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Classical Music Home > GIBBON, E.: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. 5 (The) (Unabridged)

GIBBON, E.: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. 5 (The) (Unabridged)


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GIBBON, E.: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. 5 (The) (Unabridged)

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire has always maintained its initial appeal to both the general public and scholars alike. Its sheer scale is daunting, encompassing over a millennium of history, covering not merely the Western Empire from the days of the early emperors to its extinction in AD 476, but also the Eastern Empire, which lasted for another thousand years until the Turks vanquished it in 1453. But Gibbon’s style, part historical fact and part literature, is enticing, and the sheer honesty of the man, who endeavours to be scrupulously impartial in his presentation, endears him to the reader. In this recording, David Timson incorporates the most salient of Gibbon’s footnotes.

In Volume V (Chapters XLVII–LVI), Gibbon further explores the influence of Christianity on the fall of the Roman Empire. He looks at the growth of the worship of Christian images and the resulting persecution by Leo III, emperor of the East. The conflict is intensified as a split develops between the Eastern and Western churches, a weakness that encourages attacks from Lombardy. Gibbon then moves to the foundation of the Moslem religion and the attempts of the Arabs to besiege Constantinople.

Disc 1

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter 47 00:07:38
2.   Yet in the insufficient creed of the Nazarenes… 00:12:03
3.   III. Such were the fleeting shadows of the Docetes. 00:09:28
4.   V. The grovelling Ebionite and the fantastic Docetes… 00:10:36
5.   Such honours might incite the faithful to combat and die… 00:09:46
6.   It was the duty of Cyril to enlighten the zeal and ignorance… 00:09:48
7.   His throne was distant and inaccessible… 00:09:46
8.   Secluded from the church and from the world… 00:09:59

Disc 2

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   A quarter of a mile from the Thracian Bosphorus… 00:11:17
2.   The disorders of thirty years at length produced… 00:11:36
3.   Justinian has been already seen in the various lights… 00:10:03
4.   With these sentiments, it was incumbent on him… 00:09:44
5.   The faculties of sense and reason are least capable… 00:10:38
6.   Armenia and Abyssinia were infected by the speech… 00:10:47
7.   The desire of gaining souls for God… 00:07:34
8.   When the Portuguese first opened the navigation… 00:07:12

Disc 3

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   In this spiritual distress the expiring faction… 00:09:58
2.   IV. Since the age of Constantine… 00:09:54
3.   A more important conquest still remained… 00:08:33
4.   Christianity was more deeply rooted in the Abyssinian empire… 00:10:29
5.   Chapter 48 00:09:23
6.   After this foundation of Byzantine history… 00:11:30
7.   We shall imagine ourselves transported… 00:10:42
8.   On the edge of the Scythian wilderness… 00:08:05

Disc 4

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   Between the fall of the Heraclian and the rise… 00:10:11
2.   Leo the Fourth, the son of the fifth and the father… 00:10:19
3.   Many tyrants have reigned undoubtedly more criminal… 00:10:34
4.   The character of Theophilus is a rare example… 00:10:11
5.   The unnatural lusts which had degraded even the manhood… 00:09:58
6.   Yet under his reign the Roman arms were again formidable… 00:09:43
7.   The succeeding years of the minority of Constantine… 00:09:18
8.   Yet he imposed on a holy patriarch… 00:09:14

Disc 5

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   Of such a character, in such an age… 00:10:23
2.   The soldiers had served with reluctant loyalty… 00:09:44
3.   John Comnenus, the brother of the emperor Isaac… 00:09:31
4.   It was the wish of Irene to supplant the eldest… 00:08:40
5.   The story of his exploits, which appear as a model… 00:09:13
6.   At length he found the moment and the means… 00:09:00
7.   The patriarch laboured with honest zeal to heal the wounds… 00:08:29
8.   With the dawn of day the city burst into a general sedition… 00:09:34
9.   Chapter 49 00:04:25

Disc 6

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   But a memorial more interesting than the skull… 00:11:22
2.   The worship of images had stolen into the church… 00:11:16
3.   The scandal of an abstract heresy… 00:09:24
4.   Two original epistles, from Gregory the Second… 00:10:20
5.   To punish this flagitious deed… 00:11:43
6.   In his distress the first Gregory had implored the aid… 00:10:53
7.   II. In the change of manners and language… 00:07:13
8.   But in the rigid interpretation of the laws… 00:06:56

