear of peace… 00:05:38
6.   Now Morel ought not to have been there… 00:04:53
7.   These words, which would have injured… 00:06:42
8.   Before the time when the afternoon teas came to an end… 00:05:16
9.   The silhouettes of the trees were reflected sharply… 00:04:58
10.   'Have you heard,' he asked me as he left… 00:06:11
11.   Bloch left us at the door of his house… 00:05:31
12.   Robert (who at the time seemed to me much more a Saint - Loup…) 00:05:50
13.   No doubt the boy was fed up with going up… 00:05:49
14.   One might have thought that I was the only person… 00:06:04

Disc 3

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   Whether the German staff officers had indeed behaved well… 00:05:47
2.   It was no good the general telling the man… 00:04:51
3.   'In a word, Gilberte now believed…' 00:04:12
4.   When Saint - Loup had come into my room… 00:05:39
5.   In certain respects the comparison was not a false one. 00:06:03
6.   Later he was to say to me… 00:07:03
7.   While recalling Saint - Loup's visit… 00:04:54
8.   One might say that in his case… 00:06:10
9.   And thinking probably… 00:05:08
10.   Thus it was that when seeking to hurt the baron… 00:06:31
11.   However, even if M. de Charlus and Mme. Verdurin… 00:06:05
12.   However, just as there are animals' bodies and human bodies… 00:06:14
13.   M. de Charlus went further… 00:07:14

Disc 4

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   For M. de Charlus, therefore… 00:05:00
2.   The war was going on for ever… 00:06:35
3.   'It's a strange thing too,' M. de Charlus added… 00:05:27
4.   The Duc de Guermantes' opinions had quickly changed. 00:05:11
5.   It's quite obvious that those peoples… 00:04:11
6.   And since M. de Charlus began to be extraordinarily childish… 00:06:44
7.   M. de Charlus was right about that. 00:06:05
8.   So it was that journalism… 00:04:43
9.   Her fury with Brichot increased all the more… 00:04:33
10.   'I don't know, old chap,' M. de Charlus went on… 00:07:07
11.   'The symbol of it,' I replied. 00:05:21
12.   I would be very surprised… 00:06:34
13.   'You must admit that would be very funny,' he said. 00:04:46
14.   What is more, M. de Charlus literally did not know which way to turn… 00:05:49

Disc 5

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   The night was just as lovely as it had been in 1914… 00:05:52
2.   At this point the violinist… 00:05:52
3.   I then understood Morel's fear. 00:04:05
4.   'I admire all the heroes in this war,' he said. 00:05:06
5.   It was a transparent night… 00:04:51
6.   Something did strike me, though… 00:05:10
7.   'It's amazing the boss isn't back…' 00:05:58
8.   The oldest member of the group… 00:05:19
9.   All at once the door opened and someone entered… 00:04:59
10.   The baron even felt slightly resentful towards Jupien… 00:04:57
11.   A relationship with a woman one loves… 00:05:52
12.   I made my way downstairs… 00:05:30
13.   However, it was no good his suggesting… 00:04:48
14.   He anyway had no other room to offer me. 00:05:36
15.   'I don't doubt for a single moment…' 00:04:27

Disc 6

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   It was no good the young man… 00:04:50
2.   'Apparently he's got a million francs a day to burn through.' 00:06:04
3.   'The main reason I did that,' added Jupien… 00:05:48
4.   Jupien appeared to be very troubled by what I had said… 00:06:13
5.   The moment the alarm had sounded… 00:05:16
6.   Nonetheless the darkness went on… 00:05:43
7.   As for M. de Charlus… 00:05:26
8.   Now, aberrations are like love affairs… 00:05:24
9.   I advised Francoise and the butler to go and get some sleep. 00:06:44
10.   Francoise was all the more troubled by these remarks… 00:05:28
11.   Every morning at six o'clock… 00:04:20
12.   I recalled his arrival that first time at Balbec… 00:04:57
13.   Francoise received the news… 00:06:29
14.   He must have been really magnificent in those final hours. 00:05:33

Disc 7

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   If not through his death… 00:06:17
2.   Chapter Three 00:04:38
3.   My long absence from Paris… 00:06:03
4.   For me there was one good thing at least… 00:05:02
5.   The most moving thing, though… 00:04:14
6.   Mme. de Saint - Euverte's snobbery… 00:05:52
7.   At that moment the Duchesse de Letourville… 00:06:08
8.   I need not add… 00:04:57
9.   Turning the sad thoughts I was mentioning a moment ago… 00:04:37
10.   While asking myself this question… 00:04:33
11.   The piece of music being played… 00:05:51
12.   I glossed swiftly over all that… 00:06:52
13.   However, this optical illusion… 00:06:28
14.   This meant that the person within me… 00:06:07

Disc 8

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   Impressions such as those I was trying to pin down… 00:05:08
2.   And even as I thought this… 00:05:30
3.   A slanting ray from the setting sun… 00:06:48
4.   'No more style,' people had said at the time,… 00:05:24
5.   Thus it was that for me that book… 00:04:47
6.   If I see a thing from another period… 00:05:18
7.   The library I would build up for myself in this way… 00:05:42
8.   An hour is not just an hour… 00:06:40
9.   Even when it comes to artistic joys… 00:05:55
10.   That group imagined that this was the criterion… 00:05:41
11.   How could descriptive literature possibly have any value… 00:05:17
12.   And it was certainly very tempting… 00:05:54
13.   As for the truths that the intellect… 00:04:50
14.   In this matter, the very comparisons which are false… 00:03:30

