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Classical Music Home > LOVECRAFT, H.P.: Thing on the Doorstep and Other Stories (The) (Unabridged)

LOVECRAFT, H.P.: Thing on the Doorstep and Other Stories (The) (Unabridged)


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About this Recording

LOVECRAFT, H.P.: Thing on the Doorstep and Other Stories (The) (Unabridged)

HP Lovecraft never found fame during his lifetime and died in 1937 in relative obscurity. But in the decades that followed his death, his importance as a unique and original visionary in the genre of science fantasy and ‘weird fiction’ has grown monumentally, so that even talents such as author Stephen King and film-maker John Carpenter have described him as a prime influence upon their creative lives. Here, then, is a selection of his stories.

Disc 1

  The Thing on the Doorstep
1.   The Thing on the Doorstep and Other Stories 00:06:06
2.   Derby's parents took him abroad every summer… 00:04:40
3.   II 00:09:39
4.   III 00:08:56
5.   IV 00:07:55
6.   'Asenath - is there such a person' 00:07:20
7.   V 00:05:55
8.   I shuddered as Derby paused. 00:06:32
9.   VI 00:07:57
10.   VII 00:05:21
11.   When I opened the door… 00:06:16

Disc 2

  The Colour Out of Space
1.   The Colour Out of Space 00:09:21
2.   It was then that I heard the story… 00:07:56
3.   They had uncovered what seemed to be the side… 00:05:24
4.   Winter came early… 00:06:34
5.   April brought a kind of madness to the country folk… 00:07:35
6.   By September all the vegetation was fast crumbling… 00:06:45
7.   Three days later Nahum burst into Ammi's kitchen… 00:07:12
8.   Commencing his descent of the dark stairs… 00:08:01
9.   The six men drove out in a democrat - wagon… 00:06:49
10.   All three horses outside… 00:07:33

Disc 3

  The Colour Out of Space
1.   At this point, as the column of unknown colour… 00:08:56
2.   They say the mental influences are very bad, too… 00:04:33
  The Outsider
3.   The Outsider 00:06:05
4.   All at once, after an infinity… 00:06:26
5.   I now stepped through the low window… 00:06:47
  The Doom that Came to Sarnath
6.   The Doom that Came to Sarnath 00:06:07
7.   The wonder of the world and the pride of all mankind… 00:06:24
8.   Each year there was celebrated in Sarnath the feast… 00:06:59
  The Festival
9.   The Festival 00:08:47
10.   Pointing to a chair, table, and pile of books… 00:08:50
11.   Fainting and gasping, I looked at that unhallowed Erebus… 00:09:08

Disc 4

  The Rats in the Walls
1.   The Rats in the Walls 00:06:52
2.   In 1921, as I found myself bereaved and aimless… 00:08:02
3.   A few of the tales were exceedingly picturesque… 00:07:39
4.   That night, dispensing as usual with a valet… 00:07:28
5.   With the two men I went down to the door… 00:07:30
6.   Norrys now took a lantern… 00:06:38
7.   I must be very deliberate now… 00:07:03
8.   Having grasped to some slight degree… 00:06:06

Total Playing Time: 04:46:07

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips

Roberts, William

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0110

Barcode: 9781843796381

Physical Release: 09/2013

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