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NEFZAOUI, S.: Perfumed Garden (The) (translated by Richard Burton)


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NEFZAOUI, S.: Perfumed Garden (The) (translated by Richard Burton)

The 15th-century Arabian text The Perfumed Garden stands with India’s The Karma Sutra as one of the greatest erotic texts in classic literature. It is primarily a manual for sexual activity of all kinds, dealing in some considerable detail with physical attributes, foreplay, coital positions and advice for how to achieve greater satisfaction for both partners, as well as sexual health. In addition, it contains some enlivening stories of sexual encounters and sexual needs fulfilled. Jonathan Keeble reads Richard Burton’s famous 1886 translation with aplomb.

Disc 1

  The Perfumed Garden (translated by Richard Burton)
1.   The Perfumed Garden 00:08:27
2.   Introduction 00:09:22
3.   Chapter 1: Concerning Praise - worthy Men 00:08:41
4.   Next day the prophetess mounted horse 00:09:10
5.   Bahloul then began thus… 00:06:24
6.   Bahloul recited as follows… 00:07:36
7.   The sultan's daughter continued her ride… 00:07:12
8.   Chapter 2: Concerning Women who Deserve to be Praised 00:03:54
9.   The Story of the Negro Dorerame 00:09:20
10.   The king then began to look for a place… 00:08:24

Disc 2

  The Perfumed Garden (translated by Richard Burton)
1.   The king then went to the inner door… 00:07:32
2.   However, the negro wanted to draw the woman… 00:06:43
3.   The king then asked for the reason… 00:07:56
4.   Chapter 3: About Men who are to be Held in Contempt 00:03:25
5.   Chapter 4: About Women who are to be Held in Contempt 00:04:45
6.   Chapter 5: Relating to the Act of Generation 00:08:00
7.   Chapter 6: Concerning Everything that is Favourable… 00:03:54
8.   Sundry Positions for the Coitus 00:07:09
9.   First Manner: El asemeud (the stopperage) 00:09:41
10.   Seventeenth Manner: Dok el outed (driving the peg home) 00:07:41
11.   I shall now treat of coition… 00:08:29
12.   As regards the copulation of a very small man… 00:03:58

Disc 3

  The Perfumed Garden (translated by Richard Burton)
1.   If a little woman is lying on her back… 00:06:44
2.   It is well for the lover of coition… 00:07:44
3.   I have composed on this subject the following lines… 00:08:15
4.   Chapter 7: Of Matters which are Injurious… 00:07:22
5.   As injurious may be considered coition in the bath… 00:08:19
6.   Chapter 8: The Sundry Names Given to the Sexual Parts of Man 00:06:53
7.   If one dreams that he gets out of a window… 00:09:13
8.   The name of el air is derived… 00:06:13
9.   El dekhal (the housebreaker) 00:07:19
10.   Chapter 9: Sundry Names Given to the Sexual Organs of Women 00:05:17
11.   The man who dreams of cohabiting with women… 00:04:47

Disc 4

  The Perfumed Garden (translated by Richard Burton)
1.   He who dreams of seeing himself mounted upon… 00:06:55
2.   Abou Belaoum (the glutton) 00:05:42
3.   El sabeur (the resigned) 00:08:34
4.   The History of Djoaidi and Fadehat et Djemal 00:09:35
5.   She began to laugh… 00:09:44
6.   Chapter 10: Concerning the Organs of Generation of Animals 00:04:22
7.   Chapter 11: On the Deceits and Treacheries of Women 00:08:23
8.   The Story of the Lover Against his Will 00:08:27
9.   Story of the Woman with Two Husbands 00:08:34
10.   The Story of the Man who was an Expert in Strata 00:08:45

Disc 5

  The Perfumed Garden (translated by Richard Burton)
1.   When asked for explanations… 00:07:41
2.   Chapter 13: Concerning the Causes of Enjoyment… 00:05:33
3.   Chapter 14: Description of the Uterus of Sterile Women… 00:02:51
4.   Chapter 15: Concerning the Causes of Impotence in Men 00:02:16
5.   Chapter 16: Undoing of Aiguillettes (Impotence for a Time) 00:02:37
6.   Chapter 17: Prescriptions for Increasing the Dimensions… 00:04:11
7.   Chapter 18: Of Things that Take Away the Bad Smell… 00:02:34
8.   Chapter 19: Instructions with Regard to Pregnancy… 00:02:14
9.   Chapter 20: Forming the Conclusion of this Work… 00:03:58
10.   The History of Zohra 00:06:17
11.   Abou el Heidja left the negro in charge of the horses… 00:09:05
12.   Now among the virgins that were present… 00:09:50
13.   Appendix to the Autograph Edition: To the Reader 00:06:56
14.   Everyone knows, in fact, the grave inconveniences… 00:06:07
15.   However it may be, as regards the origin of the text… 00:07:05

Total Playing Time: 06:34:05

Nefzaoui, Sheikh

Keeble, Jonathan

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0123

Barcode: 9781843797111

Physical Release: 11/2012

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