Disc 9

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   It is not certain that imagination… 00:05:04
2.   Moreover, I felt infinite sympathy… 00:05:36
3.   From this first point of view… 00:05:09
4.   If we had no rivals, pleasure would not turn into love. 00:05:25
5.   Just as the painter needs to have seen many churches… 00:05:39
6.   I was perhaps wrong… 00:05:15
7.   A writer says 'my reader' … 00:06:17
8.   What made it possible that this perverse way of thinking… 00:05:20
9.   I had seen nobles become vulgar… 00:06:29
10.   Jealousy is a good recruiting sergeant… 00:05:49
11.   I was going to try to find the objective reason… 00:06:18
12.   Initially I could not understand… 00:05:27
13.   Even supposing that d'Argencourt had the same desire to smile… 00:05:55
14.   This was a puppet - show featuring dolls… 00:04:45

Disc 10

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   As for the woman whose lover M. d'Argencourt had been… 00:06:45
2.   The letter from this friend I had dreamed of having… 00:06:08
3.   When somebody, hearing that I was unwell… 00:05:27
4.   In certain people the replacement of each cell by a series of others… 00:05:41
5.   There was no doubt that the cruel discovery I had just made… 00:05:06
6.   I asked M. de Cambremer how his mother was. 00:06:49
7.   In several people I ended up recognising not only their actual selves… 00:06:19
8.   Certain faces, beneath their hood of white hair… 00:05:19
9.   It was difficult to reconcile the two aspects… 00:06:43
10.   The women tried to stay in touch… 00:05:32
11.   The old men whose features had changed… 00:05:40
12.   Nonetheless it is necessary to make one reservation… 00:06:33
13.   Just as a candidate at the baccalaureat… 00:05:31

Disc 11

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   Someone who had been a minister before the Boulangist period… 00:04:54
2.   Mme. de Forcheville's appearance was so miraculous… 00:04:59
3.   Mme. de Forcheville's eyes, which were still very lovely… 00:06:02
4.   'You may be painting too rosy a picture of it all,' he said to me. 00:05:40
5.   On the other hand, it was possibly true… 00:05:49
6.   Certain foreigners who, when I had begun to move in society… 00:05:49
7.   During the war, Bloch had stopped 'going out'… 00:06:52
8.   In the end, after an elderly man… 00:05:17
9.   The woman who was a friend of Bloch… 00:05:51
10.   For the rest, one does have to say… 00:05:16
11.   It is true to say that having been impertinent… 00:06:31
12.   I must have so shocked men… 00:05:11
13.   There is no doubt that Bloch had formerly been… 00:04:34
14.   Not only do certain people have a good memory… 00:05:24

Disc 12

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   It was not only the appearance of these individuals… 00:05:44
2.   Our parallel lives were like the edges… 00:04:40
3.   'What's the news of the Marquise d'Arpajon' 00:05:37
4.   The spinster spotted that her mother… 00:05:47
5.   I had sat down beside Gilberte de Saint - Loup. 00:05:46
6.   'There is one aspect of war he was beginning to notice,' I said to her… 00:05:36
7.   'But how is it that you come to receptions…' 00:05:25
8.   And anyway, was it not in order to concern myself… 00:05:54
9.   As I looked at Gilberte I did not think… 00:05:10
10.   Now, the law that had governed the dreams of each year… 00:06:10
11.   The duchess was still hesitating… 00:05:12
12.   Now meanwhile, at the other end of Paris… 00:05:14
13.   Unfortunately these notes merely allowed her son - in - law… 00:00:00
14.   Berma uttered not a word of reproach… 00:04:29

Disc 13

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   All the guests looked at one another… 00:05:04
2.   While this woman reciting La Fontaine's loveliest lines… 00:05:39
3.   I realised that the passage of time… 00:06:21
4.   However, since the talent of the best writers often dries up… 00:05:33
5.   'I can't tell you how pleased I am to see you,' the duchess continued. 00:05:58
6.   To her, though… 00:05:29
7.   The past had become so transformed… 00:06:02
8.   The judgements the duchess then pronounced on Rachel… 00:05:49
9.   In the antechamber, where the couple's wait had gone… 00:05:20
10.   The life of the duchess went on being very unhappy too… 00:05:03
11.   I would certainly not have recognised him… 00:04:43
12.   Thus it was that the apparently impregnable positions… 00:05:39
13.   In fact every time I subsequently tried to see her I failed to do so… 00:04:57
14.   There is not necessarily any contradiction, though… 00:07:19

Disc 14

  Time Regained (Unabridged)
1.   To greet the duchess, she slightly bowed her fine head… 00:04:55
2.   'But how can I talk to you about stupid things like that 00:05:00
3.   However, she did not pursue her thoughts… 00:04:51
4.   Later on this daughter… 00:05:50
5.   One might say that if I tried not to use it unconsciously… 00:06:05
6.   How happy anyone who could write such a book would be… 00:05:57
7.   The papers that Francoise called my paperies… 00:06:05
8.   It was not like that now. 00:05:16
9.   Now it did not trouble me… 00:05:47
10.   One of my selves… 00:05:33
11.   All at once, though, after a month… 00:05:51
12.   I myself had to write something different… 00:04:50
13.   I could, although the mistake would be more serious… 00:04:54
14.   At that very moment, in the Prince de Guermantes' mansion… 00:06:37

Total Playing Time: 18:01:21

Proust, Marcel

Jason, Neville

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Physical Release: 11/2012

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