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Classical Music Home > HUGHES, T.: Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)

HUGHES, T.: Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)


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HUGHES, T.: Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)

Tom Brown’s Schooldays is the story of an energetic, good-hearted boy and his adventures at public school. Based on the author’s own childhood, the novel presents us with a snapshot of life at a Victorian public school as we follow Tom’s development from a boy to a young man. Tom must fend off his arch-enemy, the bully Flashman, and take a younger boy under his wing—experiences through which he learns loyalty, courage and brotherhood.

Disc 1

  Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter I: The Brown Family 00:08:14
2.   O young England! young England! 00:07:49
3.   And now we leave the camp, and descend… 00:08:12
4.   And now, my boys, you whom I want to get… 00:08:54
5.   Chapter II: The 'Veast' 00:07:20
6.   But old Benjy was young master's real delight… 00:08:51
7.   But who shall tell the joy of the next morning… 00:06:48
8.   Then follows the greasy cap lined with fur… 00:07:31
9.   The crowd cheer, and begin to chaff Joe… 00:08:58

Disc 2

  Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter III: Sundry Wars and Alliances 00:08:52
2.   After dinner Benjy called attention to a wart… 00:07:18
3.   The moment Tom's lessons were over… 00:08:12
4.   Then indeed for months he had a poor time… 00:08:03
5.   Poor little Tom was made dreadfully unhappy… 00:09:23
6.   Chapter IV: The Stage Coach 00:07:55
7.   'Anything for us, Bob' says the burly guard… 00:08:28
8.   Our coachman, I perceive, who breakfasts… 00:07:26
9.   'Taint such good fun, though, sir…' 00:06:54

Disc 3

  Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter V: Rugby and Football 00:08:55
2.   This was the residence of East and another boy… 00:07:38
3.   Tom wondered within himself, as they strolled… 00:07:39
4.   The School side is not organized in the same way. 00:09:09
5.   'Over!' is the cry. The two sides change goals… 00:07:02
6.   Chapter VI: After the Match 00:07:38
7.   Their principal employment in the study… 00:08:41
8.   'One other thing I must have a word about.' 00:06:53
9.   However, as has been said, old Brooke… 00:05:32
10.   'I say, were you ever tossed in a blanket' 00:06:53

Disc 4

  Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)
1.   Chapter VII: Settling to the Collar 00:09:06
2.   But at afternoon chapel it was quite another… 00:08:40
3.   Tom approached the table in obedience… 00:07:03
4.   'Hang it all!' broke out East, as soon as he… 00:07:58
5.   A day or two afterwards the great passage… 00:05:23
6.   Chapter VIII: The War of Independence 00:07:44
7.   A shudder ran through the whole form… 00:07:04
8.   Tom relapsed into his brown study… 00:07:48
9.   The quarter - to - ten bell now rang… 00:06:00
10.   Flashman, be it said, was about seventeen… 00:05:21

Disc 5

  Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)
1.   The hall was full of boys, and at the head… 00:08:36
2.   Chapter IX: A Chapter of Accidents 00:07:08
3.   The small boys rushed in again. 00:07:28
4.   'I say, Green,' Snooks began one night… 00:08:54
5.   The School - house boys of Tom's standing… 00:07:36
6.   The keeper quietly proceeded to take out… 00:05:47
7.   The flogging did them no good at the time… 00:05:25
8.   Part II, Chapter I: How the Tide Turned 00:09:25
9.   Tom wondered if the Doctor knew that his visits… 00:07:48
10.   There were many boys in the room by whom… 00:06:44
11.   Chapter II: The New Boy 00:03:32

Disc 6

  Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)
1.   Tom took one hand out of his breeches - pocket… 00:08:28
2.   Arthur's father had been the clergyman… 00:08:06
3.   After supper that night, and almost nightly… 00:05:48
4.   Chapter III: Arthur Makes a Friend 00:08:41
5.   His door was barricaded by a set of ingenious… 00:09:07
6.   The fact was, that Tom's heart had already… 00:09:43
7.   Chapter IV: The Bird - Fanciers 00:07:42
8.   But now came the tug of war. 00:08:39
9.   Meantime, the farmer and his men steal over… 00:08:05
10.   Chapter V: The Fight 00:04:37

Disc 7

  Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)
1.   So an adjournment to the close was carried.… 00:08:01
2.   Tom was detained in school a few minutes… 00:08:15
3.   But where is Arthur all this time 00:05:49
4.   'Hah! Brooke. I am surprised to see you here.' 00:06:19
5.   Chapter VI: Fever in the School 00:05:31
6.   Tom had gone into chapel in sickening anxiety… 00:08:03
7.   The locking - up bell began to toll… 00:08:16
8.   Then Tom, who was quite full of it, told Arthur… 00:09:12
9.   When Arthur stopped there was a long pause. 00:05:16
10.   Chapter VII: Harry East's Dilemmas… 00:06:48
11.   'Hullo, more heresy! How fast a fellow goes…' 00:06:53

Disc 8

  Tom Brown's Schooldays (Unabridged)
1.   Tom renewed the discussion after second lesson… 00:06:36
2.   East had remained lying down until Tom… 00:04:34
3.   'I'll tell you now how 'twas with me,'… 00:06:43
4.   Chapter VIII: Tom Brown's Last Match 00:09:21
5.   Deep had been the consultations at supper… 00:07:12
6.   All three are watching the game eagerly… 00:08:55
7.   It is over now, and Jack walks swaggering… 00:07:07
8.   After some talk on the match, and other… 00:06:03
9.   Up to this time Tom had never given wholly in… 00:04:34
10.   Chapter IX: Finis 00:08:59
11.   He walked quickly through the quadrangle… 00:07:25

Total Playing Time: 10:06:26

Hughes, Thomas

Parker, Jamie

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Classic Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0211

Barcode: 9781843799153

Physical Release: 2015

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