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Classical Music Home > SWIFT, J.: Tale of a Tub (A) (Unabridged)

SWIFT, J.: Tale of a Tub (A) (Unabridged)


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SWIFT, J.: Tale of a Tub (A) (Unabridged)

Swift’s allegorical satire about religion and politics follows the lives of three brothers, Martin, Peter and Jack, who each represent a faction of the Christian faith—Anglicanism, Roman Catholicism and the Dissenting faiths respectively. Each brother inherits a coat (representing religious practice) from his father (God) on the condition that he does not change it. But instead, the three quarrelsome youths disobey their father and change their coats beyond recognition. A Tale of a Tub was Swift’s first major work and was considered a personal favourite by the author.

Disc 1

  A Tale of a Tub (Unabridged)
1.   A Tale of a Tub 00:07:54
2.   The Bookseller to the Reader 00:02:07
3.   The Epistle Dedicatory 00:06:33
4.   When I first thought of this address… 00:05:47
5.   The Preface 00:07:00
6.   Whatever reader desires… 00:08:15
7.   I am not, like other men… 00:07:11
8.   Section 1: The Introduction 00:07:55
9.   I confess there is something yet more refined… 00:07:53
10.   In consequence of these momentous truths… 00:08:04
11.   Section 2 00:09:16

Disc 2

  A Tale of a Tub (Unabridged)
1.   Others of these professors… 00:09:13
2.   A while after, there came up… 00:06:48
3.   Section 3: A Digression Concerning Critics 00:06:24
4.   Having thus briefly considered… 00:07:40
5.   There was also among the ancients… 00:05:59
6.   Section 4: A Tale of a Tub 00:07:13
7.   The bulls of Colchis… 00:08:33
8.   The elder of the two… 00:07:56
9.   Section 5: A Digression in the Modern Kind 00:07:11
10.   But besides these omissions in Homer… 00:05:56

Disc 3

  A Tale of a Tub (Unabridged)
1.   Section 6: A Tale of a Tub 00:07:55
2.   I record, therefore, that brother Jack… 00:06:43
3.   Section 7: A Digression in Praise… 00:05:02
4.   Now the method of growing wise… 00:05:44
5.   Section 8: A Tale of a Tub 00:07:50
6.   Into this barrel upon solemn days… 00:07:04
7.   Section 9: A Digression Concerning… 00:08:03
8.   Epicurus modestly hoped that one time… 00:06:02
9.   But when a man's fancy gets astride… 00:06:34
10.   I think it therefore manifest… 00:08:08

Disc 4

  A Tale of a Tub (Unabridged)
1.   Section 10: A Farther Digression 00:05:55
2.   Readers may be divided into three classes… 00:04:13
3.   Section 11: A Tale of a Tub 00:06:23
4.   He made it a part of his religion… 00:05:42
5.   He was troubled with a disease… 00:06:04
6.   The old Sclavonian proverb said… 00:07:06
7.   The Conclusion 00:07:14
8.   Sketch for the History of Martin 00:05:56
9.   A Digression on the Nature… 00:03:08
10.   Sketch for the History of Martin (Continued) 00:03:11
11.   A Project for the Universal Benefit… 00:03:36

Total Playing Time: 04:38:21

Swift, Jonathan

Wickham, Peter

Label: Naxos AudioBooks

Genre: Non-Fiction

Catalogue No: NA0242

Barcode: 9781843799887

Physical Release: 2015

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