Disc 7

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   The emperors and the Romans were incapable… 00:10:08
2.   After the death of Theophilus the final victory… 00:10:04
3.   From his prison he escaped to the Vatican… 00:09:41
4.   The union and stability of his empire… 00:09:56
5.   V. He retaliated on the Avars, or Huns of Pannonia… 00:10:29
6.   Otho was of the noble race of the dukes of Saxony… 00:10:10
7.   Otho the First imposed a treaty on the senate… 00:09:46
8.   The alarum - bell rang to arms in every quarter… 00:09:15

Disc 8

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   Ambitious of restoring the splendour of the purple… 00:11:04
2.   It is in the fourteenth century that we may view… 00:08:18
3.   Chapter 50 00:10:54
4.   Arabia, in the opinion of the naturalist, is the genuine… 00:09:01
5.   The perpetual independence of the Arabs has been the theme… 00:11:28
6.   In the study of nations and men we may observe… 00:10:12
7.   The ferocious Bedoweens, the terror of the desert… 00:08:48
8.   From Japan to Peru, the use of sacrifice has universally… 00:09:40

Disc 9

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   The base and plebeian origin of Mohammed… 00:09:50
2.   He compares the nations and the religions of the earth… 00:09:34
3.   The God of nature has written his existence on all his works… 00:12:04
4.   The mission of the ancient prophets, of Moses and of Jesus… 00:09:58
5.   II. The voluntary penance of the ascetics… 00:09:25
6.   With the two simple elements of darkness and fire… 00:10:33
7.   The people of Mecca were hardened in their unbelief… 00:10:03
8.   From his establishment at Medina, Mohammed assumed… 00:08:00

Disc 10

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   From all sides the roving Arabs were allured… 00:09:26
2.   The choice of Jerusalem for the first kebla of prayer… 00:10:39
3.   The conquest of Mecca determined the faith and obedience… 00:10:40
4.   Till the age of sixty - three years, the strength of Mohammed… 00:10:53
5.   The injustice of Mecca and the choice of Medina… 00:10:44
6.   In the largest indulgence of polygamy… 00:09:36
7.   The mischiefs that flow from the contests of ambition… 00:08:22
8.   After this victory, which was styled the Day of the Camel… 00:08:56

Disc 11

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   He traversed the desert of Arabia… 00:10:41
2.   The talents of Mohammed are entitled to our applause… 00:08:26
3.   Chapter 51 00:10:02
4.   In the victorious days of the Roman republic… 00:08:49
5.   The indignation and fears of the Persians… 00:10:35
6.   In every age the foundation and ruin… 00:10:19
7.   After the fall of the Persian kingdom… 00:08:26
8.   One of the fifteen provinces of Syria, the cultivated lands… 00:12:02

Disc 12

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   In the presence of both armies a venerable Greek advanced… 00:10:48
2.   The hungry and cruel Arabs would have obeyed… 00:01:57
3.   Syria, one of the countries that have been improved… 00:09:36
4.   The exhortation of the generals was brief and forcible. 00:09:46
5.   To achieve what yet remained of the Syrian war… 00:10:58
6.   The sieges and battles of six campaigns… 00:08:42
7.   III. The conquest of Egypt may be explained… 00:10:16
8.   Yet the Arabs, after a glorious and profitable enterprise… 00:07:17

Disc 13

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   The efforts of the Arabs were not inadequate… 00:10:04
2.   A more destructive zeal may perhaps be attributed… 00:11:13
3.   Our reason must be startled by these extravagant assertions… 00:09:59
4.   On a sudden the charge was sounded… 00:09:58
5.   It had been the frequent practice of the Moorish tribes… 00:09:50
6.   Such is the tale of the modern Arabians. 00:11:12
7.   Before Musa would trust an army of the faithful… 00:07:36
8.   Count Julian had plunged so deep into guilt and infamy… 00:08:39

Disc 14

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   In the midway between Merida and Toledo… 00:09:34
2.   The resentment of the caliph might have been satiated… 00:07:45
3.   The wars of the Moslems were sanctified by the prophet… 00:09:57
4.   The Northern coast of Africa is the only land… 00:12:56
5.   Chapter 52 00:08:11
6.   The event of the siege revived, both in the East and West… 00:10:45
7.   The brother of Moslemah was succeeded by a kinsman… 00:11:36
8.   Constantinople and the Greek fire might exclude the Arabs… 00:07:32

Disc 15

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   A victorious line of march had been prolonged… 00:09:03
2.   The loss of an army, or a province… 00:08:49
3.   Yet the thousands who were swept away by the sword… 00:11:57
4.   In a private condition our desires are perpetually repressed… 00:10:16
5.   In the libraries of the Arabians, as in those of Europe… 00:10:22
6.   But the Moslems deprived themselves of the principal benefits… 00:11:28
7.   Under the reign of Almamon at Bagdad… 00:08:08
8.   In the sufferings of prostrate Italy… 00:09:25

Disc 16

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   The emperor Theophilus, son of Michael the Stammerer… 00:08:20
2.   With Motassem, the eighth of the Abbassides… 00:10:59
3.   The third and most obvious cause was the weight and magnitude… 00:10:02
4.   Under the mask of piety, the rigid followers of Hanbal… 00:07:23
5.   The sieges of Mopsuestia and Tarsus, In Cilicia… 00:08:12
6.   Chapter 53 00:10:18
7.   After the final division between the sons of Theodosius… 00:10:22
8.   In the time of Constantine Porphyrogenitus they had acquired… 00:13:54

Disc 17

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   But the toil and treasure of so many ages… 00:09:25
2.   But in every monarchy the substantial powers of government… 00:10:25
3.   In his regular or extraordinary processions… 00:09:17
4.   The example of maternal incontinence was copied… 00:11:15
5.   The principles of maritime tactics had not undergone… 00:08:32
6.   These scruples of the Greeks have been compared… 00:10:00
7.   A nation endowed with such high and intrepid spirit… 00:10:18
8.   In the ninth century we trace the first dawnings… 00:09:14

Disc 18

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   In the revolution of ten centuries, not a single discovery… 00:06:17
2.   Chapter 54 00:09:23
3.   Of the ecclesiastical chain, many links had been broken… 00:11:50
4.   The most furious and desperate of rebels… 00:10:16
5.   Alexius dissembled till the moment of revenge… 00:09:33
6.   A philosopher, who calculates the degree of their merit… 00:11:22
7.   Chapter 55 00:10:45
8.   The glory of the Bulgarians was confined… 00:09:49

Disc 19

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   From this primitive country they were driven to the West… 00:11:32
2.   After a long pilgrimage of flight or victory… 00:10:07
3.   The Hungarians were expected in the front… 00:10:18
4.   In the tenth century the geography of Scythia… 00:09:40
5.   The Greek appellation of monoxyla, or single canoes… 00:11:32
6.   Nicephorus could no longer expel the mischief… 00:07:02
7.   In the sacrament of baptism she received the venerable name… 00:10:04
8.   Chapter 56 00:09:14

Disc 20

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   On that day the scale of war was turned against the Franks… 00:08:51
2.   The establishment of the Normans in the kingdoms of Naples… 00:10:23
3.   Above twenty years after the first emigration… 00:09:54
4.   A harder trial was reserved for the valour of Count Humphrey… 00:09:26
5.   As the genius of Robert expanded with his fortune… 00:10:15
6.   Roger, the twelfth and last of the sons of Tancred… 00:12:12
7.   At the mouth of the Adriatic Gulf… 00:07:00
8.   The enumeration of provinces recalls a sad comparison… 00:08:25

Disc 21

  The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume V (Unabridged)
1.   It is more than probable that Guiscard was not afflicted… 00:09:51
2.   The ruins of the Septizonium were still defended… 00:10:22
3.   Of human life, the most glorious or humble prospects… 00:10:28
4.   Since the decease of Robert Guiscard… 00:09:26
5.   The pride of Manuel disdained and rejected… 00:10:15
6.   The youth, innocence, and beauty of William the Second… 00:09:21

Total Playing Time: 27:09:24

Gibbon, Edward

Timson, David

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0129

Barcode: 9781843797197

Physical Release: 09/2014

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